Clash of Clans May 2016 Update – Balance Changes

Hello my friends! How are you? Great news here for you! Supercell is going to release a new Clash of Clans Update in this May with lots of new Balance Changes!

Clash of Clans May 2016 Update

Clash of Clans May 2016 Update – Balance Changes

From now on, our full armies will be ready a lot faster. Also there is a minor buff to the Bowler. Matchmaking search timeouts for top players also have been increased.

  • 2x faster training for All Spells.
  • 2x faster training for Wall Breaker, Witch and Dragon.
  • 3x faster training for P.E.K.K.A, Lava Hound and Golem.
  • Much faster training for Balloon,
  • Significantly reduced Hero regeneration times.

So finally we can attack with full and well-balanced armies often than before. We no longer need to wait several hours to attack. This is awesome, especially for players who just have few hours to finish 2 Clan War attacks.

Gameplay Balance:

  • Bowlers start attacking a lot faster after locking on the target.
  • Maximum timeout searching of top players from 5 to 30 minutes.


I hope we can get a new troop in this update, just like the Clash Royale update right now.

Okay Clash on my friends! Don’t forget to share this with your friends! You rock!


  1. Oh well, my way around long training times was to have 4 accounts (typically, 3 farming, 1 filling up CCs) and watch TV while “playing”. If things get faster, I’ll probably put a couple of accounts on the back burner.
    It’s a smart move from SuperCell I think, “playing” Clash was mostly as exciting as watching paint dry, if that game wasn’t specifically allowing me to hang around with my nephews, I’d be long gone.

      • Clash of Clan is the first free2play game I’ve committed to a bit. It’s made me realize the limitations of the genre: CoC would be an excellent game if I could pay $10 for it and get rid of all the revenue-generating gimmicks (mostly long army build time: a few minutes is OK, 2 hours isn’t; but also lock-outs, lack of off-game chat and presence detection, lack of mods,… )

        Then again, if CoC was for-pay, my 10yo nephew wouldn’t be playing it, and hence me neither.

  2. AWESOME!! Thanks for reducing all those training tines and now lightning spells will only take 10mins to make – my friends tell me once they used take 2 hours or something – I can’t imagine that

    Oh, and you spelled Bowlers ‘Blowers’

  3. Does anyone else think that the bowler would make an epic CC troop. You place it in the CC and the boulders bounce off the golems and Pekkas (dealing splash damage to all of them), then bouncing again and nailing all the wizards. Of course this requires an unlureable cc but still. I’d love to hear what the pros think.

  4. Well,i think that supercell has earned a lot and now they are trying to make themselves popular too,though being already but still now they would dominate every other games in market.

  5. omg, i quit coc because if you compare the grinding aspects with CR, cr is just so much faster. (chests, not levels, they take a heck long time!!) But this update, i feel that this will change a lot of things. War attacks will be so much quicker… I might even use them in a regular raid, the only reason I don’t is because of the wait times, and finally, ballons are made quicker! I love them!

    lol, coc is going to be soooooo hard for me now, I think of the wizard as a splash damage, not good a taking out single target. I imagine it hitting 4 coc buildings yet only doing pity damage. I will need some readjusting.

    Hey, will, I am clearly kicked out of my old clan, what’s your’s? Might join. I already have an idea, but if your’s is better (loyalty and strength) i will go there instead. Is there a no cursing rule? just a little introduction to the clan. (sorry, i’m pretty rushed, a month ago, when I was just winding down, I upgraded town hall, thinking that would make me play more, now I’m a miserably rushed th9):

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