Friendly Clan Wars Challenge – New Clash of Clans Feature!

Hey guys it’s me again with the latest news of the upcoming big Clash of Clans update.

In this update, Supercell is going to release the new Friendly Clan Wars feature. So how does this new feature works? Let’s take a closer look!

Friendly Clan War Challenge Clash of CLans

Friendly Clan War Challenge Clash of Clans

This new feature allows any two Clan to do a private Clan Wars with custom arrangements and settings .

  • Friendly Clan Wars can be issued via any Clan Profile.
  • Leader can accept the challenge via the Clan chat window.
  • Leaders can disable the Friendly War Clan Settings at the Clan settings.
  • Easily choose the friendly War duration (1 hour is the shortest) and size (50 vs 50 is the largest).
  • Friendly Clan War attacks don’t consume players’ armies, except Clan troops.
  • No war loot, no rewards, no Clan XP. Just for practicing and fun!


What do you think about this new feature my friend? Please share you opinions!


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