Clash of Clans May 2016 Update: New Troop Levels + Changes

Hey guys! I am extremely excited to bring you news about the upcoming Clash of Clans update, which will be released next few days!

clash of clans update

Clash of Clans May 2016 Update

Town Hall 11

  • New Lava Hound level 4
  • New Balloon level 7
  • New Cannon level 14

At Town Hall 11, people don’t use air armies much! Hopefully after these changes, people will use them more, especially for 3 star Clan War strategies!

Town Hall 10:

  • Bowler’s housing space reduced to 6.

People don’t use this new troop a lot because of the old housing space it costs!

Town Hall 7 and above

  • New Spring Trap Levels!

Upgrade your Spring Traps to catch stronger troops! Spring Traps might even catch up to 2 Valkyries in the next update!

Other changes:

  • Loads of new features added to the Editing Layout Tool.
  • You now can donate fully trained troops and spells from your production queues when your army is full.
  • Easily drag and drop troops and spell into a training queue, makes it easier to use!
  • You now can Gem Troops and Spells for donation directly via the donation menu.
  • War Logs of all Clans can be viewed in public now but this can be disabled in Clan settings.
  • New Builder Suggestions! Choosing the next building to upgrade is now easier!
  • Live spectator count is shown during an attack.


What do you think about these changes in the upcoming Clash of Clans update guys? Please share your opinions!


  1. This is going to make the game much more fun. Youtubers are going to love this upgrade as they will finally be able to see all the cool attacks without having to beg. Spring trap levels will be interesting. I always thought it was kind of strange the way spring traps were the only no level trap in the game. I wish they had introduced another type of innovative trap instead. Spring trap levels is going to make hog attacks even less effective and cause people to rely on valks even more. The donation and editing features were sorely needed. When the hell is SC going to improve the chat features of the game? I would love to be able to cut and paste into the chat. It is the most used function in the game and yet it sucks bad. I am seriously curious how the new builder stuff will be like. It would have been interesting if they introduced builder levels instead of spring trap levels in my opinion. The builder levels could have been purchased by gems which would have made SC a ton of money in the short run at least. The new balloon level is going to be fun to play with as the clan bonus feature is going to allow lots of th 9 players access to the max loons. I think it would have been nice if they gave us another healer level since they nerfed the number of healers we are able to take and still be effective. Witches, what are those? Does anyone use them since they nerfed them? How about a new witch level SC?

    • Valks have always been better than pekkas in my opinion, they are faster, deal damage to lots of buildings at the same time and don’t get bothered be skelies, i dont get why pekkas were more popular

      • That is easy, because valks used to be very slow to attack. The number of attacks a valk could make before being fried was limited. And during the time it took to attack their superior health would be picked away quickly. The faster attack makes them much more effective.

  2. Spring traps level? Its a bad news for me. Im in early th9, i just upgraded my golem to lvl 4, and valkyres in lab, to be lvl4. Im not masterd in gowiva. Im just spending a lot time for it. Its made my attack harder and harder. Thank you suppercell. Its a good , very good tuning point update of Clash of Clans.

  3. How easily you all forget how $C hosed this game by removing TH snipping and placing a nanny to watch how long you play. Wow, no wonder $C will just do whatever they feel like and screw you the player. LOL guess you all deserve it. Have fun eh?

  4. “new barracks level, giant lv 8, wall breaker lv 7. e.e seems fun” This is not true only lava hound and dark spell factory and balloons have been released so please stop lying to us (no new barrack or wall breaker or GIANT) Is coming out

  5. Can anyone answer, what the point of spring trap level 3-5 are? The idea of the levels are to increase how many troops it flings when troops travel in Packs (Mass giant, Mass valk etc). So they have the following traits:

    Lvl 1: 1 valk or 3 giants
    Lvl 2 2 valks or 3 giants
    Lvl 3: 2 valks or 3 giants
    Lvl 4: 2 valks or 3 giants
    Lvl 5: 2 valks or 3 giants
    And I dont think any other troop travel in large enough packs to all be together on one spot?

  6. I don’t know about y’all, but I am pissed off at the fact that the game keeps crashing. I went hunting and found a sweet base I was certainly going to three star. I dropped my king, he took a few swats at the wall, and the game crashed. I lost 32 trophies for no loot gained. That pissed me off. I wrote SC to ask them to fix it. If y’all have experienced the same thing, then please write SC and let them know what is going on.

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