Clash of Clans Friendly Challenge

Today, SuperCell has introduced the new Friendly Challenge feature, which will be released in the upcoming Clash of Clans update!

Clash of Clans Friendly Challenge

Clash of Clans Friendly Challenge

What is Friendly Challenge?

Friendly Challenge allows players in a Clan to attack each other for practice, competition,… or just for fun! This is going to be unlimited and won’t cost anything from Gold, Elixir, Troops, Spells, Heroes,… You can’t earn resources or trophies after finishing a Friendly Challenge.

This is extremely useful that you can use your opponent bases in Clan Wars and let your Clan mates attack them for practice before acting the real attacks. It will definitely improve your attack skill as well as help you improve your base better!

How can I invite my friends to attack my village?

To invite your friends to attack your village, you can use the “Challenge” button at the top of the Chat bar. You can also choose between your current layout and other saved ones, including your Clan War bases. You can add some custom text as the message!

Once it is posted, players who accept your challenge can launch an attack against the chosen layout. Don’t worry, you are not going to lose resource after getting attacked by your Clan mates!

How can I attack my friend’s village?

After accepting a Friendly Challenge in Clash of Clans, you will attack that village with your current army. Don’t worry! You are not going to lose anything (troop, spell, Heros,…). After attacking, they will be returned to your base! The replays of your attacks will be available in the Clan chat and everyone can see the replay or even can watch the live attack!

Some notes for you:

  • If you are TH9 or above, Clash of Clans layout modified within last 24 hours is not available for Friendly Challenges.
  • Because of this new Friendly Challenges feature, you will no longer see your opponent’s bases during the War Preparation Day! Scouting will just show their farming layout instead of war layout.

Also, great news here! We are going to get a 1-Gem Boost Event until the upcoming update released!


Stay tuned my friends! Gonna update more soon!


  1. The 1 gem update has gone live! As soon as I saw the update, I rushed over here to check if you had uploaded. And you didn’t disappoint. 😉

    The 1-gem boost will only remain till the Friendly Battle update releases. So, everyone boost your mines!

    I’m actually really glad – lots of players want a new update where they can attack their friends, and Supercell implemented that, along with a sort of sandbox so that players can test out their armies and base designs.

    I was also really excited when I tried to login during the maintainence break.

    Really happy with how Supercell is doing stuff lately. Keep it up 😉


  2. yes use gems to boost you collectors so I can come along and rape your village, then you can go and buy more gems, rofl!!! $C does not cease to amaze how stupid their game designers are and how they just keep on pushing this game to it’s death. I being the only Th10 in my clan with wipe everyone out mostly. so instead of working on making this game better and fixing what they broke with the “was not meant to be played this way” bullcrap, they continue to hose it and then release useless shit like friendly challenge which is the same lame option in failed royale.

    • Lol aren’t you just a happy ray of sunshine. If I was the strongest in my clan I’d be more than happy to help my team mates practice on a tougher base, so when it comes to hitting their own level town hall they would be better at it. If you hate how the game is now, why are you still playing?

      • I am sorry but who actually said I was still playing this game??? Since they are blocking mods and xmod is still a possibility for a ban I have stopped playing. am sure you are a massive cash whale for $C for you to feel the need to defend their actions. And yes I am a ray of sunshine you don’t like it, don’t read it. Go on your marry way helping your “team mates”

        • Why did you say you were going to rape villages if you dont want people to assume your still playing??? Far from being a cash cow for SC, I play well enough not to feel the need to gem everything or use XMOD…. That comment of yours about not playing since xmod was being blocked, I guess that also being the reason you posted your very intelligent “rape your village bla bla bla post”, is pretty contradictory as the main point of this article highlights how you can practice with team mates nearly the same as sandbox attacks is on xmod. Wouldn’t that be a step in the right direction? Unless of course, your just as much of an ass in your clan as you are here hence why no strong players would be around to challenge you.

  3. Darn. I’d much rather NOT have the friendly challenge than the scout button! I need to see the frickin’ base!!! There is no need to add bloody friendly challenges! Just cancel it or I won’t know which strategy to use against a base! Damnit!

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