Clash of Clans October 2016 Update: Everything you need to know

Hey guys, today Supercell has announced the upcoming big Clash of Clans October 2016! There will be a lot of balancing changes and new stuffs!

I will do my best to update this page as soon as possible so please bookmark this page to keep everything updated! New sneak peeks and leaked information will be posted very soon!

Clash of Clans October 2016 Update

Clash of Clans October 2016 Update

As we all know, since the update which removed the “free shield” system, Clash of Clans has been losing lots of loyal players. Luckily, after months, seems like the Clash of Clans team from Supercell seriously want to make some big moves for the most prosperous video games on smartphones and tablets.

In this update, CoC Team is still focusing on Town Hall 11 gameplay, boosting the under-performing units and easing some high level upgrades. There are also new features for Clan Wars Rules and Clan Wars XP.


  • New Wizard level 7 at Town Hall 10.
  • Wizard level 6 damage and HP increased.
  • Wizard level 6 now available at Town Hall 9 (instead of Town Hall 10).

Hopefully these changes will make it easier to get the last start at Town Hall 9.

Hidden Tesla

  • Hidden Tesla level 9 at Town Hall 11.
  • Hidden Tesla no long deals double damage to the P.E.K.K.A.
  • Tesla farms are always the nightmare to P.E.K.K.A strategies. By removing the x2 damage ability of the Hidden Teslas, hopefully we will see more stunning P.E.K.K.A gameplays in the future!

Baby Dragon

  • New Baby Dragon level 5 for Town Hall 11.
  • Baby Dragon level 4 now available at Town Hall 10, instead of Town Hall 11.
  • Baby Dragon upgrade level will also come a big earlier in order to give an appropriate power to him.



  • New Mortar level 10 for Town Hall 11.
  • Mortar level 8 and 9 damage get increased.

Undoubtedly this defensive building has fallen behind the defensive curve. With this huge buff, we will have lots of interesting replays to watch!

Skeleton Spell now spawns much more Skeletons

But over a longer time. This balance change makes the spell much better! It changes pretty much everything evolving around this spell. It will be able to spawn up to 26 Skeletons during the spell lifetime.

Cloned troops now stay much longer!

We still can’t really see the power of the Clone Spells. Hopefully this change will make the spell much better, especially from effective positioning.

Bowler’s HP slightly decreased

Since Bowler userate is extremely high at the moment, and skillful players always try to keep them far from the damage, a small HP reduction is acceptable!


Other new upgrades for Town Hall 11

  • Dragon level 6.
  • 25 more wall pieces.
  • X-Bow level 5.

Reduced some upgrades (time and cost): Wizard level 6, Dragon level 3-5, Baby Dragon all levels, Cannon level 12-13, Archer Tower level 11-13. Mortar level 8-9, Wizard Tower level 7-8, X-Bow level 2-4,  Hidden Tesla level 5-8.

Clan Wars changes

  • Earn partial War Win bonus even when losing an attack.
  • War Win Bonus remains when you attack lower Town Hall villages.
  • Tougher targets = more Clan XP.


What do you think about this big update guys? Please share your opinions!


  1. “In this update, CoC Team is still focusing on Town Hall 11 gameplay…”!?

    Do you know more about the update than the balance changes? So far, SC has only announced the balance changes that affect TH 9-11 mostly. But the rest of the changes in the update are not known yet, as far as I know?

  2. Clash needs to have better phone notifications when troops are finished or when village is under attack. I’m tired of wasting my barracks boost because the phone only vibrates instead of playing a quick tone. This would be an update I would like.

  3. Supercell need to introduce a message on clan chat for upcoming maintenance breaks, abt 30-60 minutes before would be enough. So tired of maintenance breaks deciding our wars but not allowing ppl to use attacks before cutting us off. We all have other life commitments. This is my no 1 gripe, better communication.

    • for lower TH’s you have the abilitiy to upgrade and get all kinds of stuff… Why do people always want more stuff for lower TH’s when they can’t even get what’s already available to them??????

  4. Guys..after the new update….In Clan wars cant we attack when there is just a few seconds left for the war to end?
    I used to do it frequently in COC before this update, but today when there was about 5 seconds left for the war to end, I tried to attack But is showed that “The Clan war is about to end, Cant attack now. !! “…wTF?

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