Clash of Clans July Update – New Troop and Building Levels

Okay so today Supercell has launched the new Clash of Clans July Update with some small tweaks for a more balanced game. Let’s take a quick look my friend!

Clash of Clans July Update

Clash of Clans July Update – New Troop and Building Levels

New Giant Level 8

After upgrading to level 8, your Giant HP and damage will be increased a lot:

Level DPS Damage per hit HP Training Cost Elixir Research Cost Elixir Laboratory Level Required Research Time
8 57 114 1,260 4,000 9,500,000 9 14 days

Giant Level 8 can only be unlocked at Town Hall 11.

New Archer Tower Level 14

The new Archer Tower Level 15 is also only available at Town Hall 11


This update is needed because the Bowler attack strategy is pretty strong right now at Town Hall 11.

What do you think about this update my friends?


  1. umm will, you list “New Archer Tower Level 14”
    Then under that say that the new archer tower 15 is only available at TH11….nitpicky I know but may confuse some of the intellectually challenged (like me lol)

  2. Has anyone have any clue, if the healer+queen been nerfed in the recent mini update ,released 20th july?

    I have been using my level 15 queen with 4 healers to farm before the update, and she could took 2 point defence and her health almost never went down below the 50% (RED zone). (more clearly, damage from max th9 defences, mostly). and cc wizards never killed her under poison
    But after this update, everything changed, she hardly can hits from 2 point defences (th8 max), and she got killed by cc which was under poison (wizards).

    Hoping for a reply, if queen walk is even reliable now

  3. Actually this is a good sign from SC y’all. They are still working during their long vacation season. That is a good sign. It means they have a lot more coming out after the vacation season in Norway. BTW, this doesn’t only help top players. People in lvl 10 clans have access to lvl 8 giants via their clan castle, which is really cool. Do not discount 6 lvl 8 giants coming from a TH 9 attacker. The giants will make a big difference. When you think about it taking 6 lvl 8 giants is like taking a super golem. A total of 10,080 hit points is really good.

    • Yeah, you’re right! I’m a TH8(with a mini TH4) in a level 9 clan – soon to become level 10 – and it’s really useful when our top players donate level 7 giants(we only have 2 TH10 which can give max giants), so when our clan hits level 10, then our TH9’s will also be able to give max giants!

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