Clash of Clans August 2016 Balance Changes

Hello guys, finally Supercell is back for the next Clash of Clan major update. In the meanwhile, we have some small changes to make the game much more balanced! Let’s take a look!

clash of clans update

Clash of Clans August 2016 Balance Changes

Cannon’s damage increased for levels from 11 to 14

This is a good update from Supercell in order to help our villages deal with mass-attacks from mid-size units easier.

Healers now trigger air traps

They trigger air traps once again due to the fact that they are a staple high-level troop. They provide a huge versatility comparing to their price. Good luck Seeking Air Mine!

Miner’s movement speed reduced

Feeling bored because of Miner attacks? This update will make things more balanced and help your villages deal with them easier.

Attackers now can deploy more troops before the Eagle Artillery activated

Eagle Artillery is still pretty OP. This update will give attackers more chances to deal with it!


What do you think about this update my friend? Please share your opinions!


  1. Good Job Supercell -_- Did you ever play this Game? You are nerfing the best Part of COC. The Queenwalk. Can´t understand it … You can nerf Bowlers / Miners / Valks. For those who are using mass attacks. I agree. It has nothing to do with any skills. But Queenwalks are essantial for a serious warplayer. Espacially at th10 & 11. For me i´m a TH 10 and i have Fun to triple 10s with many strategies combined the QW. But now? Back to the Roots with Gowiwi and Gowipe? are you kidding me ????

    • I watched Ash´s video (Clash with Ash). And i totally agree with Ash. All changes are good. But the Healer Nerf is just stupid. Cause Queenwalks are very technical. You need a lot of skill to do a good Queen Charge. And i think the Healer Nerf doesn´t reduce Mass Attacks. It is the oppistive Way … with the Healer Nerf the People do ONLY Mass attacks. And this is why i can´t understand Supercell.

  2. Totally gutted, cannon damage increase to stop mass attacks..why not increase the damage of mortars and wiz towers, thought they do splash damage, to troops in the vicinity which could help, and mortars are useless now as mostly i see them outside the base in war. What will increase damage to point defence do to stop mass attacks?

    Queen walk nerf, wow..great supercell did it again, listened to the mass cries of the community. Dont know if it was good, there are few ways in th9 to 3 star, but for th10, th11 they will be struggling.

    No Comments about Miners and Eagle, as i dont own them

  3. I really can’t stand it when Super Cell flip-flops like this. Leave the healers alone already. All they are doing is pissing people off. It is this back and forth that kills the game. People learn to use a troops a particular way and they mess it up?! That is just rude rude rude!

          • They are usually pretty well behaved. They don’t have to stay alive the whole time; rather, they simply have to do their job. Often if they switch from valks to something else it isn’t that big of a deal because valks are so tanky. The whole idea of using them on the troops as opposed to the queen is to take maximum advantage of the healing potential. The troops will normally face more damage, so the amount of healing you get is maximized. Do you get what I mean? I just conducted my first raid using healers after the update. Max healers can take the air bombs. I destroyed the base 100% even thought the CC was full of max wizards and the heroes were both over lvl 20. My K and Q are only lvl 10 and 12. A couple of the healers survived to the end. The main killer of healers is still the air defenses not the air bombs and mines. There is somebody could do with air bombs and mines that would put the hurt on a queen walk. That would be to create an air trap farm outside of the walls where one knows a queen or bowler walk would path. I imagine that might be effective, but it is at the risk of making yourself vulnerable to minions.

          • I agree with you. The update doesnt bring much impact to me. Skilled players are still able to 3 star those bases 🙂

  4. I like this comment here… “Feeling bored because of Miner attacks?” Why would you or $C think people are “bored” with a type of attack and use this thinking to change the game??? That’s just retarded, if I am bored with something I will stop playing. This was done to Dragons because the excuse was “people are bored of getting 3 stars with all dragons, so let’s nerf” idiots!

  5. All I see is supercell yo-yo to a bunch of babies at the top complaining of getting 3 starred. They constantly are changing the game play. The popularity of the game is on the decline and this isn’t the way that will help bring it back. They’ve nerfed the witches. Dont see anyone use em oflate. Now healers and also the miners are nerfed. Some more babies and amateur’s will cry about something else and they will yet again change things. Gosh just stick to how u created the game morons! Stop tweaking it like you do constantly.

  6. Healer is basically a groud troop because it is meant for ground composition. Triggering air traps doesn’t make any sense. In air attack air tanks like lava hound and ballons protect weaker troops like minions from air traps. What will protect healer in ground attack.

    If healer heal both ground and air troops then I’m little ok with healer triggering air traps. Otherwise healer facing whole base air traps once again doesn’t make sense to me.

    Healer healing air troops will bring in new attack strategies and keep healer in the game otherwise healer will meet same fate as witch.

    • healers are a ground troops?? seems they been smoking some good stuff in order to be floating in the air! If healers are a ground troop then they should be blocked by walls and trigger spring and bomb traps right? you comment made me LOL, thanks. And the reason they don’t heal air troops… think about it for a second… “Dragon walk anyone?”

    • I have always thought that healers should also heal air troops. Why would they not be able to heal air troops. They are flying for crying out loud. I suppose there wouldn’t have been a need for the grand warden if such was the case. Of course I think that the Larrys produced by witches and skeleton spells should be able to be switched between ground and air mode. Imagine an air attack where the loons were surrounded by swarms of Larrys to absorb rocket attacks and air bombs. That would be so much fun.

  7. I just hope they dont nerf valks. Actually, if you are attacking a base at the same level as you, it’s not always easy to get the the 3rd star. You need to clean the outter side, but not wait too long to drop them, because they will go around the base if there isn’t something near them inside (if your wizzards have destroyed several things inside, i.e.). You also need to use wisely your spells, and watch out for gigant bombs…
    Many people is crying about valks, but they hadn’t adapted their bases to the new strategies; so the problem is their lack of hability; don’t see the need of changing everithing.

  8. I know it’s off the topic,but I’ve experimente with different trophy pushing straregies for TH8 and I think I found one that is cheap and cooks up pretty fast,and I want to know if you can make a review on it if it’s not already on the site.Troops:16 Giants,8 Hogs,4 Wall breakers,72 Archers.Spells:Just heals(You could attack with either 2 or 3 depending on the how many spells you used before),and a poison.Clan Castle:Either giants or hogs,even a mix of them,and another poison.Its easy to just punish TH7’s with 2 heals,and with a little bit of skill you can 3 star medium-high TH8’s if you have all 3 heals.I recommand having max troops,except for hogs,who can work at lvl 3 too against weaker bases.If you have the gems,boost the spell factory when you have a longer clash session.The army takes onlly around 15 minutes with 4 giants,1 wall breaker and 18 archers în each barrack,and în the dark barracks just 4 hogs each.I go for at least 30 trophies on each attack.Hope it gets posted so everyone who wants a fast trophy pushing strategy can see it.Good luck clashing!

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