3 Air Defenses for Town Hall 7 + Eagle Artillery Buff

Hi guys! Here are some new sneak peeks of the upcoming update. Let’s take a look and see what we have got today!

3rd air defense at town hall 7

  • Golems and Golemites will take triple damage from the Eagle Artillery.
  • The 2nd Air Defense will be unlocked at Town Hall 6.
  • The 3rd Air Defense will be unlocked at Town Hall 7.

All these new sneak peeks have been revealed in the newest video from Galadon.

This is a pretty nice update for not only TH7 but also for TH6 since currently Clan Wars at TH7 are really boring with juts pure Dragon attacks. Also, Healer and Giants combo will be not OP anymore at TH6.

Take a look at here for the main page of this update.


  1. Alright, now the eagle Artillery is now invincible, making th9-10 completely [opposite of Superior, cant remember word] to th11, and (until I get my valkyries) my lv3 healers and lv5 giants are completely useless for trophy pushing or war. Plus, now it will be almost impossible to win at th6, and I don’t even think there are enough walls to house all your important buildigns at th6 either. Basically, they just helped the people that are already up there, and making it almost impossible to GET up there. Supercell should’ve just left it to the loot cart, treasurey, and star bonus.

    • For trophy pushing, just use Barch to get 50% until you get high enough that you can’t do that, then use Dragons. (Once you unlock GoWiPe use that for both war and if you are in Champions or something trophy pushing.) For war, just use Dragons. I tried doing Giant Healer at Town Hall 8 and I really didn’t like it. And at th6 wars can still be done using Hogs, Giants, Wizards, and Balloons (the strategy was posted here a million years ago but it still rocks for wars) and for trophy pushing you can still use Giant Healer, Town Hall 6 bases are small enough that using Giant Healer you can still get 2 Air Defenses down using heal spells against most bases. With the Eagle Artillery buff, well I agree they probably shouldn’t have added that I don’t think but I think it’s mostly just to encourage the Town Hall 11 players not to use GoWiPe or something instead do something entertaining like all witches or something, besides people below Town Hall 11 aren’t really supposed to be attacking Town Hall 11s, I think though that maybe the Eagle Artillery should increase war weight as well as the new tower levels or something so that Town Hall 11s aren’t matched up against Town Hall 10s? But seriously can you imagine a Town Hall 9 3 starring a not rushed Town Hall 10?

  2. Awww man really? 3rd ad at th7,,, good bye mass drags,,, just made my second war only th7 account obsolete… it was nice to have a low lvl th7 account in war that can take on any th7 and some easy h 8’s,,,

    But I guess th 7’s bases are fairly small,,, so maybe hogs in cc to target that extra ad will be what to do… I could usually take out 90% of th 7’s without using cc troops so,,, we’ll see.

    Cheers ?

  3. extra ad mean dragon level 1 is unusable and it’s so hard to 3 star even with level 2 because they only have 6 spell capacity and no cc spell. th7 player also must upgrade rage spell as soon as possible and make their farming troops underleveled. I think it’s more wise to nerf the dragon.

  4. WTF! I thought the eagle artillery was fine. It was a concern at certain key moments of the game play, but it didn’t dominate the battle. Now it will dominate the battle as they just made the main tank troop for ground attacks useless against TH 11. You spend all this effort to get the golems to level five so that they will be utterly useless at TH 11? Yeah that makes a whole bunch of sense. ?
    Way to go $uper €ell!
    What a bunch of DORKS!

  5. I dont mind a 3rd Ad at th7 as there are other ways to 3 star. I’m more concerned for the part time players in our clan that want to participate in wars but cant grasp intermediate strategies. Would be nice to have ability to upgrade cc one more level at th7 to unlock extra spell donation and extra troops to help those guys…

  6. Hello guys other than mass dragons, at th7 you have giants and heal spell combination with wizards which works great , the expenditure is also minimum and the training time is also very short.
    I personally use this strategy with my th7 mini account it’s also fun and trains you for the gowipe/wi attacks in the future.
    I usually use 20-25 giants 12 wizards 6-10 wall breakers and rest archers and a few barbarians.
    The barbarian king helps a lot and you need 2 heals and a rage or all heal spells.
    Hope you guys find this useful. 🙂

  7. and they just keep on breaking the game more and more, it’s like they want to Fail. $C should just shutdown their servers and die peacefully. Who was the genius that figured “war at TH 7 is boring with all Dragon attacks?????” Does this person realize it took a while for a TH 7 to even GET Dragons??? roflmao. And Giants and healer to OP at TH6? So they might as well nerf hogs,witches,wizards,golems,pekka, and every other goddamn troop in the game for it is “Boring” to use in an attack.

    • A really common attack among TH6 users was to destroy the only air defense, and then proceed to use all their giants plus a healer. Since the only air defence was destroyed, plus the other ground/air defences (archer and wizards towers) target the giants, the healer never dies, healing the giants all the time, making them almost impossible to kill.

  8. i thingk that the star bonus is a good idea ,especially now that hmost players are starving off of elixir ,but in my opinion obviously now that the top tank troops is basically turned in to a barbarian in the eyes of the eagle , an update must be in the works to make the giant much much mkre war worthy ? GIant8 anyone ? basically th11 is much much more incomplete though and its still bound to get upgraded to be a monster that was townhall10

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