Wizard Tower Level 9, Storage Level 12, Laboratory Level 9,…

Here we go again, the sneak peek post today: New buildings and Storages level! Hopefully you like it!


  1. We will have new Wizard Tower level 9, Gold Storage & Elixir Storage level 12 and Laboratory level 9. (New troops level, more loot can be raided,…)
  2. You will get a small sound notification after being in Clouds for over 1m while searching for attacks.
  3. You will hear a small sound notification when the Retry button appears.


You can see everything in this video:



  1. Hi
    Do you know what date the update is landing? It seems like they are getting down to the ‘chunky’ part of the update now. Building levels, troop levels, new buildings, new hero. So I presume its next weekish? Any better info than that?

  2. Is the new lv lab giving a new troop? I thought that a new lv dark barrack would open up a new troop, like it was always that way. Neven gotten a new troop from my lab, only the opportunity to upgrade existing troops.

  3. This is just my opinion but I strongly feel like the update will be out December 7, they give us 2 weeks of sneak peeks everytime and the first sneak peek was November 23, so it should be December 7 which is 2 weeks after.

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