Trophy Leagues and Win Bonus

In Clash of Clans, there are total 8 main leagues in Clash of Clans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Master, Champion, Titan and Legend. After attacking other players, you can will receive a decent amount of trophies If you win the attacks and you also lose your trophies If you can’t get at least 1 star. By having a certain amount of trophy, you can join a league and earn win bonus for every win.

All trophy leagues in Clash of Clans

Everything about Clash of Clans Trophy Leagues

  • Basically, you just can find players who are in the same league as you. Occasionally you can face players from either the next league or the previous league If you are at either the top or the bottom of your league.
  • If a player drops more than 100 trophies below the threshold to join a league, he/she will be dropped to the previous league.
  • You will receive the loot bonus for every won attack.
  • You can’t receive the loot bonus after defending, doing revenge or finishing a single player map.
  • Each main league has 3 separate divisions, except Legend league.
  • A league season lasts for 1 month. Your victories from both defending and attacking are all tracked during every league season. You can see it in your game profile.

Clash of Clans Win Bonus

The table above gives you all important numbers about Trophy Leagues in Clash of Clans.
Because of the sweet bonus from high trophy leagues, lots of players living in those leagues and aim at 1 star wins for getting the juicy win bonus. We have couples of guides about farming at those leagues on cocland. How to get to Titan League Fast and Easy and Ultimate Guide to Farming at Master League are two of them. You can see more in the Guides section.


  1. thank you for fulfill my request Will
    it is better than I expected
    can you suggest what league is best for early TH 8 for farm dark elixir?
    i think crystal III has decent loot bonus, but are there many TH outside?

  2. great article thanks.
    I have a problem: my walls are lvl6. my hero is level 4 (thanks to your tactics for farming dark at th7 I could upgrade my lvl 2 king to level 4 in just 2 days and I think I can upgrade it to level 5 in about 2 days.) after I upgrade my king to lvl 5 I want to push to to master league to build my 4th builder. Right now i’m in Gold 1 With 1811 Trophies. usually strong players attack me. what kind of base should I use? farming or pushing? could you introduce me a good base layout. and what kind of strategies should I use (for defending and attacking)?
    thank you for your great and useful posts and tactics

  3. Believe it or not i’m at max TH9 and I’m farming at Silver2. able to find alot of 500k-700k loot with 1k-3k DE. Always use my favorite Troop Composition – 12Giants 6wb 10Hogs Barchers Healspells and Poison – 15mins to cook!

  4. Is this including the updates? Also, could you make a column that says the gaurd time. I remember at one time the gaurd was 15 min, but then it jumped to 300. I was I silver 2, then silver 1. I’m not sure…

          • hmm yeah, there is no powerful troops in th7 except drags. although i am using 20hogs, 10giants and rest archers. i am atleast 2 starring th8’s. hopefully i will be master soon just 300 trophies to go.

          • I’ve got a best method for you bro but i think i am too late because i saw your message today !

            So here is the trick. Fill your dark elixir storage and other storages and keep them out of your base and try to completely protect your town hall and other outer buildings . A girl named Seberina used this trick and have reached to titans when she was Th7

          • Hey buddy COC is updated now.. you dont get shield even if you’re a victim of a town hall snipe just a 30 minute guard and loss of some trophies. Be updated lol! Its now impossible for a th7 to reach legends league. Although th8’s are possible.

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