Treasury is not always the safest place

As far as we know, attackers just can get 3% from the Treasury, but is it always wise to storage your loot in the Treasury all the time? Is there any safer place than it?

Clash of Clans Treasury

As I mentioned in a post before, you can’t raid all the loot from the enemy Storages, there is a cap (maximum raidable loot) at every Town Hall level:

Town Hall % available loot can be stolen Maximum Real loot for maximum available loot
1 to 6 20% 200,000 1,000,000
7 18% 250,000 1,388,888
8 16% 300,000 1,875,000
9 14% 350,000 2,500,000
10 12% 400,000 3,3333,333
11 10% 450,000 4,500,000

For example, as you can see at the table above, at Town Hall 9

  • If you have more than 2,5 million Gold in Storages and nothing in the Treasury, the attacker can’t take more than 350k Gold from your Storages.
  • If you have more than 2,5 million Gold in Storages and 1 million Gold in the Treasury, the attacker can take 350k Gold from your Storages and 30k Gold from the Treasury.

Thus, it’s better to collect the Treasury when your amount of loot reaches the cap.

Hope you won’t be angry since this is pretty stupid LOL (most players don’t care about 30k loot each much).

I just want to share this small tip that I have just noticed and we can have a funny topic to discuss. Clash on!


  1. frankly , i see no difference between the old clan castle and the ” treasury ” . i dont find any difference in the resource lost in the past from the cc and the treasury . its stupid when theres already a shit ton of raidable loot in th and storages , why must the treasury be lootable too ? even more stupid is we cant collect resources differently , when we need a certain resource , we have to collect the entire resource available . why cant they just make us collect option available for gold/elixir/de separately ?

  2. I think its time SuperCell start learning from other developers like those of castle clash. Just started playing and i find it amazing. Your non dead troops can be re-used in another battle. That’s the best part.

  3. Treasury is really not that big of a deal,,, yes % lost is less,, but like this post suggests if you go over cap it’s actually a bad thing,,,

    But I do wish they’d increase its size,,, 2 mil g and e is peanuts at th 9,,, 10k dark,, not much better really.

    Cheers ?

  4. Well it is a nice idea but my Treasury (Clan Castle) is right in the center of my base so whats your opinion Will?

    1 more thing, after the recent update my farming base does not work well because I dont get shied after the Town Hall goes down and a lot of loot is lost cause of Town hall, any tips for that bro ?

    • Yea, the Clan Castle is always in the center of the base but you can follow my tip above so that you can get some extra loot.
      Hmm what is your TH level?

      You can try to put many non-densive outside to get the 30% shield. I have been doing that and everything is pretty Okay so far.

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