Clash of Clans Update: Town Hall 11, New Defense and Hero

So finally most things in the next ClashCon update have been revealed: Town Hall 11, new defense and a new Hero at TH11. Let’s take a look guys! I’m so excited! Hopefully this will be one of the best updates in game!




New Clash of Clans Update – Town Hall 11

Here is what our new Town Hall 11 looks like:

Town Hall 11 in Clash of Clans

Not like our predictions before, not blue electric, white is the primary color of Town Hall 11 but I really like this design! It looks really resplendent.

It takes 3 million Gold to upgrade to TH9 and 4 million gold to upgrade to TH10 so hopefully it will not take more than 5 million Gold and 21 days for the Town Hall 11 upgrading progress.

New defense for Town Hall 11

And here is our new defense, which is only available at TH11:

New Defense

This new defense is pretty over-powered. TH10 troops can be quickly taken down and the most important is it can cover the whole base. It fires the laser beam straight up and it will hit the target by coming from above.

There is a delay between each shot. It is just active until a large amount of troops have been deployed. The new defense will lock on a single target until it get destroyed or once that troop comes to the blind spot (like the Mortar but larger).

Till now, we don’t know the official name of it yet. Hopefully that will be a sweet name!

The new Hero

New Hero in game

6 million Elixir is not a big deal at all. The new hero looks like a man who is reading a book? A Super Wizard? Gandalf?

After taking a look on Google Images, I got this image. Hopefully Supercell just uses this image as the demo image for our new Hero.

Everything about this update can be seen in this video.

Let’s wait and see guys! But I can’t wait :(. I want it now!


  1. Great here goes another year of my life,,, I’ll never get a tan at this rate ?

    I do hope that there is some new content in update for lower lvl TH’s as well.. not just for the TH 10’s going to 11.

    Been watching clash con live pretty cool stream

    Cheers ?

      • I’m only a measly Th 9 so hopefully something down here,,, not cool if I have to wait to get to th 10 to enjoy as supercell promises the biggest update ever,,,, plus like we discussed earlier the highest % of TH’s are below th 10 so it would be nice if everyone gets to benefit from this update.

        I’m actually surprised update isn’t available yet,,, clash con stream ended a few hours ago,,, I was hoping it would be out just after the stream ended

        Cheers ?

  2. i just want new hero …….i m from one of the top players of coc i m 200+ and whoever wanna join my clan can sureky come and join us my clan code is {#LGOOP2Q2} this clan code type it in the clan search option ok….join us we r the best and i m a leader so high lvl players plz join us and plz quickly unlock new hero supercel…..ok thnx

  3. at first look I thought that new hero was carrying a bow. lol (so i thought it would be like a male-archer a new “archer king” XD)
    but i think its an archmage, because i think it will fit in the theme for th11 like white-yellow color or some kind of ancient structure. but yeah. looks awesome!!
    looking forward for more updates!

  4. Honestly thought it was gonna be a DE styled hero introduced next like a Minion lord or something. On first quick glance I thought it looked like a demon or something but on closer inspection yeah, its gonna be a Wizard elder or something. Was hoping for a goblin king but its been done to death so a Wizard hero would be a great way of mixing things up

    • Hmmmm I think we will need DE to upgrade that Hero. If not, I think we will need to spend an amount of Elixir to use the new Hero every time.
      I can see that people love the Goblin King LOL. Let’s wait and see man!

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