Town Hall 11 and Halloween 2015 Update

I am pretty sure that all of us get this question all the time: “Where will the Town Hall 11 be released?”. We will discuss about that and the next big update – Clash of Clans Halloween 2015 update in this post!

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11

My honest opinion about Town Hall 11

Well, every time when we upgrade our Town Hall, we’re gonna get plenty of new buildings and defenses right? Let’s take a look at the Town Hall 10 player map, everything is so condensed. There is hardly enough space for more buildings. Of course we still can add more Walls and buildings to completely fill them up but that just won’t look good at all and we will raise the difficulty of Clash of Clans. Currently, It’s already very difficult to destroy a decent Town Hall 10 base but If we follow the formula pattern, we would have to expect Town Hall 11 to be able to easily beat Town Hall 10, just as TH9 can easily bully TH8 and so on.

But how Town Hall 11 can bully TH10 when they have Inferno Towers? We know that Inferno Towers are extremely powerful defensive buildings. In Wars, most TH9 player can destroy other TH9s for 3 stars. But It is much more difficult task in comparison when a TH10 attack another TH10 player with maxed out defenses. So for the possibility of a Town Hall 11 to arise, we must have a larger map size: I think a bigger map size will be great because right now there isn’t enough space for TH10s to place their buildings in many desired places. Also, the TH10 attackers have not enough space to properly deploy troops. We also need more walls at TH11 and a bigger map size can satisfy that. Because of the new Earthquake Spell and just how big of impact it has on all base layouts, I think it’s really necessary for us to have a large map and more walls.

Let’s take a look at top players, their wall placements are very unoriginal. It’s better now to place walls around the Town Halls because walls will actually weaken their bases when the Earthquake Spells can destroy any wall regardless of the wall levels. All smart players can funnel their troops towards the Town Hall easily.


If players start placing walls outside like this so what’s theΒ  purpose of having walls anymore? Walls are the most costly items in Clash of Clans. Surely there has to be a lot of
significances right? So I think we have to fix this issue and bring back the originality of base designs in the future.

I think we are not even close to having Town Hall 11

Why? Because the population of maxed Town Hall 10 is still much below 1% so TH11 is really a not top priority for Supercell at all. Truly I don’t think we need the new Town Hall 11 to get more game contents. There are a lot of better ways.

We don’t need more troop spaces and spell spaces. It’s very difficult to place ~6 spells properly against opposing TH10 and trying to defeat a TH10 in Wars can be very frustrating because of all the threads you need to worry about. There are just many things going in in the battle. This game is very dependent on timing. Adding more defenses and troops just increases the difficulty of the game.

It’s not gonna make things more fun at all. Instead of getting more defenses to worry about and buildings to upgrade, we can have new defenses, troops but with a limiter.
For example, a TH10 player can has 40 defenses in total but we can limit TH10 to only using 36 defenses.

Also, It takes up to about 3 years to max out everything in game so I think that will be great If laboratory allows us to upgrade 2 troops/spells at a time. New Hero will be great but I think we also should limit players to use just 2 of them for attacking.

How big is the next update?

Obviously we all know that Supercell’s gonna announce a very big Clash of Clans update on ClashCon (October 24, 2015). Also, the end of October is always the time for the Halloween Update in game with an amazing Halloween event and plenty of new features (we got the Skeleton Traps last year).

ClashCon is the first dedicated Clash of Clans Convention with a carefully preparation. I think this update will be as big as the Clan Wars update! Let’s wait and see guys!


  1. HI, Great post, I completely agree, Town Hall 11 is far from being released as Town Hall 10 is incomplete as is is… There are no exclusive town hall 10 troops and some troops can be maxed at town hall 9.
    Also, I think You meant to say Earthquake spells above instead of poison spells destroying walls

  2. I don’t know what Super Cell will do; however, in my opinion they need to add more unpredictability to defenses. They could do this simply by coming up with a system where a defending player could booby-trap certain structures as opposed to simply using bombs and spring traps. Could you imagine what it would be like if your king started attacking a storage structure and it exploded? Maybe this is a bad idea. Another idea would be defensive troops such as wall breakers popping out of builders huts. Who knows what they will come up with, but it will be fun. πŸ™‚

  3. Nice post

    Me and my clan we’re just discussing this last night,,, I agree and brought up alot of your points in this post,,, th 11 would be a massive upgrade for supercell to pull off,,, more walls more defenses bigger camps,,, possibly new lab and SF with new spells,,, bigger map,,, you name it,,, the logistics of bringing in a th 11 must be massive… I think there is a decent chance we will see a th 11 in the future but I just don’t see it this October…

    That being said I’m really expecting something big in the next update… with clash con on the horizon it makes sense that supercell is going to showcase their A game with the next update in the same month…. hopefully I’m right,,, new content keeps the game fresh..

    Cheers ?

  4. I do and don’t see Supercell making a TH11, I could see a huge update in the way of troops, defenses, walls, maybe even a hero and larger map area. Supercell is very conservative on their updates. They don’t ever get too ahead of them-self. I could see them paving the way for a TH11, but I think a new TH and troops, defenses, walls, and hero’s and a larger map area would dilute their possibilities for another “big update”.

    Might want to just look at this update as a step towards a TH11, not a TH11 itself. I have been wrong before.

  5. i am a nearly max th10 and i dont think this game is ready for th11 yet id like to see more interaction in war and new exclusive th10 troops as a reward for getting to th10 it has taken me 14 months to get as far as i have and i feel like it is more rewarding to be a th9 i wish i had stuck at max th9 it was easier and more exciting in war i now have to attack impossible bases at th10 which makes it get boring sometimes i want new troops and heroes especialy a troop that doesnt get frazzled by max infernoes

  6. I think a defensive troop like witches, that cause an attacking troop to change their direction. Imagine your giants or hogs coming at a mortar, see a witch (within 4 tiles) and it makes them divert to another building, or go the other way…..

  7. If th11 comes out, the problem about 3 starring th 10 isnt a problem anymore, notice we might have more dark troops since it says coming out soon after the lava hounds. 3 Starring th 10 wouldnt be a problem after that.

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