Something about the new Clash of Clans troop

Hey guys it’s Ash and this is just going to be a speculative article of a new troop that’s coming out soon. And it’s been confirmed by one of the developers of Clash of Clans in an interview with Chief Pat.

So basically, that troop was once introduced in Clash Royale in an earlier version and then was removed from the game. But, Supercell had decided to inherit that troop and its ideology because maybe it would be viable in the Clash of Clans game rather than Clash Royale. So I’m thinking that the reason it was removed from Clash Royale was because it was considered to be OP, that it was too good. But it was good enough to be used in Clash of Clans.

In this video, Jonas confirmed that a new troop would be out soon (at 8m40s).

So I decided to do a little bit of investigating by looking through Clash Royale and see if I can find any hints as to what this troop or type of troop may be.

Now one of the things many players may have noticed when first playing Clash Royale is that the game has almost every Clash of Clans troops except the Dragon and the Lava Hound. And there’s a big reason as to why this is the case. The biggest reason is that an Air Defense is not suitable for this game. Why? Because you’re only limited to using a total of 8 cards, and an Air Defense would be a huge liability against any player not using air troops. So it would create a lot of mismatches. So without an Air Defense, it’s also pointless to have a Lava Hound in the game. Especially since Balloons in this game are very powerful due to the absence of Air Defenses and if a Lava Hound existed, there would basically be zero counters to a Lava Hound and Balloon combo.

Similarly, there’s no Dragon because of the Dragon’s high HP and DPS. It would just be a better Balloon, and 1 Balloon in this game is absolutely deadly. A Balloon in this game is faster than a Pekka and also does more damage than a P.E.K.K.A, which makes no sense to me as a Pekka is very easy to stop. You can just use a small horde of Barbarians to quickly kill a Pekka in this game, just like how you would kill a Pekka in a Clan Castle in Clash of Clans. It’s just not that good. However, you can’t stop a Balloon as that Balloon’s only focus is your most precious Crown Towers, and worse is that a Balloon can fly, making it even better. The Balloon in this game is also better because unlike how a Balloon has to first take time to set itself onto a defense before dropping its bomb, it doesn’t have to do that in this game. In this game, once the Balloon targets your Tower, it will instantly drop an insane 600 damage.

So instead of introducing a Dragon to the game, which would be a much better Balloon, they decided to introduce a smaller form of a Dragon, calling it a Baby Dragon. And a Baby Dragon is a much less intimidating form of a Dragon in the sense that it has HP similar to a Balloon, but does weak splash damage. So it’s very weak to high HP troops, but it destroys hordes of troops with its splash damage. It’s basically a much bulkier Minion with splash damage. I don’t think this would work in Clash of Clans, because I don’t think anyone would like the idea of a very weak splash attacking air troop.

But, I think that Clash Royale actually at one point had an air troop that did point damage, rather than splash damage. And that type of troop doesn’t exist in Clash Royale because it would instantly be deemed as OP due to the absence of Air Defense. But, it would make sense to be in Clash of Clans because that is a type of troop we’re missing. We have Minions that are fast and powerful in large groups, but die too quickly to air bombs and air-attacking defenses. While we also have Dragons, but they’re very slow and take up way too much housing space. So I’m predicting that we might be getting a troop that’s inbetween a Minion and a Dragon. Basically, an air troop that takes up about 5 housing space units, but is bulkier than a Minion, kind of like a Hog Rider’s HP, and not as slow or tanky as a Dragon. And possibly also cost as much elixir as a Giant and also have a training time similar to a Giant or Hog Rider, which would make it perfect for farming. It would also serve a good purpose in wars or trophy pushing in conjunction to Lavaloon or mass Dragon attacks. So that’s what I think and believe we’re missing in Clash of Clans.

Let me know what you guys think, if you agree with me, or if you believe that we’ll be seeing a different type of troop. Or if you have a better idea of a troop that we might need for Clash of Clans to make everyone happy.

As for when we’ll be seeing this new troop. I’m guessing very soon because I think we deserve to get a new troop right now as the previous troop they released was the Lava Hound which was well over a year now.

So hope you guys liked my ideas! If I get more news on what this new troop may be or when Supercell is going to release it, then I’ll let you guys know as soon as possible. So thanks for reading!


  1. No real clarity about what the troop from clash royale was. I get the reasoning for an intermediate flying troop, just struggling with the link to clash royale.

    Nice live play of the game though. Wa it you on there Will? Or is clash with ash a different youtuber?

  2. The most suitable farming strategy at lower trophy level I found is BAM. something greater than minion…. Naah won’t like it but I would definitely like the thought “flying goblins”… Lol
    Great thought WILL… say this to supercell.. Who knows this might be that!!!

  3. I don’t get it. Most of the royal troops r for royalty or whatever, but they really have to be in clash. I mean, the town hall begins to look like a castle at th9+. Hey! Idea! U know how u get dark troops at th7, there should ALSO be something new at th9! Maybe a new barrack where u could usegold, or (something I’ve been wanting for a while) a new resource called platinum ! I’ve been wanting a new resource like that for a while,thought it’d becool. And royal, so gold would be only fitting, right? Someone needs to send this to supercell, they might ACTUALLY consider fan mail for once! 😉

      • That makes a lot of sense, and I would really like that, but it would be a lot of hassle to put in an upgrade between upgrades, and it would be hard for higher players who already have it…well, I’ve thought about that, and it would be nice.

  4. Howdy y’all. ???
    What do y’all think about this idea for a new dark troop?
    The idea is the vampire. It is similar to a healer; however, instead of hovering and healing it hovers and sucks the life from troops and defensive buildings to replenish its own health. It would be a kind of negative healer.
    Another idea is a healer that has a special ability to switch from healing to being a vampire, that way healers wouldn’t be totally useless if isolated or alone.

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