Obstacles don’t drop Gems randomly

As we all know, we can get Gems in Clash of Clans by removing obstacles like trees, trunks and bushes.

I found a gem in the tree!

Sometimes we can find 5 gems from the tree and even 6 gems from the trunk but sometimes we just earn EXP. Is that random? No! It follows this certain sequence:


No matter what obstacles you remove, the number of Gems drop from them will always follow the sequence above.

We can get new obstacle after every 8 hours, It means there are total 21 obstacles respawn on your land per week. So you can get up to 45 Gems every week. Normally, we have a Gem Box (25 Gems) every 2 weeks. It means you can earn up to 45×4 + 25×2 = 230 Gems every month.


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