New Witch Level 3 + Nexting with just 900 Gold at TH10

Hi guys,

After lots of updates, finally our Witches have gotten a good news. Let’s take a look at our sneak peek today!

The Witch Level 3

  • The new Witch level 3 will be available after the update. She can call up to 5 Skeletons at a time and 10 for at maximum.
  • Nexting cost at TH10 gets reduced to just 900 Gold. This means the Nexting costs at lower TH levels will also get reduced.
  • Updating…

What do you think? Do you like the new Witch level 3 since we don’t use them much in Clan Wars?


  1. More cool stuff for the dudes at the top. Still, I do love witches. I am going to use the heck out of them when I upgrade to TH 9. Lowering the cost of nexting is nice of SC, especially since they eliminated TH sniping. Wow, I think I will go to bed tonight with visions of dozens of little Larrys in my mind and a smile on my face. Larrys are too cool.

  2. Will Potter, I just thought of something. SuperCell may have killed TH sniping, but they haven’t been able to touch WAR farming. Not that TH sniping is out of the picture maybe more clans will pay attention to WAR farming. After all, it is one of the few ways left to help each other out in the realm of setting up a system where we can grant free loot. Will, you have to do some research and write a blog post on WAR farming that explains it and maybe even encourages it in place of TH sniping. Maybe we can still stick it to SC after all. Right now I would love to do that.

    P.S. My clan just won its latest war. I have been using GOHOG to consistently get three stars. I got six stars this war, and it wasn’t even difficult. My army composition has been 1xGolem, 20xHogs, 14xWizards, 7xWall Breakers, 6xWizards in the Clan Castle, three heal spells and one poison. Thanks for posting great strategy guides.

    • i dont understand war farming . u lose intentionally or get few stars for the war bonus right ? but then , if all clan members do that then u’ll lose war and get half (i assume) the loot bonus and is that even much ?iam a th8 and i attack a th8 in war and normally war bonus is abt 300k . half of that will be 150k and dont people get that from a single raid ? i like the star count on my profile too so i attack for 3 stars .so i dont understand war farming , please explain to me

      • Raw, it looks like Will has decided to release a War Farming guide of some type. I am no expert, so hopefully he can shed some light on this obscure phenomena. Still, anything that we can use to get extra loot is awesome. Remember, the loot from a War is totally free. In other words, it doesn’t comes out of any of your storages when you lose. The only negative to you is how much you spend on troops, which can be substantial. I suppose the strategy would involve minimizing troop expenditure while still getting the free loot. Also, it can be done while you are farming using other conventional methods simultaneously. I can’t wait for Will to address it in a post.

  3. Man I love witch, just 3 star with mass witches on a TH9 last war. I was like, OMG look at those skeletons goes in a group. I did not expect to get 3 stars. Because the witch split to the left, making my witches survive. Hope TH9 get lvl 3 witch

  4. Did y’all see that war replay that Spencer 23$ showed on his youtube channel? A level 3 witch heavy raid went up against a TH 10 and all of the larrys made the inferno towers use all of their ammo before the raid was finished. I bet nobody ever considered that the new witches could kill inferno towers without even having to destroy them simply by sucking them dry. I wonder if the same thing will happen to Xbows?

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