New Defense Eagle Artillery and More Achievements

So finally we’ve gotten the name of the new defense at Town Hall 11. Also, in the sneak peek today, there is a small reduction of a troop in Clash of Clans. Let’s take a look!

Eagle Artillery Clash of Clans

  1. The new defense at Town Hall 11 is Eagle Artillery. It will have 2 levels in total.
    – It can cover the whole map, except a “safe zone” close to it (just like the Mortar).
    – The Eagle Artillery will be triggered after a certain number of troops has been deployed.
    – Read more at here.
  2. There will be 2 new achievements in game:
    Anti-Artillery: Destroy the Eagle Artilleries in Multiplayer battles.
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    New Defense Eagle Artilleries Achievement
  3. The effectiveness of multi-Healers (more than 6) on the same target will be reduced.



      • You know Will, the fact that SC nerfed what was one of the shittiest and least used troops in the game just because we found a way to make it useful really pisses me off. They are taking all of the fun out of the game by doing that type of thing. It is like they don’t like us innovating so they shit on our game. What a bunch of assholes! This update is seriously shitting on the little guy in the game because it is taking away many advantages that lower level guys were counting on while giving upper level town hall players all kinds of new and fun stuff. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t take so damn long to progress in this game. Think about how depressing it has been for those people that have been playing TH 8. They took away our ability to upgrade our walls with elixir, and now all of this right when many of us are about to switch to TH 9?! They entice us to progress in the game and just when we are about to get there they take all of the candy away. The guys at the top don’t care because they already used all of the features that are about to disappear to get to TH 10. They better watch it, because they are on really REALLY thin ice. Much of their support will disappear if they pull more shitty moves like this.

        • I doubt healer is one of the most useless and least used troops in the game. You must have forgotten lower town hall levels. I use healer in both war and farm at around th5-6 with my new th6 account. Even in my th 9 account I see farmer using Giants+healers. I will say goblin is the least used troops, so that’s why SC buffed it.

          The reason why they took away our ability to upgrade our walls in th8 with elixir is probably due to everyone spending elixir and gold on walls, so no one can get gold/elixir from storage at near max th8. I personally start playing coc after they remove the ability to upgrade walls with elixir, and I am not depress about it. Yes, I might not have all maxed walls in th8, but it does not increase your defense by a large deal since 2 th8 wall breakers can break max th8 wall, and farming for wall is easier in th9 in my opinion.

          In addition, reducing the effectiveness of mass-healers are more like a balance for the super-queen. We shouldn’t condemn the balance without seeing the degree the balancing affect the strategy.

        • Daniel I see you constantly complain on all the articles. Just wanted to refute some of your passioned arguments.
          1. They nerfed the healer in a way to make Queen Walk less OP, we have no idea wether or not Queen Walk is dead yet.
          2. They are not shitting on the little guy with the removal of TH snipes, what they’re doing is removing an unintentional loophole in the game that absolutely no one at any th should have. I’ve never th sniped and I think its one of the main reasons why a lot of people don’t know how to do proper attacks in war, and in a video the head developer stated th snipes are 80% of all attacks (that’s insane, and a definite dumbing down of attack strats)
          3. Yes we get it, a majority of the new update is tailored to the upper th levels. How can you complain about not getting new content when you haven’t even completed everything they’ve given you?
          4. Please stop complaining about everything because this update didn’t help you specifically. Look at the game from a larger perspective then your own. This update will help create a much more balanced game in the broad sense. Super Cell is not on thin ice. If you think they are then quit the game. I’m tired of this negativity and the baseless arguments that you use when you haven’t even played the new update.

          • Gosh Cameron, you are totally 100% correct about me and my opinions. I apologize profusely and hope that in the future all of my comments meet your approval. Players just shouldn’t complain, especially if they haven’t completed everything.

            Hey Will, I think Cameron should be the administrator so he could ensure that measly lower level town hall people hold their tongues and defer to the proper opinions of those that have “completed everything.”

          • I think you take my comments a little far. What i am saying is you have been negative about this new update from the jump. I see you on every article write about how this update is ruining the game. You havent stated one good thing about this update when there is plenty of amazing changes. You take the update changes a little too personally, just like you with my criticisms about the arguments you are making. Its not about meeting my “approval” to comment, its about opening your scope of view just a bit. Im saying you shouldnt complain and thrash this update constantly when no one has even played the update yet. You assume that SC is shitting on the little man when you have no solid proof to back it up. You need solid arguments not ones that are based off your narrow perceptions of what you assume the game is going to be like

          • Wow, superb comments all around. I applaud your insight.

            Listen up everybody. We should all stop complaining and thrashing this update immediately. NOBODY has played it and ONLY the people that will attain TH 11 will complete everything and know what is really going on; consequently, only those that fully grasp this update should comment. So, to clarify, y’all should refrain from commenting about the update until your base is at least a maxed out TH 11. Got it!

            If y’all need any opinions about this update Cameron will provide appropriate positive insights for y’all to think.

            Thanks for volunteering the appropriate thoughts Cameron.

          • Whatever, youre trying to twist my words so they fit your little agenda. Everyone needs to slow their roll on making judgements, good or bad, on this umcoming update. I have no clue whether or not it will be good or bad, but im gonna wait to make assumptions especially since the game will be changed in a huge way. Youve stated supercell “is on thin ice” with all the disappointing announcements and i have no clue how that can be. If the update come out and is horrible than i will criticize SC as well. A lot of anouncements are speculation or uncomfirmed. This negative image for the update has been created which isnt fair. Dont feel so singled out because i responded to your specific comment. A good portion of players are doing the same. Ill say it once again youre trying to twist my words, im not going to play your little game. Good day to you sir

          • Come on Cameron, don’t be so glum. Virtual handshake here and we’re cool. ??
            Seriously, lay it on us. I enjoy hearing other people’s opinions no matter how they feel.
            Clash on! ?

          • i totally agree with u daniel . i had enough trouble in gold iii to collect de for king with a trophy base . it was always 100% on my base and since i played casually in free times only , i used to gain more than i loot . Farming base helped me maintain trophies and loot . i i dont think i could have maxed it without a farming base . currently a th8 champ and yes i snipe townhalls , but only when my troops are training , i use full dragon attack otherwise . farming base and loot bonus are helping me a lot to stay in champ but with this update , i will be forced to drop trophies or lose trophies + loot being 3starred everytime coz i tried it and got 3 starred 4 times in a row with -59 trophies thrice . this update really disappoints me

          • Well, I am trying out taking a defense with my town hall inside. I am in Masters I. I’ll report back.

          • Well, just got pulverized by a TH 9 player. The final score was 61% ⭐️⭐️ -19?. I think you are correct about how painful this is going to be. ?

          • Clearly youre a true believer, with no basis for your arguments, and there is no way to change your ignorant ways. I hope you continue to be uptight and upset about the update while ill be chilling and enjoying clan wars

    • they never said the range of the Healer was going to change, there is no proof from any SC official post thats some bs someone made up, the effectiveness of more than 6 healers on a target that is new and official true from the source that is SC

    • Mirza, you don’t think that six healers on a queen will make her Super? It seems to me that it isn’t that big of a deal. Don’t get me wrong, it pisses me off when SuperCell nerfs our troops, but I don’t think it will change the healer-queen strategy that much.

  1. Does anyone think we will see the update next week? Monday is their “end” of 2 weeks of sneak peeks. But we have yet to spend one day each on magician or eagle defense. Those alone get us to Monday morning. No new and/or updated regular troops announced yet. I would have thought something would get higher levels for th11. That’s another day. Maybe hero offsets need for higher troops? No new spells.. Another potential day.
    Somewhere before sneaks started they said they would be testing all the way up to release and the way they phrased it made it sound like they had a lot of bugs to work out yet. Now they have made several changes on the fly that will need regression testing. As a software developer, I know that some are a lot easier than others…ie., 50% to 33% deploy for shield is a 2 second code change. Changing queen walk is a lot harder. Each change steals time from original planned testing.
    Then they have to package and submit to both Google and Apple for review. Since this is such a money maker, they’ve probably already greased those palms to get rubber stamp of approval.
    And they have to be absolutely certain everything works…. It’s much better to deliver quality late than crap on time. Supercell already has enough negative perception on this release that if they mess it up they might never recover.

  2. Well the good news is that the updates cannot get any shittier than what they have gotten to until today. That’s a positive! On that note I’d be happy to sell my coc base soon.

    Keep those killer announcements coming supercell.

  3. Gala don said the effectiveness of the healer will only really take a hit past six healers. That means your seventh healer gets nerfed until it becomes the sixth. Who uses more than six healers at a time? ?

  4. I can live with no more free shields i can live with th11$ recking me all the time i can live with the new impossable defince but come on sc i spend money on this stupid game and as if it wasn’t anoying enough being kicked off every6 hours now its every 3 wth am i gonna do in 3 hours? Im th10 im having a hard enough time as it is im fealing violated right now what gives them the right???

      • If people don’t have the time to stay on for 6 or more hours then that’s their problem right? The ones that cannot stay on for that long can attack each other, you saying it’s not fair and he needs to be kicked off every 3 hours is a moot point, because you are basically saying is ” I don’t play for that long then you shouldn’t be able to either “

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