Clash of Clans January Update – Loot Cart, Star Bonus and Treasury

Hi guys,
Because of the previous update and lots of negative feedbacks from the Clash of Clans community, finally Supercell has made an announcement today which talks about the upcoming updates as well as the new features in game.


The update will be out today – January 26th, 2016.

In the upcoming update, we will have these new features:

Star Bonus

We will have a new feature in game called Star Bonus. You will be able to win a daily loot bonus by earning 5 stars in Multiplayer attacks. IMO winning about 100k loot each everyday will be great! For more details about the Star Bonus, please take a look at here.


  • The Treasury will be housed in the Clan Castle and it will be the safest place which you can storage your loot. Currently attackers can take 5% of the loot from the Clan Castle. I think in the upcoming update, attackers can take just about 1-2% from the Treasury.
  • Your Clan War Loot Bonus and your Star Bonus will be automatically stored in the Treasury.

Information about for the Treasury can be read at here.

Loot Cart

  • After your village gets attacked, a certain percentage of the stolen loot will be automatically added into the Loot Cart as a small help for defenders.
  • After collecting the Loot Cart, the resources will be moved to the Treasury.
  • The stolen resources of the attacker is unchanged.

Want to read more about Loot Cart? Take a look at here.

New battle balancing tweaks

  • 2nd Air Defense at Town Hall 6.
  • 3rd Air Defense at Town Hall 7.
  • The Eagle Artillery now can deal 3x damage to the Golems and Golemites.

Fixed Bugs

  • Skeletons get stuck in Walls when chasing Hog Riders.
  • Multiple Dark Spells could be donated to the Clan Castle.
  • Upgrade time takes up to 40 days at low Town Hall levels.

I will try to update the news as soon as possible. Clash on guys!


  1. “quick let’s put some Band-Aids in place and meaningless changes to fix something we broke to begin with and then have this not work as well or break something else in the process, let’s see how many more players we can lose/piss off while we are still hot”

    • And why not? Goodness, everyone can’t see it when it’s right in front of their eyes. Just because Barch doesn’t work and collector raids doesn’t mean that nothing works! Read Cocland, HoGiBarch and Super Queen HogBarch can get loot from most bases EASILY.

      • My actual main issue with the update is I was a brand new th10 at the time of the upgrade. Not only did I have to adjust how I gain and maintain loot but at the same time tolerate getting housed by maxed th10s as well as th11s. This still something that needs addressing as upgrading to a new th post update has become insanely difficult. That and the bottom line is that if you completely overhaul and change how people play the game, you can’t act surprised when a bunch of people don’t like it. I don’t. Half my clan doesn’t. And some have been significantly less active then before making clan wars less fun.

        • If you’re a maxed out Town Hall 9 that just upgraded to Town Hall 10, even if you get 3 starred every time, you can still raid any Town Hall 9 and bully them and get all there loot and actually still gain loot.

          • Hasn’t worked like that so far for me. .. I’m trying to remain hopeful, I still love clan wars, I’m just frustrated cuz for the first time in a long time I have idle builders (often) and my lab is idle too occasionally. Never used to be like that. Plus like I said I got friends that are leaving the game…. And that was a huge part of what made it fun for me.

          • I’m only Town Hall 8 and I have idle builders all the time, same with my lab, but it seems like whenever I actually want to upgrade something my lab is already upgrading something xD. I recommend using HoGiBarch, it would probably do you good.

        • I feel for you man. That is a big problem and I have experienced it. After the update going from TH 8 to 9 and from 9 to 10 is no treat. Even if you are almost a max 8or 9 it isn’t fun. The problem is you are forced to attack players that are now very tough for you with an army that is subpar for your TH level in addition to defending with a very vulnerable base that most likely has many defenses OOC due to upgrades. This results in a perfect storm where you get hit on both attack and defense simultaneously. Prior to the TH 11 fiasco you could choose to snipe and save yourself, but that option is gone now, so you are thrown to the wolves so to speak. There is no fix to this situation. You will have to get really good at picking the right base to attack and hope you keep your head above water until you are strong enough to defend and attack effectively. Because of this many drop trophies in hopes of catching a break. I think that is a losing strategy as you now have no league bonus to speak of and there are still wolves stalking the lower leagues looking to pick at your bones as you retreat. It isn’t fun!

        • i feel you but as brand new th9 at update time. maybe i have several tips that may help you feel better.

          1. remember, you are playing a game. if its give you a burden its not called gaming anymore. just relax buddy, forget about fast progress, forget about obligation of making builders and lab busy. just enjoy the game.

          2. if u care about your loot, reduce your trophy, i suggest to stay in gold 3. the reason is, in silver league and below there are a lot competition, there is a lot of hardcore farmers and casual farmers staying there, i believe, there are a lot of maxed th10 or early th11 who farm like crazy there, they competing to get dead bases there. and the same goes above it, from crystal above. thats why i think staying in gold 3 (around 1300-1500 trophy is base trophy to stay for now) i think there are a lot of casual players and weak players on your lvl wandering there. so u will have easy prey, and majority of your attackers is not a scary one.

          3. Forget about farming, just polish your attacking skill. and to train ourself, we must have a target. its better if we choose the hardest one, dark elixir. aim for th9 or weak th10 at first, as the time going, you will challenge yourself with the hard one, and in the end, you will find yourself as a better player. for your information, im only had th8 troops when attacking maxed th9 and its without a hero too because it always been upgraded, but my succes percentage is really high, above 80% i believe. i think you will not have a problem bullying th9

          4. manage your time, usually u will have about 1 – 2 hours more or less to prepare your troops. when u feels like your army is ready, spend 5 minutes to attack and train troops. if you attack 10 times / day, you only played for 50 minutes only in total. imagine if you could get 2k dark on each attack? thats mean you get 20k dark just playing for 50 minutes. now if you have 2 maxed drill. your income that day is almost 25k dark or 175k dark in a week. you could upgrade queen continously to lvl 35 just playing that way.

          did u get my point there? we don’t have to be hardcore farmers for always upgrading our heroes

          how about the other resource? this is the bonus one. usually, dark storage placed in the middle, so in our way to that, we may destroy some of other storage, if you could get 100k gold in every attack, in 10 attack you will have 1M gold, + from mine. approximately, you will have maxed gold storage every week, enough to upgrade anything you want.

          what if us being attacked and loss our loots? trust me, they are not the problem. i don’t know about you, but im on early th9, with mostly th8 def, and bad walls, my new tower like wizardtow and airdef still only lvl 1. but, im only lose about 5k dark in the last 6 days. and now my 5 builders and lab is always busy and i still have 5M gold left.

          my point is, if you are playing constantly, you may always save up and have enough loot to upgrade. and for me it’s very funny, i never meant to farm, but i always have enough loot to make my builders busy.

          5. “Have fun !!!”

        • Just a question… y does everyone think it’s so hard to upgrade th? Make sure u r like 70-80% loot u need, then take an hr raiding session. I think this game has become more of a game for hardcore players, though. I guess we all just have to up our game a bit more, and try new raiding strategies.

          —Let us all turn our villages into kingdoms!

    • It’s not like you are paying a monthly subscription to SC. If you want to spend money on the game, that’s your decision. I’m sure people will come and go, but COC is still going strong, and it keeps me entertained. 🙂

  2. I’m not sure the best way is to add more and more new systems, tricks… to correct the “loot problem” they create. I think the best way could be first to really increase and give the entire league bonus when you win 1 star as before. So we could use cheap and fast strategy (we can find on this excellent website) and it will be very usefull to try to be in the hightest league and don’t play to find only deadbase…

  3. Well atleast they after trying.

    Who knew that the December update would cause such an uproar? Even supercell couldn’t predict this.
    Now while they are trying to fix it there are people complaining about the th sniping.
    Th sniping is for players who don’t even know the meaning of clash. Th sniping is just cowardly ,
    please adapt .
    the other changes are acceptable and the addition of these new changes in the next update will make the game more interesting IMO.

    • I agree with you Dragon. I really don’t have any complaints about loot, now that I’m seeing more dead bases – if I can raid over 400K each time, great. If not, then I’m going for DE and upgrading heroes. I’m pretty happy as almost maxed th9.

  4. If training times were lower I think would improve loot situation,,, it’s not that there’s no loot,,, it’s just not as easy to get as before,,, we’re all having to train heavier armies which takes more time,,, which in turn means we’re getting less attacks in per session,,, coupled with personal break bull? there’s less loot gained from raiding between shields.. it’s obvious Supercellout wants the game to be more focused on raiding not spamming gobs on full mines, drill and collectors… I think reduced train times would increase raids which if done right will mean more loot…

    This is just one of many things I hope will be looked at into the future

    Cheers ?

    • I agree about the cook times; however, I highly doubt $uper €ell will do anything about the cook times. It is particularly of their fundamental strategy for monetization. You get fed up with the times and use gems to boost and they get paid. That is what they really want.

      • Yeah I totally agree,,, still sucks though,,, they really are cashing in,,, lol,,, they’ve even extended the gem boost,, I think they were all drug dealers before starting these games,, discount prices to get you hooked,,, lol all my clan mates are complaining that they’re out of gems,,, I’m down to mid 100’s myself and seems like they’re spawning less trees and stuff lately too,,, can’t remember my last gem box…

        Still a great game but,,, it’s way more of a chore lately,,, I’ve maxed my th 9 defenses buildings going to focus on heros and walls now,,, but I’m not sure how I’ll be able to progress as a TH 10 at this point,,, I was lucky I had basically all my elixir upgrades done before update,,, elixir is tough to collect when you need to spend soon much on troops and spells just to raid everyday…

        $uper €ell ??? nice one by the way

        Cheers ?

        • agreed ! i really think there should be full league bonus for every win , since
          there are no more snipes , at least in high leagues . and often its
          nearly impossible to recover troop cost . iam a th8 in champions and i
          cant dare to use full dragon attack these days . their ” Dramatic ” 10%
          league bonus increment just isnt good enough !

  5. While I can’t snipe, can’t attack with barch or bam over and over again, can’t progress as quickly (I’m th9 and it really has slowed down) I’m still enjoying this game. My raiding has become less frequent but more interesting. Base design matters much more. The game is still great even if I keep getting knocked over by th10 armies. Enjoy coc. 🙂

  6. Honestly, these changes didn’t affect me that much. Yeah, moving dead bases was frustrating. Preparation day reduced to 23 hr totally threw off my attacking schedule. But the pros to the winter update were pleasing. These seam pretty good too. That new troop- can’t wait. We just all have to hold on, I no I will. I’ll still be clash once they release th76, and that’s all I’ll say 😉

  7. Why many people enjoy … when they attack dead base or just snipe TH for loot bonus ?

    i m a TH9 player and very happy about the latest update because i can play this game in the way it should be.

    i can farming with my strongest army composition (Go-Ho) and that practice make me better in clan war.

    Trophy pushing is very easy (so u should go to Champion League with a huge loot bonus) , new Shield System is Great because u can attack 3-4 times before someone attacked your base.

    before this update , it’s not fun to push NEXT button around 10-15 minutes to find a dead base or looking for the base that put TH outside.

  8. Guys, I have no issue with the fact that strategically you want players to all out attack for stars, trophies. My biggest concern is spell cooking times and cost, this needs to be addressed and should be at least halved. 1 hour 40mins wait time for 2 rage and 2 heal spells (cost 114000 elixir) is ridiculus. Especially when upgrades become expensive around th10 level.

  9. I don’t think ,we will get this much dead base after 1 gem collector boost gone, and yeah .. I used eariler hogibarch.. Before even know it. I pushed to master with it with lvl 4 giant and lvl 2 hog and heal.. Its really helps… If ur troops is powerfull,use it like goho .here golem is giant.

  10. added AD at TH 7 basically made my friends thrown off for clan wars. we should try another troops recipe beside only dragons for wars and made us to rethink for which ID to became a lockdown for lower tier to not get a mismatched id

  11. I like it,,, my star bonus for Champions League 3 is 300 000 gold and elixir 1500 dark,,, basically a free raid everyday,,, then add in that loot cart reduces losses from defenses by 20% and it’s hidden in the new treasury,,, not sure how safe it is in there? Is it 1-2% or completely safe?

    Since new th 11 update,, loots been tougher to get,,, but with abandoned bases back for lower leagues, today’s update to help reduce lost loot,,, gain free loot,,, and a better place to save it,, things looking up… now they just need to revert back to getting full league bonus for winning a raid,,, % based is horrible.

    Cheers ?

  12. Hey Will, you think there will be a change of weight for the AD in clan wars? Wouldnt th7 get matched with th8 because of the 3rd AD? Will this also affect higher TH in terms of weight? I was thinking maybe the weight of AD has been decreased. This will be useful info for th 8.5

  13. I like it,, I get get 300 000 g and e 1500 dark in Champions League 3,, basically a free raid per day,,

    Nice update,,, get free loot with star bonus,,, reduce lost loot from both loot cart and now having loot stored in new treasury,, nothing wrong with it,, very welcome help since the TH 11 updates loot situation.. returning the abandoned bases has really helped clamates in the lower leagues now this helps us out in higher leagues,,,

    Now if they’d revert back to gaining full league bonus for winning a raid,, every thing would be looking up,,, the % based league bonus is junk…

    Has anyone confirmed how much treasury can be raided for,,, is it completely safe or do we lose a % if cc is destroyed?

    Cheers ?

  14. Ok, I have a bit of a controversial opinion about the eagle artillery buff and the witch nerf. Most people are thinking that these are tweeks that mostly have to do with TH 11 attack and defense balancing. I totally disagree and I will explain why. On which players will the EA buff and the witch nerf have the biggest Impact? Guess what, it isn’t TH 11. The biggest impact is felt by TH 9 & 10 players. Think about it, which players were really relying on their hard earned high level golems to give them a decent chance against a TH 11? It is the 9 & 10 players. The 9 & 10 players have no G.W. To constantly buff their higher level troops, so the fact that every time they face a TH 11 with an EA, that special defense destroys their one hope in the fight. That is really a rude move on the part of $uper €ell. Additionally, when they nerfed the witches they nerfed EVERYBODIES witches which meant that the slight chance the TH 9 & 10 players had against TH 11 bases using their level two witches and the two level three witches they could take in their CC for people in level 5+ clans was also shit on by $€. What they are doing is insulating the TH 11 crowd from the 9 & 10 TH players that want a chance at a decent attack against the highest town hall type. Come on, why don’t they just put up a sign on TH 11 bases that says “TH 9 & 10 players F off.” From what I noticed there were a whole bunch of youtubers and other people that paid big buck for all of the TH 11 stuff that started to whine that their new toy wasn’t OP enough, so $€ gave them what they wanted, to hell with the TH 9 & 10 players. That my friends is a shitty trend and total bullshit in my opinion. Why is it that high level golem have not been considered op for years and suddenly they are? Something stinks! Grrrr!!! ?

    • I totally agree. . Now TH 9s and 10s are TH11 bitches. This is not balancing it is unbalancing. I suggest there should be no revenge button if we get attacked by TH11 because it’s useless now.
      Bravo supercell once again.. you guys kept the tradition of being stupid alive.

      • Wow, I just saw the results of this buffing of the EA. My clan is in a war, and we are facing a clan that has one TH 11 at the very top. Our top guy is a TH 10. He used a very powerful attack and I just saw it get melted by the new eagle artillery. That thing is seriously OP now! The shitty thing is that is how $uper €ell wants it. So, if you end up in a war and they happen to have a TH 11 dude and y’all don’t, then I would focus your attacks on the other players as a matter of strategy. This absolutely sucks. ?

  15. I just thought of a pretty cool idea. I often find inactive bases with the townhall outside, so I could just snipe those, counting toward the daily star bonus. May take a while to find them, but that’s easy loot! Plus, the 50 k each at bronze is serously helping my th4 account! Lab and air defense right away! This update is great!

  16. “Sometimes takes 40 days to upgrade things at low levels”, yeah I noticed this on my Town Hall 5 mini-account. Suddenly my collectors took around 26 days to upgrade each and it never went down… Eventually I just canceled them and restarted the upgrade and it worked.

  17. I think something is wrong with the guard settings, or at least there has been a change. If just attacked which wiped out my shield. Pre-update, I would then get a 30 min guard. Well, I just got raided 14 minutes after my attack. I didn’t check for guard before I locked my phone. Anyone else have this happen. It’s not listed in the change notes.

  18. Anyone else having issues with shields and guard? Just had a maintenance break,, but guard is not giving me an hour after breaking my shield,,, I also got attacked this morning before my shield and guard were supposed to end,,, I assume it was from not getting the hour guard which I was getting at champions league 3… I thought maintenance break would fix these issue but I guess not,,,

    Cheers ?

    • Yes! I had a 12 hour shield. 2 hours and 33mins in, I attacked. I should have been dinged 3 hours, leaving me with about 6 1/2 hours of shield. But, after my attack I had about 1 hour left! I haven’t checked the guard situation since the update this morning. I’ve also noticed the Daily Star bonus is gone. So, they are having problems to say the least…

      • Yeah something is up,,, before maintenance it was great taking advantage of the new shield and guard system,,, basically without boosting if you gave up a shield,,, you could then get 4 raids in with decently trained armies while not staying online between raids and avoid being raided yourself,,, then you’d get a guard for an hour here in Champions which depending on troops and spells would allow at least another 2 raids while staying offline between raids…. so basically you’d get at least 6 unboosted raids in after a shield while still having a life and not stuck with clash open on your screen to avoid getting raided… a few of my clan mates are having the same issue as you,,, losing more shield times then the regular 3 4 5 deductions,,, and like me not getting any guard time after shield or after a defense..

        Obviously losing shield time more than the 3 4 5 deduction is a glitch,,, I hope that is also the case with the guard after a shield,,, and defense.

        Cheers ?

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