New Clash of Clans Update: Dragon level 5 – July 1st 2015

Hey guys! I am very happy to bring to you this awesome good news: We are going to have a new Clash of Clans update next couples of days with plenty of new stunning features.

I will keep this page update every hour so bookmark this page and we will explore this superb update!

Dragon Level 5 at the new update

Clash of Clans Update with Dragon level 5 and new Spells

The main features of this update

  • New Dark Spell Factory with 3 new spells: Poison, Earth Quake and Haste. poison spell earthquake spell haste spell
    New Spell Factory
  • Dragon level 5 is available at Town Hall 10 because Dragon level 4 is quite weak at TH10. Town Hall 9 players now can unlock Dragon level 4.
  • Another Air Sweeper will be available at Town Hall 9.
  • Two new main league: Titan league (4100 – 5000 trophies) and Legend league (>5000 trophies).
  • New AI improvements.

New Clash of Clans Leagues in the June 2015 Update

Game Balancing Changes:

  • Spell training times have been reduced.
    Lightning Spell and Healing Spell now just take 20 minutes for brewing.
    Rage, Jump and Freeze Spell now just take 30 minutes for brewing.
  • Now you can put your Spells in queue when your Spell Storage is full. This helps farming faster a lot.
  • Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir Storages are now immune to all Spells in game.
  • Clan Tournaments last for 1 month instead of 2 weeks with more bonus Gems.
  • Adjusted Barbarian, Archer, P.E.K.KA and Dragon training cost at some levels.
  • Increased HP of couples of buildings.
  • Inferno Tower in Single-Target mode charges to full power a bit faster
New building HP changes
Name/Level Old HP New HP
Army Camp
7 370 400
8 390 500
Town Hall
7 3,200 3,300
8 3,700 3,900
9 4,200 4,600
10 5,000 5,500
Elixir Collector & Gold Mine
10 760 780
11 800 860
12 840 960
Elixir & Gold Storage
11 2,000 2,100
5 410 420
6 450 470
7 490 520
8 530 600
9 570 720
10 610 860
7 800 830
8 850 950
7 720 730
8 770 800
9 830 880
10 890 960
11 970 1,060
12 1,070 1,160
13 1,170 1,260
Archer Tower
7 620 630
8 660 690
9 705 750
10 750 810
11 805 890
12 870 970
13 935 1,050
Wizard Tower
4 710 730
5 750 790
6 790 850
7 840 930
8 900 1,010
Spell Factory
3 515 520
4 565 600
5 615 720
Dark Elixir Drill
5 1,040 1,060
6 1,100 1,160
Dark Elixir Barracks
2 540 550
3 580 600
4 620 700
5 660 800
6 700 900
New training costs
Troop/Level Old cost New cost
1 30,000 28,000
2 35,000 32,000
3 40,000 36,000
4 45,000 40,000
5 50,000 45,000
2 30,000 29,000
3 36,000 33,000
4 42,000 37,000
5 n/a 42,000
4 80 100
5 100 150
6 150 200
7 200 250
4 160 200
5 200 300
6 300 400
7 400 500

Spells and Storages

Some new AI improvements

  • Barbarian King, Archer Queen and all other troops don’t attack unnecessary Walls.
  • Troops won’t attack the walls anymore If the target behind those walls is destroyed.
  • Wall Breakers are now smarter, they don’t break unnecessary walls anymore.
  • Fixed Heroes get stuck problem.

New Interface improvements

  1. There will be new interface for the Barracks and Spell Factory:
    New Barrack Interface
  2. New troop/spell menu in the battle:
    New troop menu in the battle
  3. New training army button above the Attack! button, you don’t have to find your Barracks on the screen anymore.
    New Army Button above the Attack button
  4. Plenty of new possible objects for Town Hall 10 (see the Build button in the video). I bet they are 10 walls + 1 Dark Spell Factory + 1 new Air Sweeper!
  5. The text “Create” above Spell Factory when it is not full will be changed to “Brew”.
  6. Updating…

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  1. Wow thats going to be amazing. Last year i sent a support message to supercell talking about a better way to train troops and to automatically divide them in your barracks i think they listen =D

  2. Damn…that air sweeper is the noob invention of coc and they are increasing it by one…Because of this noob invention im forced to do gowihog instead of golaloon or simpla lavaloon.Poor InveNtion COCSTAFF.

  3. 1 small question πŸ™‚ …

    I presume they are going to raise the storage capacity too? Seeing as max elixer storage is 8M and lvl4 drags already cost 8M, so how are lvl5 drags gonna be upgraded/purchased? … i can only presume with dark elixer?

    This update does sound pretty cool tho, the addition of another sweeper isn’t so great for fans of golaloon or lavaloon tho. The air units are already ridiculously weak compared to the max archer towers and air defenses dps. I hope they adjust that accordingly too πŸ™‚

  4. So are we expecting at the start or end of june 30th? I’m guessing the end if they want the new leagues to last 1 month. Which would make me wonder, will they abruptly end the current season to start the new month long season?

  5. Is COC staff members are out of mind? This is way to creepy to play this game now. Really? 2 Air sweepers? Most of em will leave this game cuz of this 2nd AS. How can they lavaloon? That’s the only way to gain trophies or loot. 2 sides of AS is unbeatable. Game is f***** up Now!

  6. Ok so I downloaded the app at 03:00 this morning because I was awake. Don’t ask why. Everything was fine. The game started up after the update downloaded. I started building my dark spell factory, 2nd air sweeper, and was discussing in the chat about everything that was added. Closed the app and went to bed. Just woke up. Tried to open the app and it is stuck about 1/4 of the way on the loading screen. “I’m sooo freakn pissed” – White chicks. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. How are you going to tease me like that supercell? NOT COOL.

  7. Hey Will! I am soon reaching TH 9 (5 days), do you think its worth instandly going for dragons lvl 4? Do you think they will rock in clanwar? I am not quite sure about that because until now im going for gowipe and i have golems on 2 already.
    Kind Regards

    • I think GoWiPe/GoWiVa is the best choice for you because:
      1. You have Golem 2.
      2. You need to upgrade Barbarian and Archer for farmin.
      3. Air attacks are not good by this time because of the new 2nd Air Sweeper!

      • Hey Will! πŸ™‚

        Thanks alot. Ya i did even chose not to go for Dragons 3. My drags are on lvl 2 so im quite happy you say its not worth it. Will continue on upgrading my gowipe/gowivi. I dont really need barbs and archers i think (i will upgrade them as soon as i cant upgrade anything usefull for cw) because im farming with champion farming strategy and my storages are full 24/7 and i cant upgrade any walls…

        Thanks for your advice.

        Kind Regards

  8. Anyone else finding it harder to farm now?! I’m at early TH8, and BARCH is my most used farming composition. The update increased Barb and Arch costs (why?!) and increased hit points on defensive buildings. Are they trying to get us to farm with “Clan-war” army compositions?

  9. I find that troops are still targeting walls (including the AQ) when there are other far more sensible things to target. As but one example I’ve seen since the update, my AQ standing next to an xbow firing on her while she shoots a wall piece to the side of the xbow shooting her. I’m not so sure the update was all that great. I think there’s still plenty to do on troop AI. I had it down well enough before the update to make masters on my second account and champ on my main account. Now I seem to be losing over and over again and I’m using golem armies…

  10. Ive watched my lvl 5 dragonin open play get smoked by a lvl 4 dragon. No distractions pulled to the corner in a cw. Lvl 4 dragon beat the lvl 5. How is this an upgrade? It should not even be a close contest.

  11. Pekkas avoid center of map with a football field sized opening to them and other primary targets with everything behind them cleared.watching this one star attack occur in a TH 9 with 5 pekkas, two golems, and wizards and archers, with 3 maxed rages and 4 earthquakes. 75 percent ex a compact light purple wall village and destroyed his walls all the way to the TH and they still act as if they were alert and oriented times zero. Come on now….

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