Inactive (Dead) Bases Are Back!

Hi my friends! Do you it very hard to find inactive bases in Clash of Clans these days? Don’t worry then, they are all back to the game now!

inactive base clash of clans

As we all know, after the December update, inactive villages (which hadn’t need logged in for about 24 hours) were totally removed from the matchmaking system in Clash of Clans.
But today, Marika from Supercell has confirmed that “the disappearance of inactive bases is because of a bug, and now that bug has been fixed“.


After reading this this morning, I opened the game and started 1-hour raiding season with the Milking farming strategy.

Here is my attack logs (pay attention to the number of used Goblins and stolen loot):

inactive bases in Clash of Clans

Yes, inactive bases are back! I can easily find a sweet inactive base every 3-4 minutes in Silver leagues. I found dozens of dead bases with 800k loot but sadly all the Collectors and Mines were inside the base, I just couldn’t attack them with only Goblins and only targeted bases with Collectors outside.

This is another attack log from yuriypinchuk (1,8m loot in just 12 minutes with Barch):


Due to the Town Hall change, seems like most inactive bases are getting pushed to Silver I and Gold III.

So don’t worry, be happy guys! Farming now is much easier than first few weeks after the update, especially we are having the 1-Gem Boost event! Also, If you are a new player and finding it hard to identify inactive bases in game, take a look at this small guide!


  1. Awesome! Btw are articles in cocland mostly written by ESL authors? They’re informative and all but sometimes the dodgy grammar makes them a little hard to understand. Let me know if y’all are interested in an editor!

        • Cool. Not sure about the lv6 hogs though.
          Troops: 3 golems, 4 pekkas, 12 wizards, 1 minion (crucial)
          Spells: 2 jump, 2 rage
          Clan Castle: 25 goblins. (Trust me)

          Start with placing your minion on the east side, on the top elixir collector. Then on the northwest side, place two golems, and 6 wizards, the whole lot at the tip elixir collector, and one more at the north army camp. Place your pekkas right away, the path is already created for you, and the wizards r just for the backup attack/clan castle defeating. Save the rest of your troops for a little later.

          First, the minion should’ve taken out all the collectors where u initially dropped it.

          Once your pekkas reach the top gold storage, drop your last golem near the place u dropped your minion. !!!Make sure it goes for the archer tower/wizard tower!!! Once the cannon is locked on your golem, drop your clan castle so it goes for the DE storage. The bottom archer tower may target the goblins, but those 30 high lv goblins should rip through the DE storage. If this is done correctly, u should’ve taken out the DE storage, saving your pekkas from going astray.

          Sorry to end so early, I will try to post the rest later, and I was debating for a while what I strategy u should use. I will edit this saying how to finish this base later, at least 2 xtar, hopefully 3 star!

          • I really dont know how to thank you for your nice and detailed strategy it was my first time seeing a base like this and i really didnt know what to do
            im think of explaning this stategy to our number 1 TH10 (im number 2) since he has better troops and higher chance of 3 staring it (he justgo and unlocky 48% 1 star from their 1 🙂
            Who know it might b the key to win the war 🙂

          • Ah man, sorry I didn’t finish the description in time. But yeah, it took a while to put in such detail. I hope that smidget of advice helps you, though.

            I once tried to tell one of my clan members a really detailed attack, that should garantee 3 star (all lv3 drag on a rushed th9). He didn’t have a clue what I was talking about.

            Also, please tell me how the goblin minion part worked out, if u used it. Would like to know if I was right!

    • Since you are TH5 u should have 3X45 = 135 troops available
      and u only lvl 1 spell factory which means no healing spell to keep the hogs alive,Get 10-15 giants 1 wall breaker 10 goblin (good and fast cleaners) – rest archers – also get max hog in your clan castle
      for the start , pull clan castle troops out with few archers,u can bring them to the edges and group them easily by using 1 archer on one of the buildings on the edge
      then use your lightening spell and some of your archer to take care of them
      after that start your main attack from the north-west side, where the wall is weak
      (first send 1 giant to check for spring traps) send the rest of your giants and wallbreaker after a few seconds
      wait for a while and when the defenses are busy dealing with your giants deploy your clan caslte troops – all defensive buildings will be taken care of in less than 30 sec
      then deploy your archers and goblins all around the base for cleaning …

      Hope it helps 🙂

      P.S : Dont forget about the 4 building on the edge the can b every dangrous at times, it is normally suggested to put 4 archers on them at the start of the attack so they wont be forgotten

  2. i think in the new future updates, the online matchmaking system should be updated, it should be based on TH level and ‘weight’ of the base, especially defenses-offenses-and maybe walls, TROPHIES DONT COUNT, just like war matching, this way people wont intentionally drop trophy to get to lower league just to get dead bases, to find rushed bases, or to be less attacked, on the other hand, with this new system, people in the higher league can also find dead/rushed bases in the lower leagues, consider it as bonus for the higher league players to once or twice find such bases, i believe it will be beneficial for user who work their ass off to get in high leagues and will generally effect the game in a positive way.

  3. im new th9. its difficult for me to find dead bases at low trophy anymore. it takes me 30 nexting and sometimes farming 1 day without even getting 1 million ( no kidding lol ). i thought the best for me is 1600-700 where there have some dead bases. currently i try to get to at least master league to get dark elixir more.

  4. Hi
    Im TH9 and in Gold3 league. I have a hard time finding inactive bases again after the last maintenance of coc 4 or 5 days ago. My clan members have the same issue. Does anyone have the same problem?. Or is it just my trophy count?

  5. I’m in gold 2 and from the U.S. I haven’t been finding any dead bases. Are thete still dead bases because i havent been able to find any recently. All of the bases with loot around 200-300k are barely inactive for maybe a couple days. Is there good loot in silver 1, or should I keep pushing to gold 1 or higher? Which trophy level has the most inactive bases? By good loot I’m talking about 500/600k+ loot…..

  6. Hey will this strategy is good but many trophies will be minus pushing us down then what to do. I m in gold league 2 now . What to do? Shall I go down to silver one. If yes then what the the trophy that would be minus pushing to silver 2 or even 3

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