How is your Clash of Clans day?

Hello my Clash of Clans friends!

Today, we let’s talk about our Clash of Clans day: When and where do you play Clash of Clans everyday? How is your life affected by this game?

Girl playing Clash of Clans

I will choose a player who have the most awesome story about his/her life and Clash of Clans and give a small gift (10$ iTunes/Google Play Gift card) to that player. So don’t hesitate, tell us your story!

This is my timetable in day. Although I can’t do an attack with just about 5 minutes but I always try to open game whenever I have time to see what is happening and donate troops for my Clanmates :D. I just can only play Clash of Clans after work and at the lunch break time…

  • 6 AM: Wake up, open Clash of Clans at first to collect all collectors in game to make sure no one can touch them when my shield is gone.
  • 7 AM: I have 15-20 minutes to play game while traveling to my office by train. The shields is also over at this time so I just want to do a raid before having shield again.
  • 12 PM – 1 PM: Having lunch with my partners and playing Clash of Clans all this time.
  • 5 PM: At home after work, play Clash of Clans for a while before running with my friend in the park.
  • 8 PM: Spend at least 2 hours playing game and watching TV when my troops are being trained.

And how about you? Tell us about your Clash of Clans timetable :D.


  1. coc day is involved into three parts:
    1.i wake up at 9 usually and play for 15 minutes and donate some troops.
    2.i don’t go to work so I am free to play from 1 p.m to 3 p.m.
    3.i watch TV for two hours and then go and walk around a park, then after I come back I play for two hours (usually from 8 p.m to 10 p.m) and attack and clash on!
    So that’s it! Thanks for reading guys and clash on.
    Oh by the way, if you want ME to be that lucky winner, please email me the GOOGLE PLAY gift card code. My email: [email protected]

  2. 7 AM: Wake up, open Clash of Clans at first to collect all collectors in game to make sure no one can touch them when my shield is gone.
    8 AM – 9 AM: Time for raid and push my trophy to champions-almost everyday I tried but my trophy never passing master lol.
    2 PM: At home after school, play Clash of Clans for a while before take a bath and have a lunch.
    9 PM: Spend at least 1 hour playing game to get enough loot for upgrading later and watching TV.
    11 PM – 7 AM: Sleep and dream about Clash of Clans.

  3. 1- I wake up at 8 or 9 open clash of clans and collect all collectors and donate some troops and make a new army
    2- after that I take a bath and again I open it
    3- from 12-3 I study
    4- 3-4 take a lunch and play clash of clans
    5- 4am -8am I just spend it to play this game lol
    6 8am – 12am out with friends
    7 – from 12.30 to 1.30 or 2.00 play it again
    after that I sleep and thinking about what I should do tomorrow

  4. 7 AM: Wake up, open Clash of Clans at first to collect all collectors and upgrade some things cause I’m always trying to upgrade my defenses to max level of my TH.
    8:10 AM: I am going to school and playing Clash of Clans. Sometimes my teacher takes my phone to stop playing cause I don’t listen to classes.
    3 : At home after school, I’m playing Clash of Clans and do some raids.
    5 PM: I’m done my homework, so I’m playing until I go to bed. Donating troops, raiding, etc.
    11 PM: It’s time to go bed! So, I put my TH outside, so if anyone will attack me and only destroy TH I can get free shield overnight!

  5. 6:30 am – I wake up and collect my collectors, mines and drills. If I have a shield that will continue untile 2 pm I will keep it but if I don’t I will break the shield and so some raids. I end this session at 7 am to go to school.
    2 pm – I play clash: collect, raid and do anything until 4 pm while having lunch and watching TV. I sleep at 4 pm.
    I wake up at 6 pm do less than 30 minutes of Clash and study and everything.
    11 pm to 1 am I regularly do a boost and keep raiding and when the boost is over I go to sleep.

  6. Wake up ~6:30 collect everything from collectors
    Shield ~30min left break it do 1 raid before getting ready
    8am-12 start study every 30 min take a 5min break to do 1 raid and start training
    5pm start cooking, will raid while everything simmering
    9pm if no shield is up will raid until going to bed

  7. 12AM – lose whatever remaining shield I may have via raids
    6AM – I get up for work and collect my loot from collectors
    7AM – daily morning poop at work where I attack before I get attacked
    10AM – order breakfast at work and play clash while i get usually raiding and upgrading
    12PM – lunch time
    7PM – get home from work and play destiny while troops are being made
    10PM – throw on some anime and play more clash
    12AM – repeat

  8. I change mine.
    Wake up: Play for 20 min. Go to school.
    At lunch: Kick ass at war and friends are amazed (hehe)
    Come back home watch a few vids to learn more bout game.
    Eat dinner.
    Play for two hours (or more) and chat with clan ate and use second war attack. Rage for 10 min if I fail. (As always with second attack)
    Go to bed.

  9. Well My Day Is Like This –
    ?I have set an alarm at about 5.00 Am Specially for coc and attacks 2 -3 Time
    ?Between the troops train time I Browse to your Blog Cocland And See is there any new guide or not
    ?And Sleep again After Doing The Raids
    ?woke Up at 7 Am Nd With an of coffee I browse to my coc watching war attacks and char with Clan Members
    ? When I was ready to go to work I usually go to my workplace via bus and I have Time to for raids
    ? Whenever I have a little time at work I open coc and chech base
    ?Lunch at about 1Pm
    ?After getting back to home I go to my friend and we both talk about coc like what I upgraded what he upgrade ,who is the best player , who did good in war ,And compete with each other cause we started playing game on same day and we are not in same clan so..
    ?get back to home
    ?Before sleeping I do 2-3 raids and Sleep
    ?When I accidentaly woke in midnight or early morning I browse to my coc
    ✅Thats All
    ✅Yw I Know I am a completely lol And coc freak too

      • There is Story behind it It buddy
        The story is that when me and my freiands were watching the Fifa world cup In India it start at 12 Am Midnight we all woke up whole night And at About @4.00 Am I do some raids and I can’t believe I saw my first 500K Loot And do it everynight at about 4 Am I continually Getting a damn High Loog So at that like loot is pretty easy so …..

          • And more thing
            Once I ask my girlfriend that she will like to have a cup of codfee with me and she said okay
            At the cafe i opened coc cause at time war WS about to end I have a one attacked and I decided to attack at that time and she became angery cause I didn’t talked with her and

            She decided to breaks up and

            But I impressesd after few days with romantic way

            And I installed coc in his device
            From that days she understand.
            My concern and she is became a coc freak ..
            Now at every date we play coc at dating time

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