Heroes always max out first at TH10

Today we will read about a fun fact in Clash of Clans: Heroes (Barbarian King + Archer Queen) always max out before buildings at Town Hall 10, even when you don’t have Heroes at starting. Thank Sservis for giving us this fun fact!

Heroes level 40 at Town Hall 10


After the first month at Town Hall 10:

  • You haveĀ 999999999999999 Dark Elixir.
  • You have 0 Gem.
  • You maxed out everything at TH9.
  • You don’t have Heroes.
  • Your 5th builder has 60% free time for Walls. He is used to upgrade a building when another one will be free within a day.


  • You need 705,6 days to upgrade all TH10 buildings (except Heroes) to maximum level.
  • You need 227,5 days to upgrade your Heroes from level 0 to level 40 (assume that you have 999999999999999 Dark Elixir)

Let’s do some maths:

  • You have 4,4 builders for projects in first 34 TH10 days = Laboratory + Archer + 1/2 Barch/Giant. Your builders will need 149.6 days to finish all these works.
  • There are still 705.6 – 149.6 = 556 days before maxing out everything except Heroes.
  • Use 2 builders to upgrade Heroes all the time = 227.5 days, you will have 2,4 builders to work on all TH10 buildings.
  • After finishing your Heroes, you still need to wait ~231.7 days until everything maxes out.


You will always max out your Heroes before all buildings at Town Hall 10.


  1. Just getting up to TH9 tomorrow, got my barb king to level 10 and cannot wait to get the queen. Might just get em both to level 15 and leave em at that until TH10. Dreading these walls, most off-putting part of the game for me now

    • The walls always make me scared. My walls are all Lego now, It take year to upgrade them all to the next level (I am a lazy farmer). I think I will upgrade them after finishing all my defensive buildings LOL.

      • I ended up just trying to do 5 a day to get em to level 8. Eventually got through it, still dont know why they havent implemented a multiple upgrade discount. 5 walls for the price of 3 or something like that. In a previous patch you could use elixir to upgrade them below TH9 and that was great, it got ruined and became mind-numbing now

        • Your discount idea is very nice.
          About the upgrading with Elixir, I think Supercell had a certain reason to disable it. I found it very hard to find Elixir before because we all spend free Elixir on walls, there wasn’t a place to find Elixir easily.

          • I’m farming around in Bronze and all I can find is elixir. Tried the sub200 but I got there and just didnt seem worth it. Trophy hunters shot me straight back to bronze and I’ve stayed since, regularly finding bases with 500k plus of everthing and 2k DE is pretty common aswell. I was sitting in the last few months of TH8 with full elixir, uncomplete walls and gold still being needed for upgrades but dropping down I found it really easy to even just snipe large amounts

          • Very nice, when I was at Town Hall 8, I found Gold III was the best. Now, almost players are at Silver lol.

  2. Hi will , I will be a maxed th9 with all lavas in about a month. So every thing will be maxed except for the heroes, they are currently 15/15. Assuming after that month will be 19/19. Here is the question, Should I wait another 2-3 months just to upgrade those heroes or move to th10.

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