Why Healers Must NOT Be Nerfed!

Hey guys, today I want to talk about an important topic. Recently, as many of you guys may be aware of, the upcoming Clash of Clans update had been leaked. If you are not aware of this, then you can click here to view the spoilers. Now, what I want to talk about today is one of the leaked information we had received. And that is the nerf to Healers, which may not only make Healers an useless troop but also put an end to the Archer Queen walk or Super Queen strategies.

Healer in Clash of Clans

As someone who is very passionate about the competitive sphere of this game, it will leave me utterly disheartened if this was to happen in the next update. And the likelihood of this leaked information being true is very high, and so I want to take this time address this issue and possibly change the minds of Supercell, convince them that this strategy that we as a community created is something beautiful and is a godsend to this game.

And so, I urge everyone who is reading this to show your support, help me or better let’s all help Supercell understand. To show your support, please give the video a thumbs up if you agree with me. And also please comment below on your opinion of this. With enough support we still have time to change Supercell’s mind. It’s a blessing in disguise that this update got leaked, so let’s not waste time, let’s work together and fight for this, show Supercell the power of millions of Clash of Clans players. After all, it us who made Clash of Clans one of the best mobile app games in the world.

There are many reasons as to why I feel so strongly about this. For those who are new or have forgotten about the of the evolution of the Healer and Archer Queen, let me refresh your memory:

The Healer was once a neglected troop in the game in high level play due to its vulnerability to air traps and their healing effects being disabled by Inferno Towers. They were almost non-existent at TH10. Now the Super Queen strategy had always coexisted with the Healers, but it didn’t gain much traction until the update the made Healers invulnerable to air traps. Thus came the golden age of Super Queen farming.

Now remember, the Archer Queen had a horrible A.I., which made her more eager to target Walls than to walk around them. Although the Archer Queen’s AI is the not best AI, Supercell did a great job improving it.

With these two important changes, it made possible for one of the best strategies in the history of Clash of Clans, the Queen walk. With her excellent range to protect Healers from the range of Air Defenses and her new an improved AI allowing her walk around the walls, rather than target them, gave way to the Queen walk strategy.

This is a strategy created by us, the players. Supercell had never intended for such a strategy to happen. And from history, we know that Supercell is highly skeptical of any strategy that was not created with their intentions in mind. Use the death of Town Hall sniping as an example. Supercell openly stated that the reason for the complete removal of Town Hall sniping was simply because it was never their intention as a strategy. Now this isn’t about Town Hall sniping, so let’s get to topic.


The Queen walk is not an OP strategy. It is a strategy that requires a lot of skill to fully master, and yes there are ways to stop her. If you’re a TH8. then you’re not supposed to stop the Super Queen, your base isn’t built with the intention of stopping TH9 attackers. While if you’re a TH9 player, then the level of your defenses have to be in equivalence to the level of the Archer Queen to defend yourself against her. For example, if you want to stop a level 30 Archer Queen with Healers, you’re going to need maxed level defenses. Anything less than that is not sufficient. Does that mean Super Queen is OP? Of course, it just means that either you have a bad base or your defenses have not been fully upgraded to withstand the level of the heroes. This is a big misconception people have in the game, and is a big reason why people on the forums complain about the Super Queen on the forums. A much less skilled attack such as GoWiPe will simply allow any unskilled attacker to get your all your storages, and there’s nothing you can do about that. Yet you don’t see people complaining about GoWiPe. As a defender, you are always placed in a disadvantage. This game revolves around offense, not defense.

Now the biggest complaints with the Super Queen comes from many of the TH8 and new TH9 players, players who are either unable to defend against her or simply don’t have the experience of using the strategy on their own. If you watch many of my Queen walk attacks, you can see how easy I make the strategy look like. But it isn’t easy. Especially at TH10 and TH11, it requires a lot of skill and understanding of the strategy, the Archer Queen, and the game to pull off a successful raid with her. While unlike the much easier strategies to pull off with a high success rate, the Queen walk is a high risk high reward attack that often rewards the skilled attacker. It is not OP, there are many ways to build your base to defend against her. I know because I’ve been designing bases for about 2 years and many of my designs are used by the many hundreds of thousands of Clash of Clans players. And many of us are finally learning to defend against her. In fact, I’ve had many ideas for new base designs to counter her. Ways to disallow her of walking, disallow her of simply targeting multiple Air Defenses or disrupting your double giant bomb placements. Many new innovative ways of protecting your Dark Elixir storage. Unfortunately, if the next update means the death of the Queen walk and Super Queen strategies, this will never happen.

So again, I urge everyone to give the video a thumbs up and also post your comment below on your opinion of this, and w may be able to stop Supercell before it’s too late. Thank you for supporting this cause. And don’t worry, no matter what the state of the game is, you guys can always trust in me in finding more innovative ways to help you farm better, help you get those 3 stars in wars, design great bases, and all the contributions that I will continue to make in this game. So thanks for reading and supporting me, I’ll see you guys again soon. Later!


  1. I love the queen walk strategy! It’s fun and always exciting. I don’t feel like too many players use it, and in war attacks it takes too long, it’s untimeliness balances it and it’s not unfair at all… Keep healers a viable cool part of the game please!!!

  2. when I was TH8 I can defend from Super Queen at some point. But I never had any bad complaints about it. You will be attacked at some point because this is Clash of Clan. I love SUPERQUEEN STRATEGY. Supercell will make it worst. A lot already churned out from COC and paid attention to other games.

  3. Hear,hear I think this is one of the best posts on this site to date,,,

    I am in total agreement super queen is a viable strategy in coc,,, it is not over powered as it takes skill to master,,, I personally don’t use it exclusively for that reason,,, if done right it is beautiful to watch bases get slowly chew up by it,,, but done wrong you look like a chump.. I do use it occasionally but it’s not a quaranteed successful attack so I usually stick to normal attacks like my dark farming strategy of GiWiHo with quake,,, or GoWiPe,,, or some other strategy that’s more traditional and to be honest safer than super queen in my opinion… I even redesigned my anti GoWiPe base to tackle super queen… I don’t understand why $uper€ell keeps nerfing attacks,,, I didn’t like the th 11 update that took TH sniping away,,, but now I see it was actually a good thing,,, but then to nerf golems by increasing eagle hits was ridiculous,,,and I’m only th9 I don’t even think about hitting th 11’s,,, now nerfing super queen is just as ridiculous,,, I agreed with the previous nerf of topping out at 4 healers,,, but going from 100% with 1 healer to 40% with two,,, is nuts.. in my opinion super queen is a harder attack to use then GoWiPe so why nerf it completely

    I don’t know,,, I really enjoy this game but it’s developers just need to relax and stop trying to dictate strategy

    Cheers ?

  4. I think so, i agree with you, cause i often use the strategy but it is not overpowered, actually we oflen fail, but it is one of strategy we can use, supercell forgot that they become big because of the player, and they forgot how many player leave them after desember update

  5. looks like, supercell only watches some stupid folks blabbering about stopping healer+queen. dont know if its a coincidence, i upgraded to th9 so that i could also use healer+queen. but since i upgraded, to th9, supercell already nerfed the stategy, (i think twice now). i am now getting used to 4 healer,. and now again a leak about another nerf.

    Those who thinks, this strategy is overpowered, maybe they can upgrade to th9, and try it themselves.and i say its overpowered, if used against under upgraded base.

    And seriously, if those troops that is mentioned in the leaks are, true..i am staying at th9, for eternity, who needs a mini pekka (PEKKA THAT RUNS),. i think that is funny

  6. It’s taken me a while to successfully pull off this strategy. Any wrong move and it falls apart. I’ve even come close to developing a variant for use in clan wars. If the healer is nerfed back to the point of uselessness simply because Supercell doesn’t like what we as a community have created as a means to farm for resources, than I’m not sure what point the game exists for or why bother playing if we can’t create our own unique strategies. Please, Supercell, let this game evolve on its own. Use your powers as a developer to maintain balance, not to exercise power irresponsibly.

  7. I don’t know why Supercell put attention on healers + AQ attack strategy. it’s not a big deal… 1st; they removed TH sniping 2nd; they removed dead bases (Supercell said because of software bug) but they putted back because many players are quitting from playing the game that time and now nerfing of healers… SUPERCELL DON’T TAKE AWAY OUR HAPPINESS FROM PLAYING THE GAME AND MAKE IT BORING CAUSING US TO STOP PLAYING!!!

  8. The use of the queen walk has allowed people the ability to obtain the resources needed to play the game. Supercell please do not nerf the aq walk. It is important to the day to day life of a clasher. Thank you Cocland for writing this article. I just hope it works.

  9. The great post!!! I totally agree with it!!! In order to use Super Queen, you can’t just drop her and the healers and let them go on. It requires skill to make her survive. You need to break the ring to let her destroy the buildings you wish. You need great timing to destroy inferno towers with other troops before they target your queen. It’s a strategy not like TH Sniping. Whenever I succeed with that strategy, I always wish Supercell don’t put an end to it. Lol… They’re now planning to stop it. They don’t want us easily get the resources. Hey Supercell… We know it’s your business but we need a lot of fun to play it. Thanks!

  10. I hope Supercell don’t nerf the healers. It would put an end to one of the best farming and three star strategy. Great work of yours to make Supercell consider that they should not nerf the healers. Hope they notice this post. I was looking forward to this strategy!!!

  11. Honestly farming via queen walk is the best part of the game for me. It’s one of the most involved and precise attack types out there. Look away for a second and your queen might be dead, and there goes your whole attack…. and it took me many failed attacks to get the hang of it in the first place. No way is it more OP than any other attack type out there! And that’s all without getting into the war implications that a nerf would have on a SuperQueen

  12. You seem really into it. I agree with you after reading this. But I have to say, you talking about this blessing and such makes it seem sort of pathetic. No offense to anyone or anything, but it was just hilarious making this update seem like the Mayan calendar. (One thing I remember from History) ;D

  13. I’m more concerned with the impact on the war community. Queen walks are vital to most advanced th9 and th10 attack strategies. Watch any of the war recaps from “fp” clans like OneHive, WHF, PWC, War Whales, Cold September. These are the clans who help set the meta for war attacks and super queen is a huge part of the th10 3 star. strategy. The healers were appropriately balanced in the winter update. Let’s keep it balanced and not remove a nerf unnecessarily. I’m tweeting this article to sc.

  14. I couldn’t agree more with you. Supercell should listen to their millions of players. Super queen is not easy to master and I’ve lost her many times while deploying other troops not paying attention for a FEW seconds. I appreciate this site and the time you put into it. I spend about $50/month playing. I only boost barracks because i enjoy battling 2 to 3 hrs daily.

  15. First i sniped my account up to champs, 3 days after reaching champs… nerfed…

    Now my AQ is at decent level and my skill of using queen walk improves every walk… gonna get nerfed…

    c’mon SC, why u guys take away the fun of some strategy’s?
    If we all start with only GoWiPe attacks, what u gonna nerf next? Golem with half HP because u guys dont want us to use a tanker?

    If u nerf walking queen us just can remove the healers from the game, nobody is gonna use them anymore.

    and people who complain about walking queen, build a decent base, upgrade your point defences or deal with it!!!

  16. I think super cell nerfed the queen walk so that people would pay more attention to their new game clash royale. Super queen is the best strategy for trophy push. I m once again pushing to champs for the star bonus and I heavily rely on super queen. I combine either laloon or goho or sometimes gowipe with queen walk. Super cell plz don’t need healers affect on heroes. “TH9 won’t be fun without queen walk“.

  17. The queen walk was the favorite attack of all the stupid modders so it has to go. Besides that supercell needs to start taking action against those cheaters, but they won’t because they make to much money from them.

    • I’m from India, and in my clan, everyone hates Xmod, and, clan infiltrating, we play fair and have won lots of wars. I’m a new th9 (just,3weeks), I have my AQ at lv7now, bcoz, I’m trying to get AQ to 15 or so to start queen walk, which is a strategy that works only when done properly. Let SC make healers vulnerable if they have to, but why change a strategy that is so popular ? If so, then GoWiPes, should also be dealt with similarly from th9 and above (not just in th11 – eagle artillery). I normally get 3stars or 1star, bcoz, I almost never use that no-skill needed 2star safe strategy,everyone uses it, and its boring too. I’d rather, risk to get 3stars, which I’ve done in most wars, thats the fun in this game for me. Trying Uncommon strategies that are more challenging.
      2 Air Sweepers, came to slow laloon strategies, quite understandable, but then again, GoWiPe still exist, for all those safe players, without much skill. I want to use Super Queen, which I’ve dreamt to do so much, just hoping SC wouldn’t screw this game.

      • The problem is using it in war. You haven’t got to the pout where I am in the game to where you match with a cheating Asian clan every other war. I’m a max th11 and this is where all the cheating wars are. When you make it this high in the game and you always match with a cheating clan every other war then you’ll feel the same way I do.

        • Hi Wayne
          I’m too a max TH11
          In my clan we usually don’t put in 3 max bases as the match up ends up unfair. Mainly due to our middle guys aren’t tuff enough to handle bases just above them in the lineup so we swap 1 max guy in taking turns.
          Question Asian cheating clans in alot in th11. What you mean and how they cheat? Just for my understanding mate.

          • They use xmod. Our clan only does 50 member wars so there is no sitting out. We have 4 cans to make that work. I do think they need to make the clan size larger but still keep 50 max for wars.

  18. If TH snipping was and is not how the game was “intended” to play then “super queen” and “queen walk” does in deed need to be nerfed and not allowed. An army of 5-6 healers and a queen is not an army, is it?

  19. Simply supercell don’t want us to enjoy the game anymore. If SC idiots nerf QW I’m quitting the game because without QW and gowipe combo it’s very difficult for me to get decent loot in champs. I’m maxed TH10 and lately SC is piling up lots of reasons for me to quit the game. Sorry SC I will not switch to clash royal. . Don’t be happy

    • The best thing about the game is that it’s always changing. It makes you a better player. This keeps the game interesting. Besides the cheaters. I wish sc would focus on removing them all together then work on the game. I used to think like you. Let them need the queen. Find another way to farm. I’ve been playing the game for over 3 years and I’ve seen it change a lot. I’ve always hated the changes in the beginning but find myself enjoying the game more and more. Like I said before. I just wish sc would fix the xmod and imod so the Chinese have to play the game fair. All in all sc loves the cheaters because they make tons of money from them. That’s why you’ve never seen them ban or remove any of them.

      • This is not the way the game was intended to be played. The whole idea was to make money. If you can use super queen then you’ll max her meaning you’ll buy gems to do so. There is no reason for you to have this in the game. Air bombs don’t attack the healers. Why have them in the first place? I would say that for farming it’s ok but they should nerf them for war 100%. You can’t cheat at super queen farming. That’s pure skill.

        • Well…okay thanks a lot.
          Even if i am an asshole, i would not quit something that i worked on for a long time just because some features change. Thats how games work dude…they get updated and maybe there will get worse (thats your opinion) but i think its stupid to quit a max TH 10 account just because the game is “too hard” for you.

          Of course Supercell want´s us to enjoy the game, thats why they do updates, to add new content. If too many people are mad about that they would balance it. There are always people that don’t like stuff.

          Example: The Level 11 Walls

          They changed the color because “too many people disliked it”
          Now there are some people that dislike that. Supercell can’t make the game so that everyone likes it, and to just quit the game is stupid.

          • Bro don’t get too sentimental about it .. relax and chill .. it’s a game .. it has a shelf life .. one day everyone has to quit sooner or later. Even you will quit .. lol

  20. SC will, not now not then and never, listen 2 us m8, SC just keep proving to us that we want what the want us to, not what we really want, and I’m sure that they only care about the money, no more no less, and no matter how many players quit as long as the SC games’ youtubers and grinders still exist, they won’t care.

    • Exactly, the easier it is for players to get resources to upgrade, the harder $C works at defeating it. TH sniping was providing tons of resources when you were at the high end leagues (squashed by $C) QW provides a quick way of gathering resources as well if used properly (getting squashed by $C) Bottom line is if players find quick easy ways to gather resources without resorting to the “GEM” system it will get squashed, next in line is goblins for the milking strategy is an easy way to gather resources. And I know silently $C is ounce again starting to remove dead bases, again easy way to gather resources.

  21. Coming from queen walkers.. This was not how the game was intended to be played. One troop buffed should not be able to do 50% of a base. They already tried nerfing it once but all the cheap asses find another way to get around it. They took away healers getting hit by mines so they wouldn’t be obsolete in other type attacks, not stack them all on one troop.. I think the people who QW must be super douches in regular life.

    “I’m quitting if they take away queen walk” (an exploit in the game that was not intended).. Just because you suck and you cannot attack any other way.. Maybe you should quit

    • I am a TH8 and i never had anyone attack me with queen walk. I don’t see to point of nerving healers….making not only the queen walk but the whole troop even worse. The last time i trained a healer was at TH5 for Giant-Healer….

      They could just add a feature which only allowes for example 5 healers per troop. So if there are 5 dealers healing the same troop, the 6th healer will just go to another troop. If there only is 1 troop to be healed the other healers should just stay in place. (Like they do if they don’t have anything to heal.)

      This would nerv the queen walk, which is not a “strategy” more of “trolling” but leave the healer as it is.

  22. To say it requires great skill is ridiculous. In fact, quite the opposite. A moderate grasp of funneling and you’ve got it figured out. It is a cheesy strategy that allows mediocre attackers to farm with a consistent effectiveness that belies their skill level. Likewise, it is silly to use gowipe as a comparison. Gowipe is not a very cost effective farming strat. Sure, they’ll consistently get big loot, but they’re doing so at a significant DE and elixir cost. But fear not queen walkers, SC blew this nerf like they do many other things. In fact, many, many more people are using it now, as knowledge of it is now much more common. Only SC can try to fix a balancing issue and make it much worse in the process.

  23. They must not need the Queen walk! It’s a beautiful stratagy. And if you can’t defend against it,learn the best way to defend against her,not to be a cry baby. And leave the Queen walk. Let us do it and enjoy it.

  24. I am not able to do a queen walk if I wanted to. I am suspicious that Supercell has something to do with this as I am not the only one. For the past week my healers WILL NOT support my queen. Last attack I waited until all my troops except for my queen & healer were deployed and in the centre of the base. Then I deployed my queen & healer in the top corner, far away from the action. My healer ignored the queen & went for the base centre. Before that, if my queen was injured & I’d deploy a healer(s) over her, no other troops around, the healers would help her until she was healed then completely leave her for other troops. EVEN IF SHE GOT HIT they’d continue onto the other troops. It is one thing to nerf the healers when it comes to the queen. It is another thing to have them avoid her. (Is there anything else you want to do to fkk up the game Supercell? Parts of it are still fun, so I guess you’re not done tweaking it yet.)

      • Thanks for the reply. Actually, I don’t do the Queen walk. I have a good system, but use the queen later & one healer just to back her up a bit. Been doing it for a while and this “glitch” has only started over a week ago. As far as the queen walk goes, I showed a replay where a lv 15 queen attacked my bases and had 8 healers & assorted troops to fill. ALL 8 healers were FIXED on the queen & didn’t wander. (This was against my mostly maxed TH9.) In less than 1 minute the queen was destroyed as if the healers barely did anything. Since the March update, I’ve had several failed queen walks against my base. Before the update they were much more successful. Although I prefer not to use the Queen walk, I kinda enjoyed watching it even against my base. It upset me when Supercell made it all but useless.

  25. They need to get rid of that stupidity, just ridiculous one queen and 5 healers can take out half your base and all you can do is blow at them? And those saying “oh the inferno towers can kill her” – yeah! after she’s taken out 30% of your base. They need to fix this stupidity soon.

  26. healer nerf was totally unnecessary instead supercell should remove those stupid miners for good….all the time and resourses you invest on maxing your walls seems to be worst investment with introduction of miners…such a ugly looking troop

  27. I’m a noob of sorts – 6 months, but love the strategy part of this game along with the interactive social clan talk. I’m an almost maxed TH8(still upgrading troops) and don’t have my queen yet …that said even with the update, wouldn’t you be able to run a few minions around the QW path and flush out mines?
    From everything I’ve read seems like SC tries to equalize functionality of the game and keep all troops involved. In turn it keeps the game interesting and people trying new things.
    I’ll be giving it a try in about 20 days…oh boy!

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