Freeze Spell at TH9, Extra Defense for TH11

Hey guys It’s Will and this is the daily sneak peek post of the upcoming December update.

What we have today? You will love it! Especially Town Hall 9 fellows!

Freeze Spell at TH9

  1. Town Hall 9 will be able to use the Freeze Spell. This was confirmed by Supercell staffs in the forum. There will be lots of interesting strategies in the future!
  2. Town Hall 11 will have 1 more Cannon, 1 Archer Tower, 1 Wizard Tower and 1 X-Bow.



  1. Whoa, that is totally cool! It seems like they are allowing things to filter down since they are introducing TH 11. That is a really good idea on their part as it encourages all of the TH 8 players to move up to TH 9 asap. I am about to make the move to TH 9, so I am absolutely full of anticipation at the chance to use a freeze spell. Things are going to get very interesting indeed. All of the strategies are up in the air. I wonder if the COC youtubers will finally get around to deleting old COC videos that do not apply to the game anymore?

  2. For those of y’all that are used to using freeze spells, how much of a difference will one level 1 freeze spell make to an attack? Will TH 9 bases now be able to pull off a 3 star on a TH 10 that isn’t rushed? Gosh, things are going to change so so much!

  3. I have another question, was TH sniping even something that was done below crystal league? I mean, I got to crystal league without ever putting my TH outside of my base. It wasn’t until crystal league that I even thought that TH sniping was worth it because of the league bonus. It seems to me that at the lower leagues all of the skipping would totally make it not worth it because you would quickly burn through all of your gold.

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