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Hi folks.
I have decided to publish an application about Clash of Clans guides and strategies since I didn’t find any decent one on the Store as well as I want to create a shortcut so you guys can read new posts on CoCLand easier. It is called CoC Guidebook.

Clash of Clans Guidebook

The CoC Gudiebook is the biggest collection of all most useful and important guides and strategies in this outstanding video game. I have collected all most important posts on CoCLand and placed inside this application so you can always read the best ones and will not be lost confuse,
With detailed introduction and explanation, this application will be the best companion which will help you much on the road named Clash of Clans.

Currently It is just available for Android users. The other version for iOS users will be out soon, for sure.

If you like it, vote 5 stars so it can approach to much more players.
If you either face any problem when using this Guidebook or dislike something inside, please comment here and I will do my best to please you.

Thanks for your support and Clash on!


  1. Thanks Bro! Very handy indeed. Bro, i wanted to ask you about which tablet do you play for coc long farming sessions. Im thinking of buying the ipad mini 2. NE way i can get some advice from you? Is the battery life great on it? The contacts page mail isnt working when i sent you the mail. Thanks bro. Soz if this is the wrong place to post.

          • Hey Will,

            Is your Ipad Air 2 white or black? If it’s white, do you have any issues with the black gap around the edges while playing CoC for long farming sessions and ,etc? Oh, and Bro. How many hours can you Clash on your Ipad before it needs to charge? I might just get the Ipad Air 2 in the end hehe. Thank, Bro. PEACE!!!!!

          • Hey Daniel!
            My iPad Air 2 is Gray. I bought the 128GB version because I usually use it for watching movies.

            I can play Clash of Clans for a about 5-6 hours before charging. I have no problem about the edges at all buddy!

          • Hey Will!

            I’ve decided to buy an iPad Air 2 space Gray. Just wanted to ask you about the build quality, like are there any flaws that you’ve found during your time with it? Because the tablet is so thin yeah. Like, any ghost spots on your screen or any issues while playing games a long time? Been reading some comments on the internet about it and some peeps complaining about it’s screen with ghost digitiser dead spots and speaker issues, etc. Bro, How’s the battery life on your iPad Air 2 also. I’m still deciding whether to buy the iPad Air or Air 2. Have you tried the iPad Air B4 for games and etc? Which one you reckon?play games a lot :). Thanks Bro and peace!!!!!

          • Hi, nice to see you again Daniel!
            You don’t really need to worry about that because people always report what they hate.
            I have been using the Air 2 for about 4 months without regret. Even If you are a hard code player, The battery is sill enough for you to play the entire day without charging.
            If you have enough budget, just take the Air 2 buddy!

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