Download Clash of Clans Font

Are you looking for the Clash of Clans font? It is called Supercell Magic font. Supercell uses it for all Clash of Clans media such as logo, images, videos,…

But it is just the basic font. If you want to make it be like the Clash of Clans logo, you will need some more steps in Photoshop.


Just click to the below download button to download the Clash of Clans font. After downloading, open it then choose Install.


  1. Does anyone else have the problem (on desktop pcs(chrome), not on smartphone(also chrome)) that this font is showing the “2” buggy when using font-size 10px-12px?
    Already downloaded a font-editor, but no idea how to change the scaling thing or whatever.

    Thank you in advance

  2. this has to be the least legible font going. It’s poor for reading in any formate let alone on a phone. But the design team at Supercell take it one step further and use poor colour choices.

    Its one thing to have a style and heck. Using it more than one game. But if you’re going to choose a font because ist “cool”. You need to offer a back up. Something users can change.

    I get head aches trying to read anything in their games. Why would I pay for that?

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