Donate Spells + Some New Changes

Hello guys,

Here we go, the new sneak peeks today! A few months ago I posted about “donating spells” and received lots of negative comments (I was very sad). Unbelievably, spAnser was right, finally today we’ve gotten that!

Donating Spells in Clash of Clans

  1. Finally we can donate Spells to other Clan mates. Spells will be stored into the Clan Castle above level 4 and can be individually dropped.
    Only 1 Dark Spell can be donated. More details will be out soon.
  2. There will be a safe zone around the Next button to prevent players from accidentally drop troops.
  3. There will be a new donation menu which shows what has been donated.
  4. Dragon and Balloon will have a new level.
  5. Updating…

What do you think my friends?


  1. Finally some features that will genuinely positively improve game play. I had hope that we would eventually be able to donate something other than troops. This is a much needed feature that makes total sense and will encourage players to put more emphasis in keeping their clan castle updated to the highest level possible. New dragon and balloon levels will certainly change attacks, especially the balloon improvement. I give this sneak peak a big thumbs up ??.

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