ClashCon Halloween 2015 Update

As we all know, the Clash of Clans Halloween 2015 Update is just out today along with the ClashCon event in Helsinki this October 24th 2015.

ClashCon Halloween Update 2015

This page is here to sum up everything around this update. I will try to update any single sneak peak from both original source and leaked one at here.

Here are something I’ve known so far, thanks spAnser for the leaked news.

  • We now have a 1-Gem-Boost for both Spell Factories through the Halloween weekend.
  • There is a new obstacle in game called Cauldron. We will need to spend 25,000 Elixir to remove it and gain 75,000 Elixir back.

halloween cauldron clash of clans




  1. Will,

    have you heard anything else? I’ve heard rumors of a New Hero! What do you think? Also heard that a TH11 is not in the works due to the change of color for LVL 11 walls…..I’m not sure what to say at this point. I think it would be the opposite since many seen sketches of a TH11 are blue which would make me believe that also TH11 walls would be blue (like the former lvl 11 electric blue walls)….I’m just daydreaming now! take care.

  2. yo his new update seems pretty cool ive been playing for 4 years this seems cool there are rumors about th11 i think renevating to th11 is dumb just too much like the new walls soo exspensive im battlebee i out to be number one till the new dumb update

  3. shoot i want to upgrade builders like for example Builder level 2 could upgrade buldings faster by 5% lvl 3 would be 10% so like a 10d upgrade would take like 7 or 6 days and you could get multiple builders on one upgrade so like with 5 builders on a 10d upgrade with the builders upgraded would take like 2days lol

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