Clash of Clans Logic

Here are some funny logics of Clash of Clans that you can see and think about them at least couples of times while playing. Those logics below are all things I can remember till now. Let’s discuss about them!

Clash of Clans Logic

Funny logic #1:

Although Elixir Storages and Dark Elixir Storage are made of glass but the Builder upgrades them by using a hammer. Don’t try to upgrade your glass bottle at home or you will face a big trouble.


Funny logic #2:

Level 8 Air Defense: Made of wood, has 1170 HP and requires 12 days to upgrade from level 7.
Level 8 Mortar: Made of metal, has 750 HP and just requires 10 days to upgrade from the previous level.

Funny logic #3:

Villagers and Builders still go to their Town Hall even when it is being attacked. “Our Town Hall is being destroyed, we should hide in there” – They think.

Funny logic #4:

Although defensive Clan Castle troops and Heroes can jump over the Walls when someone attacks your village but they can’t do that when attack others.

While your troops are hitting the walls so bad, the enemy villagers and builders can hop over the walls easier.

Funny logic #5:

When a Bomb blows up, only enemy troops are smashed, the defensive troops nearby are immune.


If you have can see other things in game and want to share here, please go ahead :D.


  1. AQ : Look at me, I have bow and 3 arrows come out from it when I shoot, but it only hit 1 troop.

    BK : I swap my iron fist and sword when I face another direction. Look! My iron fist now is at my left hand now, because I change my direction.

    • I think 3 arrows to 1 target is quite understandable but the BK’s case is so fun haha. By the way, it is for saving the graphic memory in game so I can’t put it to this topic.

      I am sorry but thanks for your comment mate!

  2. so, i know this is probably for game balancing, but i think its odd that you tilt the xbow up to hit air troops and it loses range when truly, if you are shooting a bow at a longer range, you have to increase your angle and aim a little higher. that said, an xbow set to ground and air should actually have a longer range than one set to ground due to it being titled upwards. it is to balance the game but i never understood the logic in that either

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