Clash of Clans December Update: Town Hall 11

Hi guys,

Today, November 23rd 2015, is the first day of the 2-week sneak peek schedule of the Clash of Clans December Update with Town Hall 11, the new Hero, the new Defense,… According to Supercell, this new update is absolutely packed with lots of changes which aim to improve the way we play Clash of Clans.

I will attempt to keep updating this page as soon as possible whenever we have new new Sneak Peek.

Clash of Clans December Update

Official Sneak Peeks

Update Release Date: December 10th 2015.

New shield feature for attacking and defending

There will be lots of changes for the Shield system in game:

  • Destroying Town Hall no longer gives free shield.
  • You just can have shield If your village get destroyed more than 30% structures.
  • You can attack and revenge when having shield without breaking the shield. This takes a decent amount of Shield time.
  • Read more about this at the new Shield System.


New Village Guard and Personal Break Feature

  • Your village will get the Village Guard automatically once the Shield expires.
  • You can attack/revenge when having the shield without having penalty.
  • The granted Village Guard time depends on your league. Higher league = longer time.
  • You will be kicked off after 3 hours only without having shield.
  • Read more about the new Village Guard Features at here.

New League Bonus, Trophy and Loot System

  • Town Hall now works as a Storage, which can storage loot worth of 1 Gold Storage, 1 Elixir Storage and 1/4 the DE Storage.
  • The maximum loot is unchanged.
  • Town Hall and Clan Castle now are Goblin’s favorite targets (x2 damage).
  • TH levels from 6 to 10 can farm more loot than before.
  • All League Bonuses now get increased. The more damage you can deal, the more loot you can get.
  • Read more at here.

Bigger Maps and Longer Attack Time

  • Due to the new Town Hall 11 and we don’t have enough space to deploy troops properly at Town Hall 10, we will have a bigger map.
  • We will have 3 minutes 30 seconds to for attacking and 45 seconds for scouting.
  • Due to the new Town Hall Storage, we can store much more loot.
  • You can read more about this at here.

Donate Spells

  • All Clan Castle from level 4 can be donated Dark Spell.
  • New Donation Menu can show exactly which troops have just been donated.

New Buildings Level

  • Storages level 12, Laboratory level 9 and Wizard Tower level 9 will be available soon.
  • More at here.

New Defenses for TH11 – Freeze Spell for Town Hall 9

Read more about this sneak peek at here.

5 Gems/Hour Boost and new Minion Level 7

Read more about this sneak peek at here.

The Witch Level 3

New Witch level 3 + reducing Nexting costs

Read more about this sneak peed at here.

New Hero – Grand Warden

Read more about the new Hero at here.

Other new changes

  • All traps now can be rearmed with much less price (~75% rearm cost redution).
  • X-Bow reload costs dramatically reduced (~70%).
  • The time your village can be attacked after going offline is 5 minutes.


Leaked Sneak Peeks

We will have 1 new Barrack and 2 Dark Spell Factory in total. Does that mean we will have some new Dark Spells? Let’s see!


Detailed information will be out soon! Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can read more about sneak peeks easier.


      • Will, I thank you for pointing me to the above article but I still find this move by SC to be a profit move and very very bad, specially the part where they knew about the outside TH thing and did not fix it because they did not want to lose customer base. So now that they are supposedly number one in the apps stores, they will make this change basically saying ” we don’t care what customers say or do, we are number one) also I think because the folks in TH10 basically are bored of the game, they made this change to suck real money out of the folks trying to level up and give the maxed out players a new LVL 11 and also collect from that. If the match up for raid was 7vs7 and 8vs8 or 9vs9 and so on then I would say “Yes, now they are looking at skilled players” but to allow a lvl10 to attack a lvl8 and to force people to take breaks after 3 hours of play… is just wow. Why do need a big brother watching how long we play for, that’s lame! Granted they already do this but to cut it down to 3 hours… it’s like me buying GTA V and after I played it for 1 hour a messages comes on the screen and says I been playing for to long go take a break. This making us take a break seems to be like SC is also trying to cut down on resources they currently use to maintain the game (less serves needed in the serve farm) if they even have one. I don’t really now this is my opinion and I do know it will not be good for anyone, like sir_anarch said guess time will tell, but I am looking else where, there are actually some nice StarWars games coming up which are pretty fun.

          • Think about it the most valuable building in the game, and your just letting ppl destroy it for a shield.

          • if they wanted to stop it it, they could of just had the TH contain alot more loot from the start. People would of put their TH’s in the middle if they lost 300k every time.

          • So the game was designed with a flaw and SC now wants to “fix” it?? That is a joke. If TH was not meant to be sniped and the TH is the “most important” building we have then why did SC not make this building static in the center of the map making all players build the base around it, that is the LOGICAL step to take on the “MOST IMPORTANT” building in the game. Sorry you logic does not cut it.
            This is my last comment on this issue and let’s face the truth here… SuperCell looked at their books and the game as a whole, they are not making as much $$$ as they were that is a given, so now let’s look at why from SuperCell’s eyes… TH sniping gives everyone a very easy way to gather resources, forget about the shield, I can snipe TH’s and with the bonus loot from the high leagues I have a ton of resources. Just read up on the articles on this site about getting easy resources by snipping. This equates to “NO NEED TO BUY GEMS FOR RESOURCES” and of course no need to buy gems for a shield which by the way I have never done it and anyone that has is just plain dumb. Now with the new “fix” what do we get??? Players struggling to get and keep resources = buy gems to upgrade. SC done deal and we’re back in business. Do not let my comments/opinion on this matter influence you in anyway, and I am 100% positive it does not, wait for the update and enjoy the game. I am sure the “skilled” players out there will have no problem whatsoever attacking, getting resources and keeping it safe for an upgrade. Peace out!

    • Would it be worth giving the new system a try to see how it works? I think some of the new balances are good moves, but agree that the middle tier of play will find it harder to progress.

      Once everyone is on clash 2.0 then we will see better how it all works out. If it gets too hard to progress, or too time intensive then l will be out as well. Time will tell.

      Oh, and leave all of your storages and pumps unguarded if you do leave. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

      • You know it, my collectors are maxed out so nice juicy abandoned base, but the chances of you find this base with the new update will be like hitting the lotto, read the part about the shield and guard for TH10 players, how if an attackers fails to attack a TH10 they can just keep on going and attacking all day long if desired.

    • I am a newly TH 9 player and basically my base is for TH 8.. I can defend against TH 8 and 9 but against TH 10? It’s very impossible! How can it be fair where TH 10/11 can still get 300k loots from me just because we are on the same league? It’s heartbreaking seeing your base wiped out by TH 10/11.

  1. Have y’all been sniping a bloody path across the clashverse the last few days? I am about to shoot up to Champions league in the next couple of days. The sniping has garnered me enough dark elixir to make sure all of my DE upgrades are done before I upgrade to TH 9. At least I will be able to use a freeze spell when I switch, so it will certainly be worth it. I have a hard time believing that I will ever be able to farm at the same rate again after the update. Gosh, COC is slow enough as it is. If it slows my progress by a level of magnitude I am going to be pulling my hair out!

        • Are you kidding, I’m already ashamed of myself for getting so hooked on Clash of Clans. To tell you the truth I wasn’t very interested in this game until I realized that you could play with people from all over the world, join a clan based in another country, and practice your foreign language skills. There is nothing like playing a game with a whole bunch of others to motivate you to improve your language skills. COC is the first game that I have ever used for such a purpose. OH, and it is really fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I am trying to figure out if Super Cell matches war clans by region. If you are Ina clan based in the Middle East do you tend to get matched with more clans fromIran or the Arab countries? I haven’t been able to do a scientific comparison, but right now my hunch would point towards yes.

            Just as a side thought, I wonder how many ISIS cells are using COC to communicate? I’m sure the FBI and CIA have looked into it. ?

          • i would guess no as i have been in a clan for a while now based out of United States and have warred against several different Asian clans and are currently in a clan based out of Japan. and as of a terrorist using a game server for there communications, i find that very highly unlikely but i will never truly know the answer to either of those questions, just my opinions. interesting theory nonetheless

        • it will not be awesome, sorry bud. Does not matter anyways it is just my opinion. You just keep doing what you heart desires. Expressing one’s opinion to you might look like a complaint, you are very much free to not read it, you certain do not agree with it so enjoy the day.

  2. Its here the new update, I hated it but I kinda like it :/ hate because it doesnt suit and made a great impact in my old coc playing habit same with other players. I liked it because they made a big change which in a larger perspective they made this change to balanced the game for other players to be fair and to make this game keep going and have a great pportunity for the game, also Im still waiting for the new dark troops for almost a year. -Android

      • Well, it was fun picking off a few dead bases that had been hidden. You can still pick off town halls for now; although, I feel for the poor saps that are getting repeatedly sniped as they will get no shield for the snipe. I picked on another TH 8 and gutted him for 85%, but the trophies were poor In spite of the fact that I garnered nearly 3k dark elixir in that raid. After that I had to rush over to Hanukkah services, so I bought my first guard for 10 gems. That was nice. Supercell totally screwed me over with that maintenance break after the release as I wasn’t able to catch it in time. I was completely 100% destroyed by someone in champions III. They took me for 19 trophies, ouch! At this rate I don’t think I will be able to keep up my trophy count and I will fall out of Masters I. I hope I can manage it, but right now that is what I expect. The new donation menu is really cool. I like being ale to thank people for specific donations, so it will be handy for that. I made a decision and went ahead and set my town hall to start improving to level 9. I think that town hall 8 is totally dead in the higher leagues. Overall, I don’t think this is going to be a positive for the overall COC economy. Sometimes of the arguments made by people on the SuperCell forums that did some number crunching seem logically solid to me. In the short run the loot will flow, but in a month or two I expect things to become quite frustrating. There are many predicting that SuperCell will have to fix this update. I am one of those that thinks they will be too proud and will simply watch it wither o on the vine. Still, I hold out hope once I go full town hall 9.

      • Ok, here is another update…
        I allowed my 15 hour shield from my last village pillaging to last until 23:00 after which I decided to take a look around. Believe it or not there are still some bases with exposed town halls. This one was strange because I believe it is proof that it will take non-English speakers some time to catch onto the fact that an exposed town hall will not result in cheap shields. I achieved a 68% two star on a TH 9 base. The guy’s name was Megatron and he was an elder in a clan from Kazakhstan called 707 army. He had an exposed TH. I was curious so I checked the other clan members and found that many had exposed town halls. I digress, I destroyed that TH 9 for a total of 21 trophies. I attacked through my shield. The main thing is that I I was able to recoup the 19 trophies I had lost previously.

          • What! Seriously? That is super strange. I won my first defense yesterday. I was attacked with a BARCH army from a TH 9 Arab dude that is obviously clueless since he still had an exposed town hall base design. I was happy to take 14 of his trophies. Hey, maybe all of the unskilled attackers that must now participate will make it easier for us to win occasional defenses. If that is a trend it won’t last long.

            P.s. You have to keep me up to date on your defense and why you aren’t or haven’t been attacked.

          • OMG!!! One whole day without being attacked. That is amazing. I have never had that happen. I always get attacked just a few minutes after logging off. Heck, sometimes I get attacked after losing a connection and I can’t do a damn thing about it. You have got to keep track if this keeps happening. Perhaps it is a hidden consequence of the update. Maybe your base is just that frightening. HA!

          • LOL I think that was a glitch for sure. I always get attacked just a few seconds after logging out.
            By the way, my Town Hall 9 account in Gold league hasn’t been attacked since the update. Seems like there are tons of inactive bases lol.

          • Well, I didn’t do anything on my account from Friday at sundown until now due to the fact that I am an observant Jew, so I observe Shabbat. I was expecting my village to get totally pillaged to hell, but I was surprised that I came back to find that my trophy count had increased. I was attacked by a TH 9 dude that totally screwed up his raid. Overall I am sitting pretty now. It seems that I get blown to pieces on one defense and then the next defense is below 50%. It is a bit strange. Before the update I rarely won a defense. That must mean there are a whole bunch of players out there that never really made proper raids and they are now tripping over their own inexperience on attack. BTW, we won our last war, no problem. ???

          • Will, I have been doing quite well using GoHog to claw my way up. I just realized something today. I have absolutely no problem three-starring another maxed out TH 8. The difference between one maxed TH 8 being able to defend against another TH 8 using GoHog pretty much comes down to an effective base design and luck. The odds are stacked heavily in favor of the attacker. Once a TH 8 player becomes experienced at using GoHog there is no reason to do anything other than to pick on other maxed out TH 8 bases as they are full of loot and easily taken down with hogs. I know the dudes at the top are complaining about the new bitches being overpowered, but maxed hogs have always been overpowered for TH 8, so what is the big deal?

          • yea, GoHogs definitely is the best attack strategy at TH8. I haven’t seen any TH8 village since the update. Seems like they are all moving to Silver and Gold lol.

          • It seems to me that all of the negative predictions are coming true. the loot was good for a while, but it doesn’t seem spectacular now. Also, up in Masters I it seems like I am seeing the same TH 9 bases over and over again. There are VERY few TH 7 & 8 bases up here. If there are 8 and 7s, the number of trophies they give you is not enough to maintain your standing. The type of armies you need to cook up suck up a whole bunch of your time, so three hours seems really short. I am starting to not like this one bit. ?

          • This is very true. Currently I recommend TH8 and below players stay at Silver + Gold. Master and Champion are really hard ๐Ÿ™ for THs below 9 :(.

          • I’m in Masters I right now BTW, just to give you an idea. I am mostly seeing town hall 9 bases. Have you read the official forums lately? Some of the town hall 10 guys that had been hanging out in the lower leagues are waking up to suddenly getting hundreds of trophies and still not having a shield. I’m telling you, this update is going to quickly place people in a league appropriate to their defensive abilities. Those TH 10 guys are going to float to the top until they start getting wrecked by some people attacking with war armies. People like me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. In Regards to the new Shields

    I personally am outraged by the Change to shield requirements. The personal break feels like a penalty for someone who has done nothing wrong, not being allowed to get on and attack just because someone didn’tย  try to smash your base is unfair. AND not beingย  awarded a shield when someone does attack you just because they didn’t use 50% of their troops really penalizes the low lvl players and anyone new to the game. As a TH 9 or 10 you still see lower lvl town halls when searching and can definitely 3 star these bases with less than half your troops.
    In protest I will be tryingย  my best to give no one a shield and I am calling on all of you in the clash community who feel the same to do this as well. Let us rise up and prove to supercell that they have made a big mistake. And if you are gettingย  attacked repeatedly withoutย  gettingย  a shield or are being penalized with forced personal breaks often I urge you to send complaints to supercell through their forums or in game under help and support in settings.

  4. Hi guys! I’m just gonna share my experience of the new update.

    On the day of update, I boosted my barracks for 1h (i think timer was bugged then because i started 11pm and ended around 12:30am). I was able to farm around 5m+ gold and 30k DE thanks to many exposed th and many collectors outside. Then I slept.

    The next day, I was surprised nobody attacked me despite the full storages. Builder freed up and spent the resources. I farmed once again, but not boosted barracks. There were less loaded bases, but I still managed to get a good amount of loot (3m+ for 3hrs) thanks to outside TH and some full collectors. I was in gold 2.

    Did not raid that night and the following day because I was busy. Resumed raiding at night. Surprised to see scarce bases with loot. In 30 minutes only found 2 loaded bases. Thinking they all went down to low trophy range, I dropped to Silver 3. I’m still having a bad time here. I get raided more frequently and all I see here are active bases whose loot is used up, or inactive bases with no loot.

    So, I was pondering about 2 things: is it that I haven’t dropped enough trophies or should I go back to higher leagues?

    • Currently I’m farming well in Gold I. There are lots of dead bases with about 400k-500k loot. I’m also farming well with my main account in Champion II. Depending on your playstyle, choose the best league for farming. If you have time for boosting Barracks, stay at Gold league. Otherwise, welcome to Champion!

  5. It have been more than 2 month since the update,. maybe I find something else about the update. It is about the time of gem box appiering. before the update time of gem box appearing depend on some things, most player has different time with other, but now the gem box appear in the same time to all player. not only that, timing of trees/bush/mushroom appearing also change I think. Idon’t get more detail except what happen to me,. before update, I usually let them (tree/bush/mushroom) not to be removed, because more trees appear, quicker time to new tree appear (when it many enough, I remove them at once time, so I can get more gems from it) now after the update, I only find a tree more appear.

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