Clash of Clans Cheats and Hacks

These days, there are various sites on the internet offering plenty of Clash of Clans hack and cheat tools. They said that with those tools, you can cheat gold, elixir as much as you want, or even unlimited gems. Wew, that’s great!

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For all Clash of Clans Hack and Cheat Tools

But, do you think you can get those unlimited resources for free, without money? No, they can do nothing! There are always various of viruses in those tools!
All of them require you logging in by using your Clash of Clans Account, so they can steal not only your Google/Game Center account but also all other things in your computer or your phone.

So why we can’t hack this game?

All calculations and statements in this game are done by Supercell’s servers. Those hack tools do not have permissions to interfere into game servers. And your phone just have one job is receiving data from the servers, and show them on your screen by graphics.

The only ways you can do for a better CoC base is that following our daily Clash of Clans tricks, tips and strategies.


  1. Awesome stuff, clash of clans is such a fun game! I knew someone that played it (we met in-game) and he told me he spent 2k+ on just one account. I told him about online generators and he almost quit the game he was so mad, haha! Really good work you do here.

    I have written a similar article about online hacks for clash of clans that give you unlimited gems/gold etc. If you’re interested, you can find it here:

    Thanks – Damien

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