Christmas Tree

Finally the Winter theme is back to Clash of Clans with snow and also the Christmas Tree. Have you gotten your first tree?

Christmas Tree Clash of Clans 2015

The Christmas Tree above is the latest model which has been released today morning. Like other obstacles in game, it will respawn randomly on the ground. Removing it requires 25,000 Gold and 30 seconds. After that, you will receive 75,000 Gold.

If you want to see this tree, ensure there are less than 50 obstacles in your base. You can’t have more than 40 at a time.

And here are the trees from 3 previous Winter updates:


Christmas Tree FAQs

Does the Christmas Tree this year can spawn presents like the previous one?
Sadly, seems like not. I haven’t seen any new present in this below the tree.

Can I have more than 1?
Of course, today, I have seen lots of players who have 2 trees.

How often does a X-Mas Tree spawn?
Supercell has confirmed that everyone has the same chance to get the X-Mas Tree if login during the this X-Mas period.

When will this tree stop spawning?
As we can see. the Cauldrons didn’t stop spawning until early December, so I think they will keep spawning until mid January!

Is there any requirement to have a Christmas Tree?
No, there isn’t any requirement at all! By the way, If you want it to spawn on your border, make sure that there isn’t any 2×2 gap in your base.

How to make it spawn on the very edge?
Even If you have put Walls all the way around your base, there is just nothing to do this because the border is 3-tile wide.

Does anyone know the rate of the Christmas Tree spawning?
Only the developers know how often the trees have a chance of spawning, but it is usually one every 3-4 days. Some users may have to wait longer, and some less.

What do you think about them? Which one is the best?


          • He meant looting gold, not spending it. As in it only takes 1 quarter of a barch army to farm 50,000 gold from someone, so he prefers to keep the Christmas tree as a decoration than to remove it for only 50,000. I agree with that!

          • Oh yeah, now I get it. I must have been half asleep when I read that response late at night. I understand some people like to save the trees. Others prefer clean playing fields. I’m not sure where I am on that yet. The special trees don’t seem that interesting to me. Maybe it is because that is not a holiday I celebrate. Still, I’m glad someone likes it.

          • I used to keep everything clean but recently I’ve been keeping those special decorations on the outside of my base. I can always get rid of them later if I don’t like them. I have 13 of those Halloween cauldrons rimming my base so I can bring in 650,000 elixir if I decide to get rid of them all! Maybe when I need an upgrade desperately.

          • That is a nice amount of elixir no doubt. I’m just curious, does it limit the number of gem bushes and trees that are allowed to spawn?

          • The limit for obstacles on your base is 40 I think, assuming that hasn’t changed in the TH11 update. That means as long as you have under 40 obstacles, then you will always get respawned gem boxes, bushes, etc.

            If you regularly clear out the bushes and trees, there would never be a problem.

  1. Is the new xmas tree dropping gifts? I haven’t received any. Also, no winter theme on the new home page when starting up the game. Lame. As well as no snow on the buildings and trees. Lame. Seems like Supercell has done a lazy job this year.

      • Gentlemen, If you notice the diversity of names on individuals and clans, you can see that Christmas celebrating cultures are not necessarily the majority of players.

        Yes, XMAS is wonderful, but what about Divali, Channukah, Flying Spaghettimas, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, and other spiritual seasons, Gregorian & Chinese Lunar New Years ?

        If SC want’s to preserve and grow the love, let the love be expressed in the way that people really feel it.

        People should be able to select whether they get an Xmas Tree, a Menorah, a plate of Spaghetti, an empty plate with a moon and star, or kwanzaa candles, or bottles of Champagne wandering party-people, or a Dragon Statue (or animation) with red envelopes scattered about.

        Of course, one should have to go into the settings and select the celebrations that are relevant to them, and the seasonal gifts (gems/gold/…) can be divided evenly among all selections.

        That way, of you celebrate Xmas and Chinese New Year, half your ‘gift’ will be under the tree, and half will be in one of those ‘red envelopes’…..

        ‘just sayin…

        Oh, and what about our Hemispherically Challenged perspective ? like, someone tell me ? is it snowing on the bases of for those who have declared they are in Australia or Tamil Nadu ?

        ’nuff said

        • It’s a nice idea, but it sounds difficult to implement. It also sounds like a lot of work for Supercell (design 4-5 themes instead of 1, update all 5 themes every year with new designs, enable customisation) so I don’t see it happening.

          It’s not snowing at all where I live but snow is universally associated with Xmas so it fits the theme.

          With so much TV/Film/music influence coming from the west, most people are very familiar with Christmas even in other cultures. They ‘get’ the Santa, Xmas tree, reindeers, gifts etc even if they don’t celebrate it. That’s why I think it’s fine as it is in all honesty!

    • If you go and update the game in settings it will give you the holiday load screen and snow will pile up on your buildings like last year. I had the same issue with snow not building up on my base too. Downloading the optional update fixed it. Before it was just snow falling, but now I have snow on the towers and town hall. Hope this helps

  2. Can’t really blame SC for this year’s lame Christmas theme. It’s not like they have the money or resources to come up with something better or more generous in loot & gems. If they did have the money & didn’t do that, then you can call them lazy, greedy and cheap. (….. for some of you, it may take a while to see the sarcasm.)

      • I am hoping they do. Part of my comment was birthed from the fact that SC has an agenda and the comments they receive from people are usually glanced over. If the comments are nice, they are nice. If a complaint or suggestion, they place it in the “not part of our agenda” pile and move on until the pile gets too heavy. Until they feel the bite of disapproval, the comments are ignored. Let’s look at it another way, if my company grew astronomically because of customer support, I would give my clients the best of the best in utter gratitude because, if it weren’t for them, I’d still be pushing out sub standard crap out of my mom’s basement. Giving the clash community a huge show of appreciation in my opinion is the least they can do. PERIOD.

        • You should stop playing. You seem to be a little upset over some really minor stuff. Find something that takes a little skill, not just the tapping on a screen. Your sarcasm is over free stuff, how much more will make you happy (rethorical question)? The answer is that it doesn’t matter, you’ll just find something else to desire. You should find something constructive to do with yourself, away from VIDEO GAMES!

          • So how long have you been working at Supercell? Or are you one of those types who seem to not realize that companies require certain criticism in order to make improvements to their products? Or are you easily offended because I found something I don’t like about the game? That’s why we have the “comments” section. If they easily offend you, that is not my problem. I wasn’t aware my comments were to be tailored to your taste.

          • I don’t work for supercell and your comments are not offensive to me. Criticism and constructive criticism are two different things. Your “comments” (as you put it) are not as much criticism as they are complaining. You are just whining about not getting what you want. Suck-it-up-buttercup and find a hobby that suites your needs better then just b*tching on a forum. You’re playing a free game, FREE! No commercials, no pop-ups, no junk to deal with…just good ‘ol fashion playing.
            BTY I don’t want you to tailor your “comments” to my taste. By the wording you use I think it’s clear who is offended.

          • Have you read any of the reviews & comments on other sites re: the new update? The flood of negative reviews, comments, etc. are the most Supercell has received in its history. And many of these are scathing in what they have to say. And you decide to be a dick to me? LOL….. Nice going! As well, this “free game” made them BILLIONS of dollars! Not millions: BILLIONS! So for the many of us that have once upon a time spent a few dollars on this “free game”, we have the right to express our views freely and not be criticized for it. You need a life, dude.

          • hmmm… my comment was supposed to be in reply to someone saying something like “why do you guys comment about some dumb game. It doesn’t even take skill” or something along those lines. It might have been the deleted comment, but I think it was something else entirely.

          • And you should stop being a hypocritical troll. Trolling game comments pages when you dont play is really productive kid.

          • I do play & I’m not a kid. The hypocracy is when someone puts a comment out for others to read that bashes something but cannot accept a response. Don’t post if you can’t handle a reply you won’t like.

          • Looks like I got banned on Bearingdrift for nailing Brian on his faux conservatism. I didn’t find out until after I responded to your insane post, so I copy it below to make sure you see it.

            “No Muslim has ever tried to kill you either.”

            More false assumptions. Short bio, US Army, 6 months in Somalia. You know, a muslim country? Black Hawk Down, heard of it? Wasn’t there for that, but I was there for the six months prior when they were trying to kill me every day. So don’t tell me that muslims didn’t try to kill me.

            “You bias is here: “160 MILLION”… that is not accurate. ”

            If it is inaccurate it is because I’m giving them too much credit. There are 1.6 BILLION muslims in the world. There are polls out there that show as much as 70% of certain muslim populations support terror attacks. 10%, or 160 million is a LOW BALL estimate.

            “You never read the book, so excuse me if I don’t take your word for what the intended meaning is for the words in it.”

            Argument by ad hominem. I haven’t given you MY interpretation, I have given you links to others who have looked at the relevant passages in their historic context and completely dismembered the arguments of you bizarre islam apologists who amazingly keep insisting that all of these muslims are killing all of these innocent people for something other than their religion.

            But, yeah, I know, anybody who publishes truth that doesn’t match your psychotic “we are the world” mentality where no one is trying to kill us (except maybe the NRA), is just “bashing” those peaceful muslims who have never killed anyone. /sarcasm

            “You asked me to name a Christian terrorist, how about Hitler.”

            BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!. Let’s burn this strawman to the ground, shall we? First of all, I didn’t ask you to name a “Christian terrorist.” I specifically asked you to name “You say there are tons of Christians committing terror in the name of their religion, NAME THEM.” There is a world of difference between a terrorist who happens to be Christian, and a Christian who is committing terrorist acts in the name of Christianity. Second, I said “committing”, that is a present tense word. Assuming, arguendo, that Hitler was a “Christian terrorists”, he stopped “committing” anything roughly 70 years ago. Third, Hitler did not commit his acts in the name of Christianity. He committed his atrocities in the name of the Nazi party. Finally, I would find it hilarious were it not so tragic, that you bring up the guy whose work modern islamofascists are trying to finish — namely the extermination of Jews.

            “Because that is what those Muslim people are doing. Their nation is being attacked by a superior military power (yet again) that they are attempting to repel it.”

            Wow, you have gone so far into leftist la la land that I can’t even follow this. “Their nation”? What “nation”? Muslims are spread across the globe. They are not committing terror in the name of their nation, they are committing it in the name of their religion.

            “Now that it is US forces doing it, it’s “terrorism”.”

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            “When people with view like yours (kill all Muslims)”

            When and where EXACTLY did I say that? Quote it or admit you lied.

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            You need to seriously check YOUR moral compass.

            “You might see a Christian try to kill you or someone you care about if they say, work at a clinic that performs abortions.”

            Since 9/11/2001, how many Christians have attacked abortion clinics in the name of their religion? Hmmmm? Does it reach the 27,000 plus attacks that have resulted in at least one death carried out in the name of islam since 9/11/2001?


            “Don’t pretend Christians have never performed horrible acts if you want to appear rational.”

            I’m not, which is why I asked you specifically to name Christians that were “committing” — present tense — acts of terror in the name of their religion. The prisons are filled with “Christians” who have committed horrible crimes. But they weren’t committed in the name of Christianity. So if YOU want to appear rationale, stick to citing MODERN instances of terror that Christians are committing IN THE NAME OF THEIR RELIGION.

            I know why you don’t want to do that, because other than a handful of abortion clinic attacks, there have been no such attacks. Moreover, those attacks pale to statistical insignificance given the 27,000 plus deadly attacks muslims have committed IN THE NAME OF THEIR RELIGION in the last 14 years.

            Go ahead, count the number of abortion clinic attacks that have been committed in that same time frame, I’ll wait.

            “Even if the original intent of the text WERE violent, it does not mean that those people practicing it are violent”

            They ARE violent. The polls and 27,000 plus deadly terror attacks specifically committed in the name of those words in the last 14 years PROVE that the practitioners of islam view them that way and are actively following them.

            “This is called “being a rational human being”. ”

            You can’t claim to be rational after calling the murder of innocent civilians justified.

  3. I like last years; I despise this years. Besides last years having the spawning presents bonus, this one isn’t Christmas-y at all. It looks like the top to a tower of a building..shingles, wrapped in gold chains and with a mace instead of a star. I half expect the tree to open up on Christmas day, and goblins dressed as elves to jump out and still my loot..loot that I am already having issues saving cause I can’t attack enough to recoup losses made by gemmed th 11s.

    • I half expect the tree to open up on Christmas day, and goblins dressed as elves to jump out and still my loot

      This cracked me up. I actually hope that happens now just to see it, I don’t care if I lose all my loot!

  4. I got mine two days after it started showing and how to see the second one soon…
    To have them spawn on the edge use a base layout that covers the entire map and don’t leave any 2Γ—2 spots inside your base.
    Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  5. We players have made SuperCell BILLIONAIRS several times over. Know that each update is geared toward making them richer and richer. We pay to play, pure and simple…..we also pay to acknowledge how brilliant and FUN the game is! But at the same time it stinks of serious rot that SuperCell can’t give the paupers (us) little trinkets like Christmas presents and Christmas trees. Maybe someone put the squeeze on them that Christmas isn’t PC anymore ??? Nah, couldn’t be that. Let’s just go with the obvious=GREED πŸ™

  6. Hey Potter, I want to know that are you only guy who run this COCLAND site? The reason for i want to know is that there is so many questions in this COCLAND and you answered all correctly. Means if you only handle this site i would like to hats off to you seriously. And if you’ve team work than salute to your team work. Big fan of your COCLAND.

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