Bigger Map, Longer Attack Time and War Related Updates

Hi Clasher fellows,

So after a day without sneak peeks, today we have couples of new special ones related to Clan War. I hope you guys will love them.


  1.  We will have a pretty bigger map due to the current Town Hall 10 and the upcoming Town Hall 11. Truly we don’t have enough space to drop your troops properly for having a decent attack at the moment.
  2. We will have 30 more seconds for attacking (3m30s) and 15 more seconds for scouting (45s in total). It will be much easier to get 3 stars at Town Hall 9.
  3. The War Preparation Day reduced to 23 hours. This means your Clan can always War around the same time.
  4. All obstacles that are on the border currently will be moved to the new border. You don’t need to worry about the ring anymore guys!
  5. The maximum loot threshold will be slightly increased due to the new Town Hall Storage.image
  6. The Healer’s range will be reduced a bit.
  7. Updating….

What do you think about the sneak peeks today my friends?


  1. What?!!! The are nerfing the healer?! WTF! That was THE only thing that made the healer cool. Gosh, Glider and the dudes over at Lost Phoenix are going to be pissed off since they just developed the “Royal Witchcraft” attack method. Super Cell, y’all totally SUCK!

    • daing dude do you even like anything from the new update? lol just asking cause almost every comment ive run across thats ures is something always negative lol. keep a positive mind im preatty sure when the update is finally here ull see it wont be so bad : )

      • Most of this update sucks in my opinion. You are correct, most of my comments on his update have been negative. I am not the only one expressing such opinions. Do you seriously think the healer was overpowered? It obviously isn’t. It seems like every time we figure out how to use a new strategy in Clash the developers nerf the strategy. That is simply a really rude move in my book. When the queen first came out it was much more powerful, then they nerfed it. People started using a healer-queen strategy to give her a little more staying power, in response the developers are nerfing the healer. If they don’t want us to come up with these strategies then why even have the damn queen? It is especially frustrating when you have been building up your base and your troops in anticipation of taking advantage of the strategies you have been studying for the next town hall level and they get nerfed. This isn’t the first time they do this type of thing to new and progressing players. Dudes on the top don’t really care, but if you are just about to progress to TH 9, this blows!

        • your right dude tbh it does seem that SC keeps trying to keep us from thinking outside the box, and try to control the way we play the game. i’m a th8.5 and lol tbh it can get frustrating sometimes farming. i hear you just saying let’s wait for the update and give it a try before quit lol. ( not saying you’re qUitting just i’ve seen lots of people saying they were lol) but your right suks. These upcoming sneak peeks shouldn’t be so bad.

    • It kinda makes sense to reduce the healer’s range because the combined range of the queen and healers allowed the queen to target air defenses without the healers being in range. Thus the queen-walk, which doesn’t really make sense as a strategy.

      • Of course it makes sense as a strategy. That is the whole point. It doesn’t make her invincible. It doesn’t guarantee victory. It is one of the coolest ways to use a queen. Not every uses it because it doesn’t always make sense in every situation.

          • I disagree. There are many videos online where you can see people use this strategy and often the queen does not last to the end. In my clan we have a fellow that uses this at the beginning of his attack. His queen is usually toast by the middle of his attack. Also, if the air defenses of all types are arranged properly they will take out the healers, especially since they are usually bunched together in a tight group which makes them easy splash damage victims.

          • The point of a queen-walk isn’t to keep the queen alive for the raid, it’s to get a few defences (normally the AD), which this strategy excels at.

          • Super, we agree. The strategy is perfectly reasonable for accomplishing a particular job. As you stated, “[the point]…isn’t to keep the queen alive for the raid, it’s to get a few defenses.. out of the way.”

            I believe we have been dwelling on a non issue as it doesn’t seem to me that the healer’s ranged is going to be nerfed after all. Nobody else has reported that the healer’s range is being dropped. I believe that the “Super Queen” and “Royal Witchcraft” strategies are safe.

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