Amazing Facts about Barbarian King

Here are some amazing facts about Barbarian King in Clash of Clans that maybe you don’t know. It takes me couples of months me to recognize them all and I just want to share them here for all other players.

Barbarian King Fun Facts

Amazing Facts about Barbarian King

  • Our King can’t be affected by the Spring Trap.
  • You can’t use him in Clan Wars If he is being upgraded. I hope Supercell will change this soon.
  • Our Barbarian King hold his sword in the left hand when he turns toward to the left sides and will be rendered in a mirror image If he faces to the right. I think this is for saving the graphic space.
  • If you move the Altar while the Barbarian King is sleeping, he will get up and walk to the new Altar’s place and sleep again there.
  • You can heal the Barbarian King with Healer or Healing Spell but the healing amount will be a 50% smaller than other troops.
    For example, If a level 4 Healer can give Golems 71HP per second, she just can give the Barbarian King 35.5HP/sec.
  • A jungle will play once the King’s HP is healed to 100%.
  • You can’t see the Barbarian King in the Edit Mode, you just can see the Altar.
  • The slash he does on every troop or building has a small explosion.
  • Every time you tap on Barbarian King, he will yell a battle cry and stand for a couples of sec.
  • You can see his active area by tapping on the Altar, just like other defensive buildings. He will wander in this circle to protect your village.
  • The Rage Spell doesn’t stack with his Iron Fist ability.
  • If you upgrade the King, the builder will work on his Altar. I still don’t know why. Maybe the Alter gives him power.
  • The Barbarian King will have approximately 2% damage 2.5% health after every new level. His total regeneration time will be also added 2 minutes.
  • The level of Barbarians the King summons is the same as your current Barbarian’s level.
  • His fist turns to gold at level 10.
  • If he falls while the Iron Fist skill is still active, although the Barbarians nearby will not be boosted anymore but the purple aura ring will remain until it is supposed to expired.

If you have any other fun facts about the Barbarian King, please share :D!


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