Air Sweeper Update

Today, the new update called Air Sweeper is out with plenty of new features! Let’s take a look discuss about this new update.

Air Sweeper Update

30/4 – Air Sweeper Update for Clash of Clans

New Air Defense: Air Sweeper

Air Sweeper is the brand new air defensive building in Clash of Clans which doesn’t deal damage but can push back a squad of air troops. You can buy at Town Hall 6 and upgrade it at higher Town Hall levels. For more details about this new defense, you can read the Air Sweeper Guide.

air sweeper clash of clans

Clan Bookmarks System

You now can bookmark total 30 Clans in the Clan menu of Clan Castle to view and follow them. This will be much more useful because you don’t have to find a certain Clan everyday.

Clan War attack army preview

Your army will be previewed before every Clan War attack. You will never have unprepared attack again! Troops in the previewed windows are split into 4 groups: Troops, Clan Troops, Spells and Heroes like the screenshot below.


Some new interface improvements

  • You can now change your name from Town Hall 5 once but If you one to change it again, you have to follow this changing name tutorial.
  • Chat log shows every single change of the Clan.
  • You can now see the attack range of a defensive building while it is being upgraded.
  • You can change the defense modes of buildings/Heroes while they are being upgraded.

Some new Gameplay improvements

  • Attacking troops don’t start chasing the Clan troops as far as yesterday.
  • Improved loot of some low level maps in Single Player Campaigns.
  • While searching match, you now usually can find villages which have the same TH level as you.
  • Better Clan War Matchmaking system.
  • Fixed some small bugs.

Such a big change in Clash of Clans, isn’t it?


  1. its not good update .. enemy can see the angle of air sweeper .. they can attack from backside and their will be no use of this defend. i suggest for 360 rotation automatic for air sweeper else its just waste of thing

  2. else it can have to options air/ ground like xbows. so it can be protected from ground . and 1 more thing i want to add that if the angle was hidden for enemy than it will good for defence . i recommed for automatic rotation it will be the best

  3. well… thanks for ruining clash supercell. the raiding system was fine before. now ( as a TH 9!!!) all i get are maxxed TH 10’s raiding me and stealing everything i have. sure, theres more loot, but theres also more ppl stealing that loot. i liked the old matchmaking system, why change it? ik i probably wont be heard and supercell wont even care but i cant be the only one out there who feels this way.

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