5 Gems/hour Boost – Minion Level 7

Today we have gotten a special gift from Supercell for all hardcode farmers in Clash of Clans. I hope all you guys will like the sneak peek today!


  1. New Minion level 7 and will be just available atย  Town Hall 11. I really like the new Minion model.
  2. Now we just need to spend 5 Gems for boosting our Barrack/Hero/Spell Factory in 1 hour. This is awesome!




  1. It is about time SC allows us to boost in one hour increments. Who was the jerk that thought things should have to be done in two hour increments anyway? Sure, new minions are cool for the TH 11 people, but the questions everybody wants answered are about the new hero. Mainly this, if the new hero only costs 6 million elixir will we be able to get it at TH 8 and 9, or is this going to be yet another exclusive TH 11 thing? Seeing all of this stuff that the TH 11 dudes are going to be getting is getting kind of boring. It will be a long time before I reach TH 11 and things will certainly change by then, so for most clashers grinding through bloody wars to get to the top the TH 11 announcements are hardly even worth considering. Will COC even be around by the time I reach TH 11? Gosh, that would really suck if I worked my way to the top and SC killed the game. Talk about a Clash nightmare! Hopefully after SC has raked in all of the cash it wants from COC it will go open source. I know, that is CRAZY talk.

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