Advanced Wall Breaker Guide

Wall Breaker is one of the most popular troops in Clash of Clans besides Barbarians and Archers because of its special ability: Breaking Walls. Bang bang bang! That’s everything we can remember whenever hear about the name Wall Breaker!

Clash of Clans Wall Breaker

How Wall Breakers look like at each level

Wall Breaker Levels

Somethings you should know about the Wall Breaker

  • You can unlock Wall Breaker once you have Barrack level 5. (Town Hall 3). It has a brown aviator hat and a large bomb.
  • Wall Breakers deals splash damage in 2 tiles by detonating the bombs. It deals 40 x damage to the Walls.
  • In the battle, Wall Breakers will find the nearest building then destroy the protective walls around it. They won’t target any empty compartment until all buildings get destroyed.
    Wall Breakers tend to destroy walls of the compartment which is being attacked by Heroes.
  • As its name, Wall is its favorite target, it prioritize the walls above all other things. They will find walls and destroy them and only target buildings until there isn’t any wall left.
  • If there is no wall in the battle, they will attack the closest building and can be affected by defensive Clan troops.
  • Wall Beakers can’t be affected by the Jumping Spell. They will never jump regardless.

Wall Breaker in Barrack

Wall Breaker and numbers

Favorite Target Attack Type Housing Space Training Time Movement Speed Attack Speed
Walls Ground splash damage (x40 Vs. Walls) 2 2 minutes 24 1s
Wall Breaker Level Damage vs. Walls HP Elixir Cost Research Cost Research Time
1 480 20 1000 0 0
2 640 24 1500 100000 1 day
3 960 29 2000 250000 2 days
4 1280 35 2500 750000 3 days
5 1840 42 3000 2250000 5 days
6 2400 54 3500 6750000 10 days

Wall Breaker Strategies

  • Using Wall Breakers to destroy walls helps improve your attack a lot since other troops will not get killed quickly as they don’t have to cluster to focus on walls
  • Wall Breakers will not destroy wall if they can’t see any buildings behind it (empty compartments).
  • Don’t bring too many Wall Breakers into the battle because that will eat your housing space badly. You just need couples of Wall Breakers to get into the core.
  • While doing raid, you can use other troops (Giants or Barbarians for example) to distract the enemy defensive buildings so your Wall Breakers will not get attacked while finishing their duty.
  • Sometimes, depending on your Town Hall level, you need 2 Wall Breakers to destroy walls. You can read more about this at Walls and Wall Breakers.
  • If there are still Wall Breakers after destroying walls, they will come to destroy inner walls.
  • Because they can do splash damage, sometimes you can use them to finish the low HP buildings located next to walls easily.
  • Most Clash of Clans ground attack strategies need Wall Breakers. They play a big part in this game!

A funny video about Wall Breakers and Jump Spells

What do you think about Wall Breaker? Do you have any tips about it?


  1. i used it in my lp’s and i lost 25 raids with this. This is a fake and crap guide, i even saw a guy with 4.3k cups in my clan use this strategy in bronze I and he got only 27% This is a dumb guide, no one can master it.

    • Observe carefully, drop your Wall Breakers once the Mortar Ball hits the ground so them wont be hit by the next one.
      Keep practicing and you will do it great.
      There is no trick or tip here. Just practice!

    • There are actually some youtube videos out there where someone packed their CC with wall breakers. It was hilarious to watch. All they did was blow themselves up near the troops. They weren’t very effective. It is too bad they don’t keep their X40 damage when in the CC, that would be awesome.

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