Village Guard

Today, Supercell has introduced another new feature of the upcoming update – Village Guard. The new Village Guard feature is an impressive short-term way to prevent attackers from raiding your village while it isn’t shielded.

Village Guard Clash of Clans

Basically your village will have the Village Guard after the Shield expires or after a weak raid (overall damage <30%) so you will have enough time to ream your traps. Unlike the new Shield, you can attack when having Village Guard without getting penalty (the new Shield costs you a decent amount of shield time each attack).


The Village Guard time after a shield expires depends on your League:

Bronze LeagueSilver LeagueGold LeagueCrystal LeagueMaster League = free 15-minute Village Guard when the shield expires.

Champion League = free 30-minute Village Guard when the shield expires.

Titan League Titan III = free 1-hour Village Guard when the shield expires.

Titan League Titan II = free 2-hour Village Guard when the shield expires.

Titan League Titan I andΒ Legend League = free 3-hour Village Guard when the shield expires.


Village Guard Vs. Shield

Village Guard Shield
From 15 minutes to 3 hours From 12 hours to 7 days
Attacking costs nothing Attacking costs Shield time
Granted free Village Guard immediately after Shield expires Granted free Shield immediately after getting attacked
Guard time depends on League The same at all Leagues
Extra Guard time available for 10 Gems Extra Shield time available for 100+ Gems
Only can be bought while Shield is down Can be bought at anytime
Counts towards Personal Break Never counts towards Personal Break

New Personal Break System

Another small change in this new update is about Personal Break: After 3 hour online (including Village Guard time) without having a shield, you will get kicked off for about 6 minutes. This change makes sure every player in game defends regularly.

What do you think about these new changes?


  1. I just feel this game is getting really lopsided. It’s favours the stronger th’s vs the lower th’s. Longer shields. No more th snipes etc all favouring the higher th players. Somewhere the other guys are talking about th7s and 8 should not be in champs and this will ensure they head back down. Why I ask? So what if they snipe their way up. It’s not easy sniping their way up anyways. So how does it matter? Sorry but I feel it’s very unfair and the balance of power rests with stronger th’s in every way. Bummer!!!

    • Yep! Well said! So far the sneak peeks are showing that this update only caters to TH10 players which is ridiculous. I hope that they have some good stuff coming soon! Farming will be terrible. You’ll need better troops to try to grab more loot….which means attack times will be lengthened by much. Barch won’t due anymore! you’ll need close to a war army just to farm (which means ‘loot per hour’ will go drastically down). My hope is that they improve the Bonus Loots to help lower THs. Since sniping will be gone, folks will need to raid full time! So much for improvement in quality of life/play! Make the game harder for newcomers…yes that make alot of business sense $$!

  2. Boo… horrible changes. Personal break reduced to 3 hours BUT you can BUY extra 2 hours (village guard) so you don’t get kicked off? rip off.

    I used to stay online as long as I can to earn enough to do expensive upgrades, now for sure I would get raided which makes saving up so much harder.

    Not cool SuperCell.

    • Bruh wait til all the sneak peeks are out before you make assumptions. Everything is linked. It looks like they’re improving trophy pushing, as theyre also going to change the loot bonuses for the different leagues. I think they’re just eliminating farming as a loophole strat and enhancing trophy pushing and they might make loot bonuses for victories a lot higher to help people get resources. Goes hand in hand with new shield system and village guard. The new shield system alone makes your argument about being raided more invalid…

      • Gosh, you are 100% correct Cameron. You know, I really shouldn’t be speaking. Did you know that I haven’t even completed everything. I am glad we have people around like you that have completed everything and are able to help make sure lower town hall people form proper opinions about Super Cell and the updates they release.

        Two thumbs up πŸ™‚

        • I havent completed everything this game has to offer, though i am wise enough to know i have to wait and see how the game actually is before i make a snap judgment on the update. I understand its hard for people to accept their ignorance, just trying to help you see the bigger picture

          • Are y’all paying attention? I know I am.

            We should all just “accept [our] ignorance.”

            Cameron, I’m glad we have you hear to enlighten us about our ignorance. I’m looking forward to you enlightening us with your wisdom about how to see the bigger picture.

            Hey, why haven’t you spoken up before with your wisdom? That just hasn’t been fair to any of us. Lay it on us buddy. We need big picture people like you to help us out. Don’t keep that wisdom bottled up. It isn’t good for you or us.

            Now, due to my obvious ignorance I will defer to you and let you speak.

    • I totally agree Yobbei. The more I think about how these changes will affect the game the angrier I get. Will someone please make an opensource version of COC so the players can host their own global game network and simply bypass Supercell altogether?

      Do y’all remember how the developers were sucky players at the last ClashCon? I bet they don’t even play that much, but they are forcing us to play how they deem it to be best? GRRRRR!!! πŸ™

  3. This december update is going to change the game system almost…. Ruining many farm strategies too… It might end up with reducing the Game Popularity.. Wtf..! Do they think most people are playing in TH10…!

    • Town hall level only makes a difference to army strength and defences. There are lots of th10 in lower leagues because the want to farm there. This might push them to climb the leagues to get the advantage of increased shield time. Or it might not of course.

  4. Here is another thought, when this update hits y’all better hope your defenses are maxed out! The only thing that is going to save your trophies now is going to be raw firepower. If you sniped your way up and you have been neglecting your defenses, then you are going to be put in the meat grinder. People with crappy defenses will quickly settle into the lower leagues. The leagues are going to quickly stratify so that upper leagues means you have strong defenses and higher level town halls. The TH 11 dudes will push the lot of us down. That means that all of those rich Arab and Chinese dudes will rule the roost because they will pay.

  5. now there will be no loot anywhere, now ill have to stay online for ages to avoid losing all of my dark to all drag raids, Since im th7 i cannot be able to play any more, this update is only for high level

  6. On my gah can they do anything else in this update that screws the game up any moreΒ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are ruining the game!!!!! With all this shield crap there is going to be nobody to attack!!!!!!!! So you can’t loot therefore everyone is going to be buying resources with gems which is exactly what they want!!!! Supercell or if anyone who has direct contact with someone in supercell if you don’t make it easier to get gems or make them cheaper you are gonna end up losing alot of players!!!!!!!!!! I spend a decent amount of money on gems already and so does people in my family but if you keep making it where we have to purchase gems to get farther in the game I promise you supercell people WILL QUIT playing so you better have something to counter this new shield and less looting undate add on!!! Quit being so greedy do you not make enough already really think about it!!!!!!

      • I need to rethink nothing and first off the first and only goal supercell should have is making the players happy at all cost it, should not be about making money it should be about its players without players you have no company, the money will come as long as the players are happy! Let that sink in for a minute!

          • Where do you get that people expect them to live off air. .. You have to be a child due to your statement ” they need as much money as we do” let me assure you they make more money in a month off gems than you will acquire in a year if not 2 years of work! Now let’s get back on the subject here I do not expect them to not make money that was in no way the point I was trying to get across the point I’m trying to make is they made plenty of money before this new update just off people buying gems but basically everything in this update is going to end up with people having to buy gem if they want to be able to move forward in the game not just to boost barracks or get a AQ LVL you are going to have to fill gold and elixer storages along with de! So like I said it all links o more money and greed and if you ready in other post a morjority of other people agree with me!

            So let that sink in, and please be quite child grown men are talking here! ; )

  7. Everyone who reads this please guys we have to stress the gem thing!!! Make it easier to get gems reward us with more gem so ething has to give man right no its all one side and its definitely supercell side as far as gems and money they have to give a little bit?!!!!! Everyone please band with me and let them know we need something or someway to make gems!!!!!!! Beside that weak gembox what does 25 gems do!!! Absolute!y nothing that won’t even cover my barracks I spend on avaerage 200 a day on barrack boosting !!!! Please guys work with me stress the gem thing guys we have too!!!!!

  8. This is just 3 out of 14 sneak peeks guys, Im sure Supercell has thought about this for a year or so. FARMING IS NOT RIP. Village guard, I don’t mind, Actually good for me! All SC is doing is putting a little more strategy outside of war. Why u have to be med guys?

  9. I have a question I’m a th 9 and well I never been playing in master or never get to champ but what I’m hearing is this update will affect mora the high level leagues that the lower ones so idk can someone explain this to me?

  10. Hey I have two questions. Does the personal break reset when you get a shield or when you get attacked? Because you might not get a shield although you got attacked sometimes.. And what if a Th5 attacks a Th3 (this is an example) but doesn’t deploy 1/3 of his troops, (which is alright since he has lvl 3 barch) and 100% the th3, will the th3 get a shield since the Th5 didn’t deploy 1/3 of his troops?

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