Ultimate Town Hall 8 Guide: No Grind, No Shine!

Whether you are a Town Hall 8 player or not, I think that this awesome guide will be extremely useful for you!

First off, You should also max all your farming troop upgrades and also key defenses (Mortars, Wizar Towers,…) before going to Town Hall 8. If you are upgrading your Town Hall to level 8, try to farm Gold and Elixir during this time as you will need to use them a lot after getting to Town Hall 8. Then, If you are looking for a good TH8 Farming Base, please give this base a try.

Town Hall 8 Clash of Clans

TH8 Building Upgrade Order

I started Town Hall 8 with 4 builders. The fifth builder is great but I think 4 guys are enough at TH8, truly you really need the last one when you reach Town Hall 9 in the future. I prefer boosting Barracks/Spell Factory to buying the 5th builder.

Don’t use all those builders to upgrade defensive buildings at a time otherwise your village will be very weak! Also, you shouldn’t upgrade more than 1 building of a defense type at a time.

clash of clans buildings

What should be upgraded first?

  • Laboratory: New troop upgrades are always the most interesting thing we care about after upgrading Town Hall. By upgrading your Laboratory at first, you can farm much easier. This is the most important building you need to care about at all TH levels.
  • Dark Spell Factory: I am pretty sure that most Town Hall 7 players really want to get the Poison Spell because of its use. It’s extremely useful in both farming and Clan Wars. 1 Poison Spell is enough to protect from most Clan Castle troops. You will also should upgrade this to level 2 as soon as possible to get the Earthquake Spell and dominate with your the combo ZapQuake.
  • Clan Castle: The higher level your Clan Castle is, the more Treasure Loot and Clan troops you can hold. A lot of players like upgrading Army Camps before this, that’s not always great. Upgrading 1 Army Camp gives you 5 more housing spaces, upgrading the Clan Castle can give you 5 more housing spaces, more loot space and you can use that 5 housing spaces in defense. It’s much better, right?
  • Dark Elixir Drill: Having an extra Dark Elixir Drill is one of the best things at this level. With 2 maxed Drills, you can earn 1,080 DE everyday. That’s so sweet.
  • New Defenses: After upgrading to Town Hall 8, you can buy some new defensive buildings (Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, Mortar, Tesla, Air Defense,…). Don’t leave them at level 1, keep upgrading them to at least level 5 as they will increase the overall strength of your base in both Clan Wars and normal matchmaking system.
  • Others:Β Barbarian King to level 10 -> Dark Barrack to level 4 (optional) -> Skeleton Traps -> Air Defenses -> Wizard Towers -> Hidden Teslas -> Air Sweeper -> Archer Towers -> Mortars -> Cannons -> Giant Bombs and Small Bombs -> Walls. I have posted a detailed guide for TH8 Upgrade Order. You can take a look at here for more details.


  1. Upgrading Tesla: Tesla is one of the most important defenses in Town Hall 9. You should upgrade them all to level 6 before upgrading to hit level 9.Β  You need to have at least 1 builder working on them most of the time since they take a very long time to upgrade.
  2. Level 10 Barbarian King: Upgrading your Barbarian King to at least level 5 is the most important task you should do with your Dark Elixir first before upgrading your Hogs or Minions. He and his special ability willΒ  help you skyrocket your farming speed. You can see why this is so important in my Barbarian King Guide.
  3. Walls: Upgrade them when you have nothing to build with your builders or when you are upgrading more than 3 defenses and don’t want anybody touch your loot.

Laboratory Upgrades:

Always be sure that you always have enough Elixir to use in Laboratory to keep it working. A fun fact for you: The time you need for upgrading troops/spells is much longer than the time 4 Buildings need to finish all building upgrades at Town Hall 8.

How should I upgrade my troops?

At this time, I recommend using this order

Archer dragon hog Barbarian wizard Wall Breaker pekka golemΒ rage spell healing spell pekka balloon then your favorite troops.

Why? You will definitely need either Archer or Goblin (If you like the Milking Strategy) for farming. Dragon attack strategies are still very over-powered at early-mid Town Hall 8 with the ZapQuake combo. After upgrading the Dragons, you will have enough Dark Elixir to upgrade your Hogs (keep working on your Barbarian King at this time). You should get them to level 4 as soon as possible. With level 4 Hogs and level 2 Golem, you can 3 star most Town Hall 8 War Bases at the late TH8 game. The most popular Army Compositions at this time are GoWiPe and GoHogs.

If your Clan are at level 5 or above, level 5 Balloons and level 4 Hog Riders will be very useful for donating.

Town Hall 8 Army Composition

Farming: There are a dozen of good farming strategies for Town Hall 8.

  • If you don’t mind to spend hours for farming, you definitely should try the Milking farming strategy. It’s one of the best strategies you can use at any Town Hall level.
  • GiBAM is another great choice. It’s one of the fastest-to-train army compositions in Clash of Clans, and very effective of course. With this farming army, you just need about 15 minutes to train a full army (while Barch takes up to 20 minutes). Less time = more loot. At Town Hall 8, I can easily make 2 million loot every hour with this army composition. Why don’t give it a try? Take a look at this guide for more details.
  • B.A.M is the fastest-to-train farming army in game. With this strategy, you can easily get the Dark Elixir Storage of most TH8 farming bases. You can take a look at here for more information.

Clan Wars: I have mentioned couples of the best War strategies in the Laboratory Uprades section above, please take a look!

When you finish your buildings, troop upgrades and Walls, and you don’t want to stay at TH8 anymore, want bigger camps, bigger troops, want to own the X-bow and want to see the black castle. It’s time for Town Hall 9!


  1. Good advice and all, but you need to proof-read and edit before publishing anything. There are way too many grammatical mistakes; in fact, I couldn’t even understand some of your sentences due to this.

  2. I think the troop upgrade order is all wrong. You actually mentioned goblins but yet never even mention Baloons? LVL 6 balloons is by far the most significant troop upgrade at TH9. You can farm just fine with lvl 5 barch, especially since you can now bring 20 more barch with you.

    • IMO you should upgrade your Camps as soon as possible along with Spell Factory. Upgrade your Barracks so you can use Dragons in War. You can upgrade your Barracks at late TH8 to use P.E.K.K.As in Clan Wars.

      • im done with task laboratory, clan castle, and de drill. should i max the drill thou? i assume this guide is based when de drill is only available in th8? thats why you prioritized it, since then its already updated, i had the th7 de drill max(lvl3 in th7) out during my th7 and the new one level1. currently upgrading my new tesla to level3 as you have said it but only 1 builder(4d), and 1 in new ad to level4(1.5d), and last 2 builders on new new storage both gold and elix to level9(9.5hrs), could you help me properly order whats next to be upgraded after this?

          • i dont still have enough elixir for the de drill upgrade(2M), and im planning to upgrade my new WT(lvl3-lvl4) and Mortar(lvl4-lvl5) after the 2 builders working on the new storage(lvl8-lvl9) which is about 6hrs from now.

            im fresh from th7, and all my defenses is still th7 maxed out except the new AT(lvl6/lvl8), WT(lvl3/lvl4), AD(lvl3/lvl5), Mortar(lvl4/lvl5), Tesla(lvl2/lvl3)
            -***building(lvl of the new/lvl of the other old th7 maxed out)

            can you guide me on the upgrade priority order cause im totally out of track now

            my priority is the bk, as long as i have the enough de requirement to upgrade, i upgrade it immediately after a builder goes vacant

            like which goes first de drill? or the barracks? or the defenses? (in the defense upgrade order section can you note which tower first to maxed out, as you have said in this guide, always work on tesla, then mortar for barch then WT, then AD over AT? or vice versa? and of course lastly the Canons)

            Thank You so much! By far you are the most coolest tutor i found in the online world! Thanks a lot for responding my questions Mr. Potter πŸ™‚

          • my village Mr. Will Potter and as you can see its very fresh from th7 to th8 upgrade

          • It is my pleasure Jan. Very glad If I can help you.
            I think you should upgrade your defenses with this priority order: Mortar > Wizard Tower > Archer Tower > Air Defense > Cannon.
            Try to upgrade no more than 2 buildings of each type at a time.

            You don’t need to upgrade your Barracks so soon, Just upgrade them to train Dragons for Clan Wars. Upgrade Barracks when you are at late TH8, you will need to use P.E.K.K.As for Clan Wars at that tie.

          • Thanks Again Mr. Will Potter,
            I’am highly recommending your guide to my fellow clan mates and everyone else!

  3. Hi Will I went th8 a month ago. IMO my upgrade was new de drill Max lvl 3, DE storage Max lvl 4. Much needed at this lvl I think. On defence I think if you war alot AD lvl 6 is a priority then splash,archer,cannon etc. I have 1 builder on Tesla from day 1 all to lvl 3 then up grade them all to lvl 4,5,6. Thanks

    • Hi Hunter.
      Ya you are right, the Dark Elixir Drills are really important, we need the passive loot everyday! As below I said we should upgrade them at first before other Elixir buildings.

      And yep, Dragons are quite dominating at Early and Mid Town Hall 8, maxing out Air Defenses before Archer Towers, Cannons and Air Sweepers is recommend.

  4. Hey will thank you for posting this guide, I am almost max th8 thanks to this.I do have a question though.I am done all lab upgrades using elixir except for Pekkas lvl 3, I only have dark troops left to upgrade.Which order should I upgrade them in because I use them all equally and do not know which dark troop upgrades would help me more.Your opinion on this would be nice.

  5. Thanks for the guide! I’m a new TH8 member as of last night, and I’m feverishly upgrading! First off was Laboratory, adding my second DE drill, and all the new basic defense forces.

    I upgraded BK to level 5, and finished all other upgrades aside from 10 walls, and the two DE research troops before I moved to TH8. I plan on finishing all upgrades before moving to TH9.

    Best of luck raiding!

  6. Great Guide man, I just hit TH8 today my Th7 is max out except for the Gold and elixir collector but I already have plans of what to upgrade long before I get to this TH. I have 4 Builders soon to be 5 because I manage to get to master league before Th8 hehe… What I did is just the same I upgraded laboratory and CC first but I also upgraded the DE storage aswell since my Bk is already lvl5 and the last builder I use him for AD. Anyway the only thing I can’t decide for now is what troops to upgrade first Dragoon or Barch?, we do war everytime, so what do you suggest? I was leaning more on the Dragoon just because I just wanted to get over it fast since its a 10 day up.

  7. Hi, I just started th8 a few weeks ago, but I didnt see this guide yet, so I kinda messed up a bit? Well, I upgraded my air defense to level 6 first, and upgraded my drag(lvl3) and hogs(lvl3). I also maxed my de storage+drill. So what do u think I should farm for next?? My dark barracks is only level 2 cause i Dont really know how to gowipe in clan wars so yeah..

  8. I am getting really confused. I try to follow the advice in this blog, The “Upgrade Order for Buildings” blog, and the “Troop and Spell Upgrade Orders Quick guide”, but they all say something different.
    I try not to upgrade more than 2 defenses (of any kind) at a time (unless I have one that is just about to be done), and just recently switched to the Golden Planet layout after repeatedly getting raided by TH9’s for my DE with my own design.
    As you can see by the image I’ve included, I also bank as much elixir and DE as I possibly can.
    For troops and spells, I have the following:
    BK going to level 10 (as you recommended)
    Dark Troops:
    (3) Minions, (3) Hogs, (1) Valkyrie
    (5) Barbs, (5) Arch, (4) Giants, (4) Goblins, (4) WB, (3) Loons, (5) Wizards, (3) HF, (3) Dragon, (1) P.E.K.K.A,
    (4) L, (4) H, (5) R, (1) Poison, (1) EQ

    So I have a few questions if you don’t mind.
    1. Since my mortars are all now maxed out, should I only be working on wizard towers and Teslas until they are maxed out then move on to other things as I think the guides suggest?
    2. Should I unlock the Golem first then upgrade either my WB or P.E.K.K.As,(My next goal for my DE is to upgrade my Hogs to level 4 since my BK is maxed.), or upgrade then unlock?
    3. I get really confused with this one. Should I upgrade my Air Defense to level 6 before continuing to work on my archers towers, or the other way around? My clan is mainly a farming clan and we rarely go to war. The blogs both say something different here.
    One last question.
    4. One of my sons will be going to TH8 soon, and we have not upgraded his Hogs yet. His BK is maxed at level 5 and almost all of his other troops and spells are maxed as well as defenses. Should he wait to upgrade the hogs till after he gets to TH8 since level 6 BK is 22,500 DE and hogs are 20,000, or should he upgrade them now? None of us really use the hogs right now (Most of my clan mainly uses B.A.M)

    Sorry for the long post and so many questions. I just want to make sure that I am doing everything right so that when my clan ask for advice I don’t advise them wrong and so that it doesn’t take forever to get to the next TH level.
    I’m totally a fan of your blogs and think what you do is awesome! Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Will, I have a max th 7 and I’m planning to use drag+light+eq for war on the early until mid th 8 so can you please suggest me in what order should I upgrade my troops & spell? I was thinking about upgrading archer first before dragon for the sake of easier raiding but I’m worried it will take too long because my clan is focusing on war.
    I’m using android btw. Thank you for this awesome site πŸ™‚

  10. I just had to give this blog post some love. I have been using the Golden Planet design for quite a while now, and I guess you could say that I am currently mid TH8. The most DE I have lost in an attack with this layout is 640 against a TH9. I managed to get through the 40,000 hog upgrade with it, and I was very happy! πŸ™‚ I am now currently upgrading my P.E.K.K.A to level 2 and almost at the 60,000DE for the Golem upgrade. Two days ago, I decided to try a new layout, and after reading a lot of the reviews, I decided to try “The Nerd”. Within the first attack, again by a TH9, I lost over 1,800DE, so I immediately switched back to the Golden Planet layout, and so far, I have not had anymore problems with losing large amounts of DE. Thanks for giving us such a great layout! πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Will I have just recently upgraded to th8. Why is that am always facing maxed th8 in war when I am just at early th8? The best troop I got for clan wars are lvl2 drags which are not effective against maxed th8.Plus it’s becoming really hard to get loots while farming. Please give me some tips which troops to take for clan wars and a war base for early th8. I got lvl 2 drags and hogs, lvl 4 loons and wiz. Thank you.

  12. I’m upgrading my lightning to lvl5 and nxt wallbreaker then what’s next? Rage spell or Hogs to lvl4? Thanks
    Btw I got delayed with the WB because of my hogs and dragon. Because I’m planning to use zapquake and dragrider in my next wars.

  13. hi will my townhall 8 defence and walls are maxed, and i am upgrading my troops but i want to move to th9 so i can buy queen, and my king is level 10, i will upgrade my troops on th8. i am in champion league 2.

  14. I recently hit th eight it says to upgrade your barb king to higer lvl rather than getting fifth builder is this what y’all recommend also? I don’t have enough to do both so please tell me what y’all think will benefit me the most?

    • Well you SHOULD NOT use any gems until you have all 5 builders, definitely. I mean like really. Don’t. It will be a lot easier with 5 builders, and you can buy just about everything else using elixir and gold. Once you have 5 builders, I recommend boosting your barracks.

  15. Guys I m not able to get my 4 builder hut as i m the leader of clan so i have to fulfill all the req and i lose my my many gems in that and also my almost all achievements all completed so no chance of getting extra gems so plsss help me to give a cool soluton and also my drag attack is always failing in the war though my drags are lvl3 so plss help me

  16. i upgrading all my buildings to max on th8, and my troops bars(5), archers(5), wizards (5), balloons (5), dragons (3), pekka (3),goblins (4), wallbreakers (3),healer (2), minions (3), hogs (3), walkyrie (1), golem (2), barb king(10)…i prefer to stay on th8 unless all my walls will be of lev 8…and too hv to upgrade my hogs to lev 4, healing spell to 5, minions to lev 4, both de spells to lev 2,,,will it be wise for me to wait till all these to be upgraded or shd i go for th9..i always want all my stuff to be max before i jump to th9, need ur opinion guys…thanks will for the great page…love it

  17. Is it smart to collect all loot in your clan castle if your clan is active and then use it when you really need it for an expensive upgrade???And i just cant farm,i know i need to raid but i farm elixir and i cant use potions,even if i find base with 300k loot i get about 100-150,i know im looking for bases where loot is in collectors,but anyways its so hard to farm elixir,can you help me??? πŸ™

  18. hii your previous advice was nice i am now upgrading my lab bt i need 1 more advice in my clan wars i recieve max th 8 bases i am th 7 max yesterday got to th8 can u help how should i attack them i have drag lvl 2 and hog lvl 2

  19. Hi. I’m a Town Hall 8 with nearly maxed defenses, all maxed walls, with 5 builders. the only upgrades left are one Tesla Level 5, 3 Archer Towers Level 9, 2 Cannons Level 9, 3 Level 11 collectors, the rest Level 10 collectors.

    At the moment I got 1 builder working on Archer Tower, 1 on Cannon, 2 on Tesla. Should I have the last builder working on the final Tesla so that all of my Teslas are upgrading at the same time or work on the collectors?

    I meant to use it on the Tesla, then when there’s one builder free after finishing one of the Teslas I would upgrade to Town Hall 9. What do you think of this?

    • Hey Ben,
      I think you should upgrade your Collectors at this time. If you upgrade your last Tesla, your village will be very weak on defense.
      But If you want to upgrade to Town Hall 9, just go ahead, you can absolutely upgrade your Tesla later then!

      • Well thanks but I’ve already started the Tesla upgrade about 6 hours ago Will, as I hate idle builders. Apparently I don’t care too much on defense. At least that’d be an excuse for me to do some raid.

        At this moment of writing my storages are all full again, so I guess by rushing to Town Hall 9 after getting one free builder next, it’d be a challenge again. Farming is the life man.

        • with your farming speed, you should rushed to th9, 2 or 3 months ago.

          In another dimension, there are another you who rushed to th9, and today, he is the same, dont care about defense, maybe his defense may weaker from you today, but today, he already got 220 army camp, 2 maxed drill, 2 lvl 6 dark barracks, lvl 15 Archer Queen

          • I stopped clashing midway through TH8 a few months ago. Started playing back after the new year, so I took my time to set my pace. It was only after my walls are all maxed out and my storages are getting full always all the time that I realize I’m farming quite okay. I’ll be a Town Hall 9 tonight anyway.

          • i see.. good luck with th9, its the most fun place to play.

            A little advice, just focus on farm dark, its better if you could upgrade both of your heroes in the same time continously, by the time your building and lab maxed, you will have 30/30 heroes too.

  20. Hi
    I’m a town Wall 8 trying to push to champions league. What army strategy should i use?
    People recomend me to use full drags, gowipe…. but im not sure if it is the best strategy to face tw 9/10. And about the spells? Should i use 3 rages and a poison or should i use 3 lightings and an earthquake to destroy an AD?

    • if you use mass drags, get your Lightning to lvl5.

      so you may bring 2 LS, 1 Earth, 1 Rage

      Just Aim for Th9 that still have lvl6 Air Defense, Destroy 1 with 2LS+eq.

      THats mean, you had 10 drags with 1 Rage for getting 1 air defense, townhall, and Dark Storage, its not that hard right?? should be easy 2 stars or minimum 1 stars

      And another thing is, Gowipe is harder to play than mass drags. So if u choose the easy one, use mass drags. But if you bored, you may try gowipe and polish your ground troops skill.

      • Clash Tutor has a great video on GoWiPe. One of the most important things is to time your rage spell so that your wallbreakers are raged along with your tanks (Golems, Pekkas, BK). This blows open huge holes in even the highest walls, and your wizards will do the rest! Good luck!

  21. Or, Ultimate Town Hall Guide for th8 is, to combine th8 and th9

    Most of people, when they stay too long in th8, the problem they are facing is, having maxed elixir storage, because there is not much elixir building in th8, even they can’t dumpt it to the wall. And the problem for th9, usually, they need very much elixir, there are a lot of elixir upgrade there !!! so why not combining it??? getting gold building and elixir building upgraded at the same time

    And the benefit of rushed to th9 is, you may get archer queen / grind your hero faster !!!!

    Lets imagine this way, there are 3 players, Player A, Player B, Player C

    Player A choose to maxed th8, so after 4 months, he move to th9, with 200 army camp, probably lvl 10 King and lvl 2 Queen, with maxed th8 defense.

    Player B, that choose to jump to th9 after completing farming troops in labs. After 4 months, he will have 220 army camp, 15 King / 15 Queen, with half maxed th8 defense, 4 lvl 7 tesla, 2 lvl 1 or 2 x-bow, lvl 6 loon, lvl 5 hogs.

    Player C, have same move with th9, but choose not to build any th9 defenses, or in another words going th8.5. After 4 months, he will have 220 army camp, 15King 15 Queen, with almost maxed th8 defense, lvl 6 loon, lvl 5 hogs.

    in 4 months, players A have slower progress that other 2. And if i could turn back the time, i will choose to play like player B, because player B, in the end of the day, have faster progress than the other 2

    And for your information, farming at th9 is faster than farming at th8, especially farming dark elixir.

    Actually, i regret that i had to stay in th8 for long time, My friend which is in th9 always exaggerating and scaring me that farming in th9 is hard, everything is so expensive. So i hesitate to rushed to th9. But you know what? after i experience it staying in th9, penalty loot is not really gave impact, in fact th9 may farm faster than th8, because they may found inactive base of th10 more frequently than th8. 7 maxed mines, 7 maxed collectors, 3 maxed drill…. manytimes worth up to 500k/500k/4k for th9

  22. I loved this guide…,,,awesome one mate….this a great guide which helps every player to get a head start before going to th8 or 9 and I thank you guys for taking time out of ur schedule to help me as well as other clashes I thank u guys very much God Bless You All ???

  23. Hi will. I am a new th8 with a lot of upgrades to go. I am wondering when is the time to upgrade my king. Do i have to focus on farming gold and elixir or dark elixir. I only have level 4 archer,giant,goblin and others while my barbarian will be lvl 5 in another few days. I mostly do war and i hope you can advice me on what should i do,what should i upgrade and what strategy should i use.

    • Hello max,
      After the Barbarians, you should upgrade your Archers. They will help you farm much better. If you want to join the Clan Wars, after Archers, you can upgrade your Dragons immediately.
      You can focus on the King after upgrading your Dragons.

  24. I would personally prefer to upgrade my lightning after my drags so that i can carry that extra rage as 2 lvl5 lightning and a quake can clear 1 lvl 6 ad. Also if 2 ad’s are close bye zapquake with lvl5 light is better.

  25. Nice guide but there is one terrible advice here: “walls: Upgrade them when you have nothing to build with your builders” NO WAY! Walls should be done BEFORE most of the defences or your war weight will increase for no reason! more defences means stronger opponent! You first upgrade walls and you will find yourself with easier opponents in war: simple!

      • Sorry my comma button doesn’t work! Troops sfirst for sure! ALWAYS! Walls generate less weight than defences and this applies also to muliplayer; not only in war! Walls weigh nothing until lvl 4 and when maxxed they all together weigh considerably less than all defences. In my clan there’s a guy with my same level and I remember when we turned th7 together; both VERY active and both pretty decent clashers! He privileged upgrading defences as you say and I privileged walls storages collectors etc: he always was 3 (3!!!) positions higher than me in war and always got tougher opponents! I won more war stars than him and helped the clan much more than he did! When we both switched to th8 (I upgraded 10 days earlier) he was short of resources whilst I was loaded because once u finish the walls/storages etc resources come out of you ears so when we upgraded the TH I could immediately rush my upgrades iwhilst he had to wait a good while to get things going! Ever since he’s been following my strategy too!
        What I say doesn”t apply to all levels! At th9 and above things are a bit different; walls are not so essential when you switch to th 10 so no need to max them at all cost! Your guide is a precious tool! Cheers!

  26. Will,so should we first build all new structures(including walls)and upgrade it to before th7 level or vice versa and start lab upgrade??I need to know this as my alt account is reaching th8

  27. I use a troop composition which is not entirely sure farming or trophy pushing but it gets me decent loot and save a ton of resources 20 giants 4wbs 60 archers 32 barbs 4eq (3eq+1 in cc) 1heal and rage (both heal and rage optional)gets me 2β˜…every time

  28. hey will, i m confused i currently have 4 builder working on 1.dark storage 2.tesla lvl3 3.ad to lvl5 4.wiz tower to lvl4…. i am currently upgrading wall breaker to lvl5.. now what should i upgrade next.. plz give me some advice… sorry for bad english

  29. Will I got a troop composition….I use 15 giants 1 healer 3 wallbreaker 50 archers 5 minions 25 goblins 5 wizards and 6 max wizards in cc! I also take 2 healing and 1 rage….I don’t take poison or earthquake as they r a waste…..Is my composition ok?

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