Town Hall 8.5 and 9.5 Guide

These days, we can hear a lots people talking about Town Hall 8.5 and 9.5. So what exactly they are? I am gonna tell you all about them in this Clash of Clans Guide!

Basically, the way Town Hall 9.5 works is the same as TH 8.5 so I will just talk about the TH 8.5 in this guide.

Town Hall 8.5 in Clash of Clans

What are Town Hall 8.5 and 9.5?

Basically, Town Hall 8.5 is a Town Hall 9 which doesn’t have any Town Hall 9 defensive buildings and troops.

Don’t buy any new defense (Archer Tower, Air Defense,  Tesla, Wizard Tower) and don’t upgrade your Walls to level 10. You can upgrade all your current TH8 defensive buildings, Troops, Army Camps, Spell Factory, Clan Castle, Laboratory and Archer Queen to their max level at Town Hall 9. Don’t upgrade walls to their maxed level or they will affect a lot to this strategy.

You should work on your troops before working on your defenses.

Advice for Town Hall 8.5 and 9.5

  • If you want to build a TH 8.5, level 8 walls are enough and they should be level 9 If you want to build a TH 9.5.
  • You also should not upgrade your Dark Barrack because it will unlock new troops, which can increase the weight of your base.
  • If a rushed Town Hall 9 has 2 maxed X-Bows, it can outrank most maxed Town Hall 8s. Especially as a decent TH10, no matter how the rest of your village is, with maxed Inferno Towers, you can easily win the battle against TH9 players. These two defensive buildings have the highest scores at match making.

As a Town Hall x.5, your main priority should be getting your Archer Queen and Barbarian King to high level as quick as possible. Also, at this time, the most popular attacks at Town Hall 9 and 10 are evolving around Golems, Hog Rider and Valkyrie so you will want to focus on upgrading them too.

Upgrading order?

You will want to focus on your troops first, before working on your buildings. As long as you can 3 star your own base, you are ready for Clan Wars! Please take a look at War Focused Upgrade Priority for more details! It’s an in-depth guide that must be read.

For example, this is a decent TH9.5:

Town Hall 9.5 in Clash of Clans

What is the benefit of being a Town Hall 8.5 or 9.5?

By being a Town Hall 8.5, your score (weight) at Clan War Matchmaking is the same as when you were at Town Hall 8 because the number of your defensive buildings doesn’t change. Your rank in Clan Wars now should be the same as when you were at TH 8 but the advantage here is that you can easily bully all TH8 bases with the new TH9 troops, also, the TH9 players of the enemy Clan will have to attack you while their TH8s can’t. You can save a lot of stars for your Clan. So Rushed Town Hall is not always bad, right? Imagine, If your Clan has 10 TH 8.5 villages in Clan War, you can win the war every time LOL.

You should also read this guide to know how we can weigh our bases exactly. Then you will know how to upgrade your defenses as well as troops properly.

This method has been confirmed by thousands players and I strongly agree with them. It works well with lower Town Hall levels such as TH 7 or TH 6 but they aren’t mentioned too much because it is just not worth it at all for being a TH7.5 as the opponent TH7 players still can 3 star your base with Dragon attacks.

Okay I hope you have enjoyed this guide. Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help guys! You rock!


  1. Hello,
    I did exectly what this guide said but i am still matched against th9 but it dosent matter because they arepreety rushed so i can 3 star them but you need to know how to attack.
    I suggest you to use goho: 18 wiz a golem in your cc 28 hoge riders 4 wall brakers 3 heal spell and 1 rage spell, i like to use a poison spell in the dark spell fectory and in the cc to kill the clan castle troops an archer quinn (mine is level 5) and a BK.
    I been in 9 wars so far and i 3 stared 16 from my attacks and try to make other people in your clan to be a th8.5 its veryyyyy helpful in wars.

  2. Hi chief, im a nearly maxed th8 except for walls, de spells, minions and valks. 4days before i finish upgrading golems to lvl 2, my question is , is it okay to upgrade my defenses to max if im 8.5 but wont buy any new defenses? does upgrading it will make my weight heavier or it will affect my weight if i will buy any new defenses? And im wondering if its still worth it to do th 8.5 considering the next update will focus on clan war weights and match making? Im a huge fan of your blog very informative, any information regarding my questions will be much appreciated. Thanks a lot! Clash on!

  3. Hi, Will Potter.

    What you think about:

    250 walk to level 8
    defense quantity to all of TH8 (without “new” defense for th9 (not X-bow, etc))
    defense level max to TH9
    without with and lava

    will work like TH 8.75 – 9.25 ? XD

    With new research for TH10

    and what about the farming on th10 ?? is hard ?

  4. Hello Will ,Hope u remember me!
    I have been following your guide for quiet sometime now , and now my giants are lvl 6 , max hogs and loons lvl 6 (in lab) queen lvl 8 and bk still 5…
    2 cannons lvl 11 , 2 Ads lvl 7
    But , now I am getting the Witches.
    Is it fine now? Since my mirrors are mainly new TH9s right now.
    And can u say about this page? .. it says that unlocking witches does not increase war weight..

      • hey, just an update: i went th 8.5 a bit different: added AD+tesla+sweeper, ugraded AD + tesla to lvl7, more than half walls to legos (didn’t add new 25 pcs), have max loons, HAD max hogs (LOL ;( ), gollem 4, dogs 2, and pretty much every lab upgrade for war purposes done, BK/AQ 10/10, about to upgrade queen to 11, and I’m still being being matched up against super rushed th9 (we are only two th 8.5, we rank 4th and 5th in current wars) and my mate gets maxed th8s….working like a charm, I’m 3 starring their N°1 sometimes and everyone from 2 to the last one….im going for th 8.75 now, slowly adding new def, but AFTER i max old ones to th9 lvls

          • yes, both rockz3r, and upgraded both to lvl 2, and yesterday we searched for war (20vs20) and again, we are matched against super rushed th9, really low lvl troops, my mirror has 2 xbows lvl 2, 4 mortars th9 lvl, the rest is worse than a th8 max, even his troops.

            im upgrading cannons rite now to th9 lvl. after that ima upgrade the AT, then WT and mortars to finish. lastly ill add up the rest def in the same order (AT then WT) and only when im th9 max (heroes about 15/15, or 20 with luck) ima add xbows. just for the record 🙂

            note: yesterday we convinced another player that reached th9 to go for 8.5 route BEFORE the war, he started normally and he has a th8 mid as a mirror in war now. I repeat, its working like a charm, at least for the past 10 wars or so. we war constantly, not a day idle.

          • that gave me relief man , now after this new update , war time reduction , GoHo is not working anymore.. So , i guess i gotta start doing lavaloons or gowiwis..

          • i might join ur clan someday… more the .5s , better it is… my queen would b lvl 10 by next week.. hogs are max

          • haha no worries i got a good one by now.
            BK/AQ 12/7
            45K warweight, matched against midlevel or lower th8’s and they have NO chance LOL

  5. hi, since the last update, a few days ago, they’ve increased the weight of defensive buildings.. so is it still wise to upgrade them?
    my clanmate used to be 1 place below me, now, after the update, he’s 1 place above me

  6. Will, I tried 3 wars in TH8.5, it wasn’t favourable to us at all. I am facing mirror with 2 xbow which is basically hard for me to 3*. There is one clan member which used to be higher ranking than me at TH8 because her defenses were all max, after i got to TH8.5, now my raking is higher than her even though my defenses are much lower.

    One of my clan mate who is TH9.5 also increase ranking above all the TH9 which got better defenses compared to him.

    • the thing is not only about your mirror, that is just a matter of maths….someone (or more than 1) you’re putting in clan wars is making the match up fail cause is weighting too much….a lot of my mirrors have xbows, but that’s not an issue at all, cause somewhere my mirrors are lacking cause of that, they have poor def, and/or poor kings, poor troops, if you compare with my troops im always same or better than their N°1 player and i’m ranked 4 o 5.

  7. Hi will. I follow your thread a month ago and im here to say some feedback. I think this guide is pretty spot on. I dont know for the others but in my clan we are matched with a th9s rushed every single time. We have 1 max th9 and 2 th 9 without xbow and my village th 8.5 that i follow the guide of yours. Until now we dont feel the changes in war match making. Honestly we have 25 war win streak because of this. Thanks for this wonderfull guide. More power.
    And sorry for my english.

      • I am townhall 9 and max out everything and you are saying I shouldnt upgrade my current wall to level 10? The current wall allow to upgrade to level 10.

        Let me know because I am making a mistake on 8.5 where I got all new 25 piece of wall so I wont make the same mistake again.

        Let me know about the current wall from townhall 9 which I have max out at level 9 and about 5 piece on level 10.

          • Thanks Will, I will follow guide as I have only 2 piece of wall level 10 now and will hold off on upgrading the rest. I am sitting at max gold and elixir and dont know what to do. Just upgrade to townhall 10 and should be ready in 10 days.
            My plan is to upgrade lab, spell factory and camp. WIll provide feed back once I got some result from war.

          • Will just start the war and i am the 2nd townhall 10 in my clans and mapping against townhall 9.
            So far these are my current 9.5
            4 Wall level 10 – the rest are level9.
            current upgrade – 2 camp, lab, spell factory, and 1 xbow to level4.

            My next question is if I have 2 xbow at level4 would both increase in war? or should I upgrade tesla instead?

          • Hello mate,
            That’s great! Congrats man!
            I recommend you work on your other defensive buildings and your troops first!

          • Just kick off another war and once again I am mapping against another TH9. My TH8.5 is mapping against another TH8.
            Back to the question on the wall upgrade, should I upgrade my current wall to level10 or do I keep the wall at level9

          • Let me give you some update after 5 war and thus far I am matching up agaisnt 4 TH9. The last war was so odd i dont know what to think. The opponent have one 9.5 base and he got the extra 25 piece of wall, plus cannon/archer towers plus, DE driller, and he is 2 spot below his clans member where they are TH9.

            This make me thing, should I get the cannon and archer tower too? or should I wait for another war matchup and figure out because the last one is so odd.

            Let me know what do you think.

  8. Following the latest update, TH8.5 does not seem to work. I’m a TH8.5 strictly according to this guide, but from last 6~7 wars (following the latest war matchmaking), I’m being matched against semi-seasoned TH9 with X-bows, and they can easily 2* me to 99% if not 100% (because of my buildings placement) and I stagger to 60~80% them due to their X-bows. So now I’m going to abandon this guide and buy myself new defences and walls starting from X-Bows. Sorry to say but the latest war matchmaking killed this .5 concept.

      • :'( I’m positioned at either #3 or #4 (last in TH9s). The ones above me have all unlocked X-bows, new defenses and walls, with majority of old defenses still at TH8 level. Do you think their overweight in matchmaking is making me get the heat?

          • Thank god I listened to you and waited instead of abandoning this guide! We removed our max TH9 from war (non rushed) and got easier opponent. Maybe he was overweighting whole of the clan, as the ones below him are comparatively new TH9s (but with new defences).

  9. Hello everyone I am redoing TH8.5 on my 2nd account as I have screw up the first one. I am upgrading one camp, lab, spell factory and castle. Anyone have any recommendation on what to upgrade the current defense from 8 to 8.5? Tesla? Cannon, or Wiz tower, Mortar? I am leaning toward tesla but not sure if that is the right approach.

  10. Hello,
    As the latest update stated..Defensive progress will be playing a much bigger role in Clan Wars matchmaking after the update.& so on. So in short Defense>Offense.
    So I just wanna know exact weightage of every buildings,troops,heroes,walls & their levels. with the latest update of coc.
    Thank You.

  11. Followed all instructions. All I did after th9 was: upgraded teslas to lvl 7, upgraded hogs to lvl 5 (No new wall, no walls over lvl 8, no lvl 9 dark troops). First opponent I got CW mirror was with: 6x arher tower 9, 5x cannon lvl 11, 2x xbow!, 4xad lvl 6, 4x mage tower lvl 6, 4 teslas lvl 7, 2 x blower.. did I something wrong or why this is possible? Or was it bad luck? I thought I should get th 8 as opponen .. now I got powerful th9.

  12. i consider each tower upgrade as +1 (including new towers). mortars 1.5. adding an extra cannon for example adds+10 at rank 10, so its easier to spread that “wieght” to prexisting towers rather then new ones. generally the higher you upgrade anything it hits thresholds ( like wiz lvl5, or loons 5, or archer 10 or 11) where you get better bang for buck, so to speak. this further supports rushing imo.

    also, Air defense buildings, traps,queen, tesla and air sweepers all have low weight( like av 10-50 per level rather then 400-600).

    currently my base has all buildings EXCEPT archer, cannon, mortar and xboxs, with lvl 7 walls ( and maybe 12 lvl 6 left).

    the last 15 wars or so ive been mirrored to th8 about 80% of the time. the bigger the war, the more likely im vs a th8.
    I am frequntly able to attack higher then my lvl, able to get 2 stars always, 3 stars like 65% of the time ( i generally have a good idea of who i can and cant get).

    Your attack strength is boosted tremendoulsy during war. the extra 20 places,access to lava or golem in the cc and 9 spell slots… thats not including access to higher troop levels.

    My main war attack is 4 lightning+2 quake ( the two AD standard, or if they cluster too many wizs/archer/sweeper together)
    with lava in the cc
    5-7 drag(the frontline, and cc killer)
    0/2/3 healer (if using a queen walk)
    3-10 minion, 3-10 archers, 1hog ( lure and cleanup and dps support)
    0-1 pekka(queen walk hybrid attack, special bases only)
    rest loons (usually 6-11)

    pretty much recks 90% th8s, 80% th8.5 and weak-medium th9s

    conclusion? WORTH RUSHING (with a gameplan though)

  13. Hey mate, my TH (other account) is gonna get upgraded to 9 .Thinking to build .5 or say .75 ..Xbows have the highest weightage so I won’t build that ..

    1.If I build & upgrade defenses & traps to max level is it fine?
    2.Also,what about Troops & Walls ,how much weightage they has ? & same question upgrading those to max level,fine?
    3.Can you provide farming & war base for the same..[as per the latest update]
    4.Which league should I be in the inital phase of th9 & in mid th9?

    Thank You in advance buddy!

  14. hi will, currently i’m already finished upgrade my existing th 8 defense to th 9 defense level, and max all the trap, and added new 25 wall to th 8 level, what defense should i build first? to dump my gold

  15. hey, if I put in any amount of walls at any level in the calculator, the weight remains ‘0’. what’s up with that? was their wight removed with the last update? or is the calculator not working well?
    I have all my (250) walls at level 9, defense at th8 level and don’t know what to next.
    Upgrade my ADs & teslas and move on to th10? keep them the way they are and let my gold be stolen? upgrade (some) walls to level 10 and then move on to th10?

  16. Question on .5 – if you are maxing out all of the current defense and what is the NET new defense that carry the least weight in war? I am at 8.5 and current wall are at level 9, max out all current defense.

    The past 3 war I have been matching up against townhall9 with xbow so i am wondering if I need to move to .75 build new defense but the (2) xbow.

    What is the recommendation. Thanks.

    • Hey Binh,
      The Clan War depends on your Clan total weight, not only your weight. If you are doing well with Town Hall 8.5, just keep doing it. Otherwise, moving to TH8.75 is not a bad move at all!

      • Will, I will do that and report back here on the next several war. I have 3 AD to upgrade and 3 Archer tower to upgrade before maxing out my defense then I will get the net new defense and wall. All walls are at level 9 and working on a few level 10.

        The other 9.5 account have a better successful rate during war and everything is being upgrade with no net new walls/defense.

  17. Hello Will,

    Am a close to becoming a TH 8.5 , I was wondering if it was okay to upgrade my walls. Currently they are all lvl8 walls. If so howmuch(lvl9&lvl10) should I upgrade because i plan on becoming 9.5 in the future.

  18. Hi Will
    I’ve recently taken over my brothers rushed th9 account. he has built everything except for the AQ Xbows and 2nd sweeper. the rest of the buildings are just about all th7. do you think th8.5 is worth doing on this account?


      • I dont know about the baby dragon weight in war but I am currently doing 8.5 and 9.5 and you dont want to upgrade anything to purchase new troop. For example 8.5 dont upgrade the Dark Barrack to get witches. I think this rule will be the same for regular Barrack to unlocked Baby dragon.

        Just my opinion on the 8.5 upgrade.

        • True, however, it becomes (very) useful to be able to use different strategies, like (go)laloon. I’ve unlocked and upgraded the lavahound for that reason, unfortunately giving me the witch too (which I did not upgrade.)
          So I guess my war-weight did increase but now I’m able to 3star a greater variety of (TH9) bases.
          I’m also unlocking (and upgrading) the baby dragon for the sake of CW-defense.

      • Yes, max out everything at TH8 except the walls. I’ll be at TH9 in a few days. I want to know if I can add just the AD and the AQ and still be match against a TH8. I thought adding a new defense adds weight on war? I’m planning to add all other defense last after I upgraded all my troops and spells to a higher level.

        • If you add an AD you will be more like an 8.75 so you’ll probably get matched with a TH9 (probably (kinda) rushed.) You won’t weigh as much as a proper TH9 of course but adding the AD will increase your weight.
          As for the AQ: her weight is close to nothing and she’s most definitely helpful with TH9 attacks.
          Hope this helps.

  19. Hello I’m now maxed my base to TH8. So I’m planning to go 8.5 as ur plan. Just I’m buying only building storages and max them. And max all troops .. Without buying any new defense. But I have a question do I max my current defense to TH9 or should I leave all my defense to TH8 only. Please advise me thank you …

  20. Will my rank in war change if I upgrade traps and bombs….what about Heroes?? And I am a th8 just walls left have Maxed all my defences and Elixer troops..Just Valks and Minions left…Barb King is level 8. Should I go for Town Hall 8.5 at this time??

  21. Hi,
    I am going th9 in a few days… i was wondering if buying my queen would get me matched to a th9. Is it ok if i buy my queen and unlock her ability. Also i have been excited about baby dragon so will it be ok if i unlock it?

  22. Hi,
    i was a maxed out th8 and recently upgraded to th9.
    I am planning for th8.5 startegy. I have already upgraded all the traps(old + new), new gold and exilir storages, dark exilir drills, army camps, lab ,cc, both spell factory to max th9 level.

    Should i add new air defense, hidden tesla and air sweeper or max out th8 defenses first?
    will the new air defense and hidden tesla have significant effect on war weightage?

  23. Hi my base is in between Th8&th7 but my town hall is th9 and I already have lvl4 drag which I can easily 3star newly th9 bases. I’m using my gold on upgrading walls instead.. Does it affect my war weight? My ranking is lower than a max th8. My wall is all lvl7 I am upgrading it on lvl8.

  24. Hello mate! For starters, thank you for taking your time to do this. I came here initially to find out whether walls affected your strength at all, and I got my answer. I continued reading because I really liked your input, and I wanted to get your advice if you are up for it. I have kind of an unusual situation.

    I began my 2nd clash of clans account and built up a small defense before I had the idea to stop building defense and focus mainly on attacking. My current layout is as follows:

  25. Hi,
    I just became a th9 and bought my queen…
    I didnt buy new walls or any defs.i am looking for war and farming bases for th8.5 i actually got a pretty good one but it has more walls. So i was probably hoping you could give me a base which is anti 3 star or something…

  26. Is TH 9.5 worth still now? I have maxed defenses,all level 10 walls and 29/30 Heroes. Still 10 days for Th 10 so I am wondering shall I put infernos 1st or work on my troops before putting infernos?. Our Clan is very active and we war thrice a week. What shall I do?

    • I think 9.5 is still worth it if you are into war as I am 2 more cannon away from all defense at level 13. King/Queen is at 35 and planning to upgrade to max 40/40 then go up to Townhall 11 without Inferno.
      The war matchup is now at 50-50 due to the 3rd x-bow level4.

  27. How to become a town hall 8.5 village by leoralphv TH 8.5 Clan Leader

    I am writing this guide for those players who want to become a Town Hall 8.5.
    I am the leader of TH 8.5 Clan and I created the clan 09 October 2016 to accommodate all those TH 8.5 players.

    Along our clan’s journey I have noticed a lot of details on how to properly build a TH 8.5 base not only for a single player’s advantage but for the clan as a whole.

    The main purpose of having this build is to have a war advantage which I can say is really effective because of having a war weight as good as of a town hall 8.

    My guide can also be used not only to those who want to have a TH 8.5 base but also 7.5, 6.5 or even 5.5 and so on…

    My base is a max TH 8.5 village for reference you can visit my clan and view leoralphv.

    A town hall 8.5 starts with a max town hall 8. When I say max it includes everything troops, walls, buildings and heroes. Do not rush becoming a town hall 9 without upgrading everything at their max.

    Upon reaching TH 9. The number 1 rule I always tell to my clan is do not buy any new defenses which include defense towers such as archer towers, wizard towers, teslas etc. Also TH 8.5 built are prohibited to buy new walls. The archer queen is not yet advised maybe in the later part of the game. So these are the basic rules of a TH 8.5.

    To sum up numerically:
    1. Upgrade TH 8 to max (buildings and troops).
    2. Upgrade town hall to 9 last and do not buy any defenses (no walls and no new buildings)

    Note: Before having the recent updates in COC air defense, air sweeper and bomb tower are not in the shop for TH 8. So personally it is better not to buy these defenses. MOTTO: Less defenses but upgraded ones are better.

    Next question is what are the step by step guide in upgrading a TH 8.5? Okay I will answer this but this actually depends on the player. For the sake of sharing my experience as the leader of the TH 8.5 clan and having a high clan war stars won and an excellent war log status I will share this guide.

    Mandatory Steps:

    Upgrade Clan Castle to increase war troops space
    Upgrade Laboratory so you can get started on TH9 troops
    Upgrade Army Camps for the additional troops
    Build and Upgrade Traps and bombs (Tesla is not included in the trap)
    Upgrade Spell Factory
    Upgrade all storages and pumps to Max TH9
    Upgrade all Barracks to TH9 Levels
    Buy Archer Queen and upgrade until Level 10.

    After finishing the mandatory steps

    Upgrade Dark Spell Factory to obtain the Haste Spell
    Upgrade troops (You can prioritize dark troops)
    Build all new storage and upgrade them to match your existing TH8 max levels
    After the Archer Queen reaches Level 10. Upgrade the Barb King to Level 15. The strategy here is always upgrade the Barb King first before the Queen,

    What is the order of upgrading the defenses and buildings?

    Clan Castle
    Spell Factory
    Army Camp
    Archer Towers
    Air Defenses
    Wizard Towers
    Dark Spell Factory
    Do not buy walls just upgrade and max

    NOTE: Never buy additional defenses and walls. You can buy gold and mince storage and upgrade all the gold/elixir collectors right after the clan castle or you can do it after everything.

    What is the order of upgrading the troops?
    Also Note that Dark Troops are Prioritized than the Standard Troops, I will just mention the important ones as a war advantage.

    Archer Queen until Level 10
    Barbarian King until Level 15
    Archer Queen until Level 15
    Max Barbarian King
    Max Archer Queen


    Townhall 7.5

    The same strategy of building max upgrade your th 7 then do not buy anything when you reached TH 8.

    Additional Question:

    What will happen if you already finished everything for a TH 8.5 line up?
    Proceed to upgrading your town hall do not buy anything just upgrade.

    If you have other questions you can visit our clan or ask here in the forum.
    TH 8.5 Clan #LOVGUOJQ
    Leader: Leoralphv #VYGC9GY8
    Facebook Groupchat:

    Leoralphv, TH 8.5 Clan Leader

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