The Archer Queen’s Level Sweet Spots Guide

Hey guys it’s Ash and this is going to be an advanced tutorial on all the different levels of the Queen, but focusing on her most important levels. I know you guys level up your Archer Queen all the time expecting her to get better. But if we look at the rate she’s improving every level, we see that it’s really not that big of an increase. For example, from level 16 to level 17, her DPS increases from 231 to 237, which is only a 6 DPS increase, which is as little as a 2% increase. Now that 2% increase takes 7 days and costs 80,000 Dark Elixir, which is quite demeaning. So I made this video to show you guys the more profound impacts of leveling her. What the most important levels are and the underlying significance of these levels.

The Archer Queen’s Level Sweet Spots Guide

To start off, one thing to note is the difference between DPS and DPH:

  • DPS is the total damage a troop does per second.
  • DPH is the damage a troop does per hit, since every troop has a different attack speed.

The Archer Queen has a 0.75s attack speed, which means she deals damage faster than a second. For instance, her DPS at lv5 is 176, but she’s going to deal 132 damage in 0.75 seconds.

Because the Archer Queen attacks faster than a second, DPH is very important for distinguishing her power. For example, she gets her Royal Cloak ability at lv5, and that will last a total of 3.6 seconds, so that’s enough time for her to deal 4.8 hits, which is only 4 hits with her ability. So with those 4 hits, she will deal a total of 1,428 damage. However, at lv10, she gains a small increase in power, but what’s most important is the 0.2 second ability time increase. Believe it or not, that 0.2 second increase is huge because it now allows her to deal 5 hits with her ability, dealing a total of 2,075 damage, which is a huge difference. Dealing over 450 more damage in basically the same amount of time. So the biggest distinction between a lv10 AQ and a lv5 AQ is that 0.2 second increase in ability time.

We again see the same pattern at lv30, when she starts inflicting a total of 6 hits instead of 5 with her ability. With 6 hits, she deals a total of 4338 damage. While at lv25, with her ability and 6 hits, she only does a total of 3,459 damage. That is about a 900 damage increase mainly because of that 0.2 second increase in ability time.

All of this data was accumulated by my clan mate Hideosan and I, take a look at the spreadsheet here so you guys can have fun with it and maybe discover something interesting as well.

The most important levels of the Archer Queen

Right now, I’m going to go over some of the most important levels of the Archer Queen. I’m only going to focus on TH8, 9, and 10s mainly because the other lower Town Hall levels are unimportant to someone who has an Archer Queen.

Level 5
– She starts 3 shotting most TH8 ,9, and 10 structures with her ability.

Level 10
– Archer Queen is now able to hit 5 times with her ability.
– Starts 2 shotting Lv7 Teslas, Lv8 Mortars (max), Lv10 Archer Towers, Lv3 Dark Spell Factory (max), Lv7 Lab, and Lv5 Dark Barracks with her ability.

Level 14
– Starts 4 shotting Lv6 Mortars and Lv2 Dark Spell Factory

Level 15
– Starts 2 shotting most TH8, 9, and 10 structures with her ability.
– Starts 2 shotting Lv7 Wizard Towers, Lv5 Air Sweepers, Lv11 Archer Towers, Lv10 Cannons, Lv8 Lab (max), Lv6 Dark Barracks (max), Lv3 DE Drills, and all max Collectors with her ability.

Level 17
– Starts 4 shotting Lv7 Mortars and Lv4 Dark Barracks

Level 20
– Starts 4 shotting Lv8 Mortars (max), Lv3 Dark Spell Factory (max), Lv6 Lab.
– Starts 2 shotting Lv6 Air Sweeper (max), Lv6 Air Defense, Lv11 Cannon, and Lv5 DE Drills with her ability.

Level 25
– Starts 4 shotting Lv8 Teslas (max), Lv6 Wiz Towers, Lv10 Barracks (max).
– Starts 2 shotting Lv8 Air Defenses (max), Lv13 Cannons (max), Lv6 DE Drills with her ability.

Level 28
– Starts 1 shotting Lv6 Mortars with her ability.

Level 29
– She starts 3 shotting lv7 Mortars.

Level 30
– Archer Queen is now able to hit 6 times with her ability. She gets a big jump from level 25 being able to hit 6 times with ability. The total damage a Lv30 AQ can do with her ability is 4338 in 6 hits. While the total damage a Lv25 AQ can do with her ability and in 6 hits is 3386. That is a 28% increase in power with her ability! Also, starts 1 shotting lv7 Mortars, Lv2 Dark Spell Factory, and Lv4 Dark Barracks with her ability.
– Starts 3 shotting Lv3 Inferno Towers (max) and all Lv12 Storages (max) with her ability

Level 31
– Archer Queen starts 1 shotting Builder Huts without ability. Starts 3 shotting Lv8 Mortars (max)

Level 35
– Starts 1 shotting Lv8 Mortars (max), Lv7 Teslas, Lv10 Archer Towers, Lv3 Dark Spell Factory (max), Lv6 Lab, and Lv5 Dark Barracks with her ability

Level 40
– Starts 1 shotting Lv8 Teslas (max), Lv4 Air Sweepers, Lv6 Wizard Towers, Lv11 Archer Towers, Lv6 Dark Barracks (max), Lv10 Barracks (max), and Lv3 DE Drills with her ability.
– Starts 1 shotting most TH8, 9, and 10 structures with her ability.
– Starts 3 shotting Lv4 X-bows (max) with her ability

We also formed data on how she would perform against a max TH8, 9, 10 but I won’t get into too much detail on that. You can check that out if you’re interested. We did create a graph on the total hits necessary for an Archer Queen at different levels to destroy a max TH8, 9, or 10 below. Blue denotes max TH8, Red is max TH9, and Orange is max TH10.


A max TH8 base has a total of 65,085 HP, excluding Walls. A max TH9 has 83,515 HP and a max TH10 has is 101,455 HP

One important thing that can be noted in this graph is that it’s an exponential curve, indicating that the power of the Archer Queen doesn’t increase linearly, but exponentially. Also, if we look at the slope, we can see that the slope starts decreasing at higher levels. This does not mean that a lv40 Archer Queen is less important. If we look at the data, a lv40 AQ would need a total of 323 hits to take out a max TH10, while a Lv30 AQ would need 414. Around a 90 hit difference, pretty huge. But, it’s even more distinguishable at lv20, as she requires 531 hits, which is about 120 hit difference between lv30 AQ. So this does give you an idea of how necessary it is to have a high level Archer Queen, like at least level 30, to go up against a TH10 base. So if you’re focused on wars, then it’s probably a good idea to max out your Archer Queen at TH9 if you wish to get into wars at TH10.

Hope you guys found this interesting and helpful as well. If so, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe. Thanks for reading/watching and I’ll see you guys again soon. Later.


  1. As the AQ is often used as part of a kill squad it is also worth considering the damage she does against common defensive CC troops. For example at level 35 the queen can two shot a loon, or at level 23 she can one shot a loon while under rage.

    Of course these number are also relevant when considering the queen as a defensive troop.

  2. Interesting post… my question is if we’re talking about the 0.2 sec increase in cloak ability from lvl 5 range to 10 and getting that extra hit,,, do we need to time tapping her ability while she is shooting so she gets the 5 shots during her ability ?hopefully that question makes sense lol,,, just seems to me we’re trying to split cunt hairs trying to get that extra cloaked shot in.

    Cheers ?

  3. Bro awesome post. I really appreciate efforts and time on every post. Keep it going. Knock em out.

    P.s.:- there is a little mistake where u say lvl 10 arc queen 2 shots lvl 8 mortars. Hope u fix that

  4. Very nice post, particularly enjoyed the numbers on the sweet spots. Though the logarithmic curve (inverse of an exponential curve) for “total hits” required can be misleading. 30AQ needs 28.17% more hits than 40AQ. Similarly 20AQ needs 28.26% more hits than 30AQ on a max TH10. Put simply a 2 hit to 1 hit improvement is a 100% improvement even if it is just “one” hit.

  5. I think the graph is pretty misleading and undersells the importance of upgrading the AQ. Its clear from this article that only at certain levels does the AQ begin 2-shotting or 1-shotting various buildings. To actually figure this out, you’d need a spreadsheet with all the HP numbers for all the maxed buildings at TH8/9/10, then a simple function to determine how many shots for each of those structures, times how many structures of that type there are. Sum it all up to get the total number of shots. We’d see a drastic decrease at 5, another at 15, etc. and only a few tiny bumps in between (e.g. due to 9 shotting a th9 vs. 8 shotting it or whatever).

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