Town Hall 10 Upgrade Priority In-Depth Guide

Hey guys it’s Ash again and in this big guide, I am going to show you my 2 cents on what to prioritize upgrading as a Town Hall 10 player. This guide is for Town Hall 10 players who are wondering what should upgrade next, what is not important to care about currently and what is more important ones. It is also for Town Hall 9 players, who are pretty close to the Town Hall 10 upgrade button.

Okay let’s start!

Town Hall 10 Upgrade Priority In-Depth Guide

Firstly, Upgrade the Laboratory to level 8

It is extremely important that you have a builder ready to upgrade the Lab immediately when you upgrade to TH10. This is because you really don’t want to delay your troop lab upgrades. It takes months to complete all your TH10 lab upgrades. Now before you upgrade the lab, you should start a troop upgrade. It takes 6 days for your Lab to complete its upgrade. So if you have a troop that still needs to be upgraded, it’s a good idea to start that upgrade in your lab and then upgrade the laboratory.

If you’re looking for a list of lab upgrade priorities, I will have another video for that as there are a lot of factors involved for that, which will depend on the type of player you are. For example, If you’re someone focused on wars, or if you’re someone who’s more focused on farming. It depends. So I will have another tutorial for that.

Town Hall 10 Laboratory

Spell Factory to level 5 and Dark Spell Factory to level 3

Like your Laboratory, you also don’t want to delay your Spell Factory upgrade. It will take 6 days to complete your Spell Factory upgrade to level 5. In those 6 days, you won’t be able to use any Spells, which is a huge set back. Upgrading the factory will not only get you Freeze Spell, but will also get you an extra slot, and both are extremely important as a TH10.

Inferno Towers to level 3 (Optional)

Inferno Towers are the best defenses in the game by miles. There is no other defense comparably as powerful as Inferno Towers. Inferno Towers can be set to multi-target or single. 2 Multi-Target infernos can roast 10 troops together at once. While 1 Inferno set to Single and the other set to Multi is a deadly combo for defeating high level troops. Most people understand that Inferno Towers are very deadly, but we forget just how overpowering it is. It has very high HP, only other defense with more HP are Xbows. It only occupies a 2×2 area, just like a Tesla, making it very easy to fit in your core, and this in my opinion is a very underrated aspect of this defense. Very importantly, it negates the effects of Heal. So there’s no way a Town Hall 9 player is going to mess with you since that TH9 can’t use Heal and has no access to the Freeze Spell.

Inferno Towers Town Hall 10

Inferno Towers are however an optional defense to build if you are a player focused on wars. As building Inferno Towers will increase your weight in wars significantly. So if you wish to get paired up against easier competition, then it may be a good idea for you to not build Inferno Towers.

Clan Castle to level 6

I know a lot of people prioritize Army Camps over the Clan Castle, but the extra space in your Clan Castle is extremely important. An Army Camp upgrade gets you 5 extra camp space. While a Clan Castle upgrade also gets you 5 more space, but there’s a big difference. The Clan Castle can also be used for defense. The Clan Castle is just overall better than 1 Army Camp.

Army Camps to level 8

Right after Clan Castle, we have the Army Camps. Upgrading all 4 of them will get you 20 more housing space units for troops. Which is a very big and essential upgrade.

Dark Elixir Drills to level 6

At Town Hall 10, you’re given a 3rd Dark Elixir Drill. Lv 6 Drills produce tons of Dark Elixir per day. 3 level 6 Drills will make you 7200 Dark Elixir in total per day. Which is equivalent to about 200,000 Dark Elixir in a month. So definitely get your drills to level 6 immediately.

Heroes: Archer Queen and Barbarian King

Upgrade your heroes as much as you can. They are the biggest offensive weapons in the game. If possible, you should try to upgrade them both at once. But most players are only able to upgrade 1 hero at a time, so if you wish to upgrade one at a time, I suggest prioritizing the Archer Queen every 5 levels first. For example, get your Archer Queen immediately to level 30. If both your heroes are level 30, then get your Archer Queen to level 35 first, then get your King to level 35. Then Queen to 40, and lastly King to 40.

Barracks and Dark Barracks and any remaining non-defensive building.

Make sure all your Barracks are maxed out as soon as possible

The 3rd X-Bow to level 3

At Town Hall 10 you’re given a 3rd Xbow, so make sure to get it and upgrade it to to Level 3 as soon as possible.

New Cannon and Archer Tower to level 8

At TH10 you are given another Cannon and Archer Tower. Don’t leave them at level 1, but upgrade them to level 8 as they will still be able increase the overall strength of your base. Defenses get the biggest increase in DPS at lower levels.

Skeleton Traps to level 3

Skeleton Traps are an excellent defense as they can distract the Archer Queen or Barbarian King while your core defenses quickly take them out. They can also be set to air, as they are very deadly on air as they feed off of Balloons like parasites, while the Balloons have no way to retaliate. These traps don’t take long to get to lv3, only takes a day’s worth of upgrade and they make a very big difference in raids. So it’s definitely worth it to get them to lv3 immediately.

Hidden Teslas to level 8

The biggest reason why I have Hidden Teslas this high is because of many reasons. Hidden Teslas only occupy a 2×2 area, which means they total area they occupy is 4 square tiles. While a defense such as an Archer Tower occupies more than double, 9 square tile area. Why is this important? This is very important because this allows for Teslas to fit just about anywhere in your base. While your core can be improved a lot on defense just by adding Teslas to it, which is very easy to do without having to use up so much space. Not only that, Hidden Teslas can be unpredictable, as they are hidden. They also fire rapidly, and excellent for taking out heroes and ranks, especially Pekkas.

Wizard Towers to level 8

A lv8 wizard tower is very powerful. It does 48 damage pers second and does splash damage. While a lv3 Multi Inferno does 42 damage per second. So if a Wizard Tower targets 5 Balloons, then it will actually do more damage than 1 multi inferno. In wars, they are extremely important. By keeping your Wizard Towers away from the range of Air Defenses, you can effectively stop a powerful Lavaloon attack.

Air Defenses to level 8

Air Defenses get a big boost from level 7 to 8. They go up from 280 DPS to 320. Wizard Towers are ranked higher just because Wizard Towers can make a bigger difference against a Lavaloon attack as Air Defenses will be blocked by Lava Hounds, while Wizard Towers can target both Ground and Air attackers. Air Defenses can be a liability against Ground attacks.

X-bows to level 4

X-bows only get a 5 DPS boost from lv3 and you have to wait a daunting 14 days for the upgrade. So X-bows are this low in the priority list. However, they still gain a 400 HP increase, which will actually be very beneficial for your core to defend against the Archer Queen.

Clash of Clans X-Bow

Archer Towers to level 13

I like to think of Archer Towers as a hybrid of X-bows and Teslas. It’s a rapid firing defense like both a Tesla and Xbow. Unlike a Tesla, Archer Towers occupy 3×3 tile space like Xbows. While Archer Towers have a 10 tile range, which is close to an Xbow on ground and air that has a 11 tile range, but unlike Xbows, Archer Towers have very low HP like a Tesla. Archer Towers are rarely placed in a TH9’s core because it occupies too much space, while Teslas occupy less and Xbows are overall better. And defenses in your core should always take priority over defenses on the outsides of a base. Thus, Archer Towers are ranked low.

Mortars to level 8

Lv8 Mortars are not very important as Lv7 Mortars will stop most common farming compositions like Barch. Mortars are also a liability against Air attacks, so they don’t help much in that respect. Multi Target Infernos are the main attraction and do a better job at beating multiple troops, as a Mortar’s attack not only takes 5 seconds, but can also be very inaccurate. So Mortars aren’t too high in priority.

Air Sweepers to level 6

Air Sweepers can be very useful. They slow down Balloons and they do have a very big impact on Balloons when at level 6. However, they are a liability against Ground attacks, so they aren’t as valuable as the above defenses.

Cannons to level 13

Cannons are not useless, but they are simply the worst defenses in game. They only have a 9 tile range. They shoot twice as slow as an Archer Tower. They are unable to target air troops. All of this make Cannons the worst defense and so they are ranked the lowest. However, the great thing about Cannons is, they don’t take too long to upgrade and they still do a decent job against tanks. But still, they should always be at the bottom of your priority list.

Traps: Seeking Air Mines, Air Bombs, Giant Bombs, Small Bombs

Prioritize your air bombs and air mines first as lv3 Air Mines will severely weaken a lv3 Lava Hound and a lv4 Air Bomb can do about 32% splash damage to a large group of Balloons. Lv4 Giant Bomb only gets a 25 damage increase, which really isn’t to make much of a difference as lv2 Giant Bombs already knock our tier 1 troops, wizards, and witches in 1 shot. And small bombs are just not that important, as even a lv6 small bomb is unable to kill a Wall Breaker in 1 shot.


The last thing on your list should be Walls. Now this does NOT mean that you should upgrade your walls last. I repeat, it does NOT mean that walls should be upgraded last. Walls require no time to upgrade, they only cost resources. What this means is that all of you excess Gold or Elixir should be used to upgrade your walls when you have a Builder freed.


  1. great article thanks.
    I have a question: Right now ‘m at town hall 7 and I have 2 remaining war attacks and I don’t have enough elixir for mass dragon army. what strategy should I use? i need a cheap, fast and 3 star strategy for town hall 7
    I have an offer for you too: I think your Top base designs are not really top anymore, for th6&7 there is no air sweeper and for th9&10 there is no second air sweeper. th8&9&10 don’t have dark spell factory. whenever you had free-time update the post wit new & Better base designs.

    thank you for your great posts & articles.

  2. Hey . Thanks for good guides , I have a clash of clans Site with This address : , We usaully translate your guides and put it in our site with your Link .. Now I have a question , Can you Prove me Change Language don’t effective on Loot ? Please Do it soon 🙁 many users ask me this question and I give them many reasons but they don’t accept my reasons ..

    • Hi IranClash.
      That’s a nice blog buddy and thanks for visiting mine!
      I’d like to answer the given question:
      “It is not hard at all to see that when playing, we absolutely can face players from all over the world China, United States, England, Brazil,… That’s the exact proof. Regardless of our countries, we are playing in just one server.

      • Hi will.
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        I just said these things to WARN you. DONT TRUST THEM.

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