Sub 200 Farming Strategy

While playing Clash of Clans, sometimes you hear about the “Sub 200 Farming“. So what is it?

In this detailed Clash of Clans guide, I will tell you everything I know about Sub 200 Farming.

Sub 200 Farming Strategy

What is Sub 200 Farming in Clash of Clans?

Sub 200 is a place for all players who have the trophy range from 0-200 like Bronze I is 1200-1400 trophies or Gold III is 1400-1600 trophies. It is a quite hard place for all players to stay, it is much harder than the Champion League!

You should go to Sub 200 when:

  • You want to farm a lot of loot in a short time (upgrading Walls for example).
  • You have at least 1 hour for playing once you open the game.
  • You are at Town Hall 6-8. The higher TH you have, the less loot you can farm. You can read more about this at the guide: How much loot you can get.

Don’t go to this place if:

  • Your Builders are working hard and can’t complete their works after a few days.
  • Your Clan Leader doesn’t allow you dropping your trophies. (This will break your Clan War).
  • You want to do trophy pushing.
  • You are too lazy to drop your trophies.
  • You have the number 200 (lol).

How about 200-400 range?

It is ok if you want to attack Town Hall 2-3 villages with 10 Gold and 10 Elixir. Just kidding. This is the most terrible place.

The fastest way to drop your trophies

After 2 years, I have found this is the best and fastest way to drop your trophies in Clash of Clans:

  1. Hold the Next button.
  2. Drop a troop with another finger and release the Next button at a same time.

This action is quite hard for new players but after a few times you can do it easily. By doing this method, you can save a lot of time more than click Surrender after every match. While you are at ~200 trophies, you can farm now and try to not get 50% or attack the enemy’s Town Hall or you will need to drop your trophies again.

Best time to start farming?

You should start farming when you have at least 1 hour to play. You can drop your trophies whenever you want but If you log out after a few minutes, you will be attacked immediately by a lot of people and get free over 150 trophies when you log in back. You can go back to 300 trophies within 10 minutes.

After couples of disconencted minutes

How to farm at Sub 200

Finding the right bases to attack is the easiest part of the farming at sub 200 progress.

You should attack the bases which have walls level 1-2 so you rarely need to use Wall Breakers. Bring all Goblins and some Wall Breakers for farming is a great composition. I just need to spend about 30-40 Goblins for every raid (15-30 seconds). The loot that you can steal is much more than the loot you use to train troop and worth for the time of training troops.Β Normally I never attack over 40% of the base because it will not give the enemy a shield and I can see again him in the near future.

Here is a great example:

Sub 200 Farming Strategy

And you can see a lot of bases like this one while farming at here:

Sub 200 Farming Strategy

I write this guide with my personal experiences and it was also inspired by a guide from Rhynotic. If you have any ideas or questions about Sub 200 farming, feel free to ask me!

For Town Hall 10 players, I think the best place for you guys is the Champion League. If you are ready to that adventure, the Trophy Pushing Guide will be very useful for you!

Clash on!


  1. I use to do this allot when I was th6,7&8. Your not looking for magical bases your looking for bases with 50-60k loot that have almost no def. You’ll rarely get big scores but with barracks boosted making nothing but goblins you can loot 2 mil resources in a hour. The problem is once you get to th9 all your going to find is other th9+ that are usally maxed out def. The main drawback to me was like the author said you need one hour. He means solid no closing app or even lossing service for a second(literally) as soon as you are offline you’ll be attacked 15-20 times in seconds. You’ll win ever def because this is people attacking you to loose trophies to get under 200… But a simple loss of service will usally shoot you up to 500 trophies in seconds.

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