New League Bonus and Loot System

After lots of new changes of the Shield and the appearance of the Village Guard, today Supercell has introduced the new League Bonuses in Clash of Clans. Let’s take a look guys!

The first set of changes involves the Town Hall becoming a primary loot target. Even Trophy pushers should take note of the last item on this list!

New League Bonus and Loot System

Everything about the new Loot System

  • Loot is now also distributed to the Town Hall (Town Hall will no longer keep 1000Gold and 1000Elixir).
  • Maximum Loot is unchanged.
  • The Town Hall now contains a part of loot equal to 1 Gold Storage, 1 Elixir Storage and 1/4 the Dark Elixir Storage. (The TH now can keeps up to 1,600,000Gold, 1,600,000Elixir and 50,000Dark Elixir).
  • The higher TH level is, the more loot it can storage.
  • Goblins now target the Town Hall and Clan Castle like other Storages.
  • Available loot percentage of TH6-10 has been increased.
  • Higher TH level players now get less loot from smaller TH level players.
  • You can find targets at a 2-TH-level difference (good news, the Loot Bonus Farming Strategy still works fine!)

New Clash of Clans Loot System

The new League Bonus System

  • League Bonuses have been dramatically increased.
  • The better your raid is, the more Bonus you can get (from 0% to 100%). This is based on the destroyed building percentage.
  • You can get 100% League Bonus If you can destroy more than 70% building.



Some changes of the Trophy Offers

  • Now players can gain more trophies from raids and lose less from defense.
  • Defenders with smaller trophies now get more trophies.
  • Defenders with higher trophies now get less trophies.

What do you think about this new update?


  1. Well, that is actually quite a lot bonuses,but you need to succesfully attacked to gain the loot bonuses. Since before this just sniping townhall and you can gain passive D.E 100 for crystal iii but now,maybe it is time for all out raid, but don’t think it worth it.Now it is harder to gain D.E I think,especially for TH8 and below.
    Looks like it is time to keep in Townhall inside now, or else gonna lose a little bit of D.E plus a few loots, but better late then never.

  2. Are you kidding me? Does this mean that players can now zap town halls and clan castles for dark elixir like they used to do with the DE storage? Also, the loot bonus is not that different from what we have now and I actually think it is a negative because it pushes people to go for broke. It is as I feared. They are turning every attack into an all out war type of attack with troops that must pretty much be heavy hitters to get the full league bonus. Defenders are going to be using war bases that protect their town halls and clan castles and attackers will be forced to go for the heart of the base every damn time. At least TH 8 people wont have to deal with TH 11 pukes shitting on them, but that is a small consolation. Overall I still think this sucks! Smooth move Supercell. What a bunch of jerks. Grrr!!!

  3. btw , what exactly do u mean by “loot bonus farming strategy still works ” ? bonus has been decreased with percentage , before sniping would have the same bonus as destroying full village . and with the shitty shield update , there are no more th snipes either . all this just means only high th like 9-11 are going to be in champs or higher leagues , th8 like me can forget about progressing !

  4. I think the part about Goblins attacking clan castles and town halls is a little bit weird; however, at least it makes them useful. They are pretty much an unused troops right now. I can imagine people blasting open a base with earthquake spells and sending in a bunch of goblins with healers and heal spells to back them up with a few tank troops to lead the way. I have to admit, it is going to be funny to watch goblins take down a base. Some will laugh and others will cry.

  5. Well. I think We have 11 more sneak peakie things. So i hope they (supercell) will balance all these stuff. Upto now, all these make me to quit playing. But still hope everything ll be fine. so dont make decisions right now. Lets stay watch.
    Plus Will i think now we have to make townhall protected bases. So cocland is my favorite website from th7. Now Im 8days away from th9. I’d like to see cool base designs (maximum townhall and storage protected). Hope u guys update this site with this new update.
    Good luck all!

  6. wow, raids are now like wars.
    go all out for all raids.
    but if we are lucky, we will find some death base with outside TH.
    but wait, do we still receive bonus loot if we destroy TH but the total damage is under 50%?

  7. It does change the game. All of the ‘I’m quitting’ people should probably hold on and see if they like the new version of the game before they leave. It might be that it all works out fine!

    If you do go, then please put all of your storages and mines/drills/pumps in a space away from the defences. Thanks. 😉

  8. Wow… I guess rush bases like mine would be prone to all raids now with just low level defenses. This is such a big adjustments for players like me who rely only for TH sniping and suck at doing big raids. Still catching up to learn to play COC well, now I have a big catching up to do if this update will come.

      • Oh, no… That seem sound disaster. I guess I have to forget rushing now, and focus on upgrading my defenses to avoid getting rekt all the time.

        Well, good for you guys, you got a feeder here. Just pay a visit on mine sometimes and you’ll get fat ‘coz my base suck at defending. Hahaha…

        Mr. Will, need those new ideas now ‘coz the update just came through, and I’m counting for your guides.

  9. Someone please tell me that this chart isn’t accurate although I highly doubt it. Because I really don’t see how “League Bonuses have been dramatically increased”. If this chart is legitimate you’re only getting 5k more gold and elixir on crystal 1 at 70%. And is evidently forced to 2 star the opponent at – least, just to maintain the previous loot bonus.

  10. farming on leauge bouns, explained as I understand it, If u gain more trophy’s now and loss less all TH will be forced up leagues and the chance of being matched in match making is more fair so u don’t see as meny TH+2 higher or lower ur more evenly matched, So leauge bouns with batching pays as well as pushing trophy, Now that people have to give 30% of a base collector collecting is paying for troops as ur leauge bouns adds to total loot, Personal brakes now cut in on 2 hours before your booted so even more loot avable if u can get it before he/she is given a shiild

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