How to make 5,000 DE in 5 Minutes

Hello my friends, today I’m going to share my best farming strategy to quickly make around 5000 Dark Elixir in just about 5 minutes every morning when you wake up or make around 50,000 Dark Elixir per day by playing less than an hour total of Clash of Clans every day and this is all without even boosting any of your Barracks. I know many of us have jobs and school and can’t always manage to farm in long sessions. So I’m going show you guys the smartest way to maximize how much Dark Elixir you can make every day without having to spend so much time being online on Clash of Clans every day.

how to make 5000 Dark Elixir in just 5 minutes

General Strategy

So the idea of this strategy is to be able to quickly attack a normal base offering around 2500 DE by using only about HALF your army. And then quickly repeat that attack again with the other half of your army. Now I know what you guys are thinking, that it will be too difficult attack a base with half an army. But that’s not true with this method, it’s actually very easy and I’m going show you that.

Army Composition

For this method, you’re going need an Archer Queen. Now I get asked all the time what the minimum level of the Archer Queen has to be. Well, we’re going to be using 5 Healers per raid, and so a minimum level of 10 will work. Unfortunately, my Archer Queen is level 25 here, so I’ll try to show you guys more examples in my future videos with weaker level Archer Queens. Now I said we’re going to be using 5 Healers per raid, and looking at my army, you can see that I only have 6 Healers. So how am I supposed to attack twice with 5 Healers if I only have 6? Well that’s the beauty of this strategy because with the new Barracks queuing system, you can have 4 more Healers automatically ready to right after your first raid. So that means if we use 5 Healers, we’ll have 1 Healer remaining and 4 more Healers ready from our Barracks, meaning we’ll have 5 Healers ready immediately to use again. Now to make this happen, you’re going to need to queue up your army in a very specific manner.


I have about 50 Barbarians, 50 Archers, 16 Wall Breakers, 6 Healers, 4 Rage Spells, 2 Poison Spells, and Clan Castle Hogs. I personally prefer carrying Hog Riders in my Clan Castle with this method because I can use those Hog Riders to clear up defenses for my Queen. So what I’ll be focusing on in my attack is using 5 Healers on my Queen, no more than 8 Wall Breakers, no more than 26 Barbarians and 26 Archers, and also no more than 2 Rage Spells, but since I also have another Rage Spell queued up, it won’t matter much if I use as much as 3 Rage Spells. If you master this attack and learn to only have to use 1 Rage Spell per raid!

How to queue this army:

  • Barrack 1 = 2 healers, 4 wbs, 13 barbs, 1 healer
  • Barrack 2 = 2 healers, 4 wbs, 13 archers, 1 healer
  • Barrack 3 = 1 Healer, 4 wbs, 39 barbarians, 1 healer
  • Barrack 4 = 1 healer 4 wbs, 39 archers, 1 healer
  • Spells = Only Rage Spells and Poison Spell

TH9 troop capacity magic number = 276
TH10 & TH11 troop capacity magic number = 296

How to make easy 5,000 Dark Elixir in just 5 Minutes

You can take a look at this video for couples of decent examples for this strategy:

So I hope this strategy helps you out a lot. I recommend queuing up this army every night before you go to sleep, because when you wake up, you’ll be able to quickly attack twice and make an enormous amount of loot very fast. Also, since it takes less than an hour to train to this army, you can attack twice quickly every hour with this method, and if you average 5000 DE every 5 minutes, you can make around 60,000 that day by only playing for a total of about 60 minutes of Clash of Clans.

So I’m going try to have more great examples of this strategy on my YouTube channel and how you can also make an incredible amount by boosting your barracks as well. Thanks for reading!


    • i don’t know, maybe i can help. i think the most easiest way is going by full drags. with cc hogs. 10 drags, cc hogs. 2 LS, 1 Rage, 1 earthQ, 1 poison.

      start by zapquake ad near TH. then deployed drags from 5 o’clocks direction, they will go straight ad, and if drags comes out from enemy cc, dont forget to poison it and dont forget to drop Rage there. After you drop rage deploy BK, to hit builder hut near wizard tower in 2.30 o’clock position. and after that wizard tower hit bk. drop your cc to hit wizard, and then get last air defense. and the rest is just watching your rest of troops 3 star it.

      the hard part of using mass drags atk is funneling it. you need 3 drags i believe. btw timing here is the key, so you dont waste your funneled drags

  1. in my opinion he miscalculated some of it.

    magic number from th9 is not 276. its more than it.

    when we do first attack, our barrack is training troops. so if we need 1 minutes to find opponent 1 minutes to atk.

    we will have 4 healer, and more barbar and archer !!

    and in my opinion, he is exaggerated this method, its not average times this 5 minutes of play. cmon. how many base that may gave you 2500 dark worth with atk under 2 minutes?
    and he didnt calculate how long is average time, finding an worthed opponent + cloud with magnifier+ players psychology . in my personal experience.the average of this method its 5000 for 10 minutes of play. or in another words 30k for a hour of play

    sometimes we just lucky and get more, sometimes we just got less. and would you just end the game after getting dark while in front of you lies free storage with 200k worth of loot?

  2. It’s horrible to say that’s a strategy … It’s only a healing abuse on the queen and you are happy to do this in a strategy game ? I bet that you have never been attacked by this or you would never exploit it …the only thing I would like is an update in wich the rage spell no longer affects healers. Maybe while reading this, you think I’m a raging guy, you’re right, and I’m raging about this only because there is no way to defend against this, as a maxed th9 (execpt walls and heroes (king lvl 20 and queen lvl 24)) half of my defense log is filled with this kind of attacks, and nearly 50% of these are “successful” and steal my DE … Seriously, everbody who attack like need to learn to do real attacks instead, and be careful, sooner or later, healers will get an another nerf … Have a good day using this “strategy” !

  3. Hi Will, what is my army composition and strategy for this base? I am a maxed TH8 defense and offense wise, I’m good at gowipe and gowiva but not on hogs and dragon attacks. Appreciate your help. Thanks 🙂

  4. QWbarch is the best strat ever im getting 400-500k all day long pretty much 3stars any th9 and does well on th10$ as long as u avoid infernos.
    The best army comp is 4 healers 8-12 wallbreakers 68 arch rest barbs spells 2rage 3heal cc golem/hogs/loons. walk to kill any defince troops and as many mortars/wiz towers as possable barch the rest try to save that 2nd rage for the barch portion if u can. My queens only 20 btw.

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