Lightning Spells vs. Air Defense

How much Lightning Spells can destroy an Air Defense?” is one of the most popular questions of Clash of Clans players. You need to know this If you want to use the Dragons attack strategy perfectly. In this strategy, you use 3 Lightning Spells to destroy an Air Defense and drag Dragons in a line to destroy the base. But both Air Defenses and Lighitning Spells have 6 different levels, so how exactly does it work?

Lightning Spell and Air Defense

The table below will show you a pack of 3 Lightning Spells can attack a certain Air Defense.

3 x Lightning Spells Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4-6
Air Defense Level 3 Level 5 Level 6 All

lightnig spell vs air defense

To remove an Air Defense with 3 spells like the table above shows, you need to drop the Lightning exactly on the Air Defense. It is quite easy to do that, you just need to use your 2 fingers for zooming in and use them!


  1. Wrong. Maybe Supercell changed the numbers, but lightning spells don’t deal 100% dmg on the point you dropped the spells on, therefore Lv. 3 lightning spells won’t even kill off a Lv. 5 AD

    I tried it in war and lost my attack because of it (was banking on removing the 3rd AD)

  2. You sure 3 level 4 can destroy level 5? Just did an attack in which a level 5 ad was next to a mortar so i dropped the 3 lights in the middle and the mortar got destroyed but ad remained standing. Maybe i have to drop it right on top of the AD for higher level AD’s? BTW, my lights were level 4.

  3. can 2 lvl 7 AD’s diagonally placed around townhall 9 with other 2 lvl 6 AD’s, can they be destroyed with LVL 6 LIGHTENING spells and EQ.. all 4 AD’s?? if not tell me how to destroy lvl7 AD’s with LVL6 lightening and eq

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