How to use the Earthquake Spell

In this guide, I’m going to explain the fundamentals of the new Dark Spell, the Earthquake Spell. Most people believe that this spell is utterly useless and this is false. The Earthquake spell is actually a great spell and is very fun to play around with. I’m going to show you the many uses of the Earthquake Spell and just what makes it a special spell.

Earthquake Spell in Clash of Clans

Jump Spell is better than Earthquake?

Usually the biggest support for this argument is that in order to break Walls you need to expend 4 Earthquake Spells, whereas you can use 2 Jump Spells with the same number of slots or a Jump Spell combined with Rage.

While true, it does not mean the Earthquake Spell is useless, as they are special in their own right. It is true however that you need 4 of them to break walls, and that’s the key feature of Earthquake spells, their damage on walls and ability to shatter them.

Attacking with Earthquake Spell

How exactly the Earthquake Spell works

The Earthquake Spell does percentage damage. Normal damage to everything, but also 4 times the damage on walls. The Earthquake Spell doesn’t just do 4 times the damage on walls, it combines the damage of a normal damage.

The tables below show you everything about our Earthquake Spell

Level Cost First Hit %
1 125 Dark Elixir 14%
2 140 Dark Elixir 17%
3 160 Dark Elixir 21%
4 180 Dark Elixir 25%
Regardless of the level, 4 Earthquake Spells will take out any level wall. And no less than that will break any walls. Must use exactly 4 of any level Earthquake Spells to remove walls. Four level 1 Earthquake Spells are able remove level 11 walls, same as level 4 walls.

The Earthquake Spell has a 3.5 tile radius, and can knock out 8 tiles of walls. Why 8? Because half a tile is rounded to one, thus 3.5 radius would be rounded to 4 and so the diameter length would be 8. However, this requires very good placement of the Earthquake Spell. Sometimes you will only be able to knock out 7 tiles of walls.
Diagonally, it can knock out 5 diagonally placed walls.

So what else really makes the Earthquake Spell more special than a Jump Spell?

  • It does damage to surrounding buildings, excluding Storages. As I’ve mentioned, four lv 4 Earthquake Spells can deal a total of 40% damage to surrounding buildings. That means if if you place 4 of them next to X-Bows or Inferno Towers, you can severely weaken them, which is excellent.
  • It funnels better, and can access the core easier. It destroys walls, and creates a large opening. So troops are more capable of getting inside. Jump Spell only provides a small opening, and has a higher rate of error as well as troops going off in different directions.
  • The Earthquake Spell does permanent damage. The Jump Spell is only a temporary placement.
  • There’s less drag. It takes time for all your troops to jump over the walls with the Jump Spell. While if you create a large opening, there’s no drag, all your troops will quickly and effortlessly get inside.
  • And of course, it has a larger overall impact. It can demolish 8 straight-lined walls, and create an opening that is 7 to 8 tiles long. While the Jump Spell requires you encapsulate the whole walls, so it’s only effectively for jumping over 2 layers of walls if they are within 5 tiles, not 7.

Attacking with Earthquake Spell

So what are some good attack and spell combinations?

The conventional TH10 GoWiPe with 4xearthquake spell 1xpoison spell 2xrage spell and 1xfreeze spell


5xgolem + wizard + high level Heroes + 4xearthquake spell 1xpoison spell 2xrage spell and 1xfreeze spell


val (yes Valkyries!) with 4xearthquake spell 1xpoison spell 2xrage spell and 1xfreeze spell

What is the Earthquake Spell best utilized for?

  • Specific bases where the 8 tile damage can destroy 3 layers of walls
  • Bases where walls are cleverly placed to avoid the Jump Spell
  • Excellent for Trophy Pushers, as it can net you consistent 2 star raids pretty easily with the easy-to-core path that it creates.
  • Wars, against specific bases like the popular Nemesis base that tries to avoid the Jump Spell’s radius.

Other important tips for Earthquake Spell

  • Earthquake Spell weakens walls, and the Wall Breaker loves to target walls that have already been weakened. So always carry some Wall Breakers as insurance if you miss a certain layer.
  • The biggest reason to upgrade your Earthquake Spell is because of the added damage to surrounding buildings, and that will make an impact in the long run.


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  1. I’ve successfully 2 starred near Max TH10s with 4 eq, 1 haste, 1 rage, 2 freeze gowipe. It’s pretty straightforward. They need to change their math on the earthquake spells, though. There’s no point in upgrading the spell when Level 1 and max earthquake take 4 spells to level walls.

      • Yes, yes it is. Also forgetting that if the buildings/walls that are being hit by it are low on health, the earthquake instantly destroys them, based on this, u need 4 lv1, or 3 lv2, or 2 lv3, or 2 lv4 earthquakes to destroy any walls. as at lv 1, based on what he said, EQ does 30%((6%x4)+6%) to walls at lv1, 40%((8%x4)+8%) at lv2, 50%((10%x4)+10%) at lv3, and 60% ((12%x4)+12%)at lv4. if its not adding the normal damage, then its still 24% at lv1, 32% at lv2, 40% at lv 3, and 48% at lv4. this is to walls. therefore, earthquake gowipe at max lv EQ would be 3 star easy, with 2EQ, 2 Rage, 2 Freeze, 1 poison, for spells.

        • If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then why make crap up and mislead others. It takes 4 lvl 1, 4 lvl 2, 4 lvl 3, 4 lvl 4…… Thus being the reason he has repeatedly said, it takes 4 of any lvl eq to destroy walls. Regardless of any equation, it doesn’t matter….. It takes 4

    • i think so, they should change the damage calculation.
      if the damage is only based on remaining/current HP (and no constant damage), doesn’t matter how many spell you use, then nothing will be destroyed.

  2. I’m NOT saying your math is wrong, but going off what you said that the damage of the EQ spell is compounding and walls also compound the Normal damage in addition to the 4x multiplier wall damage, and that the normal damage come first and the 4x multiplying damage comes second.
    With L = level of spell, n = number of spells used, and R = HP Remaining your equation for damage to walls, I believe, would actually be:
    (1-((2L+4)/100))^n * (1-((8L+16)/100))^n = R
    So this would take the percent of normal damage first, then the percent of wall damage compounded off the percent of normal damage and continues to compound the damages in this order for each number of spells dropped.
    From what I see in your math is that you only combine the normal damage once at the start, and then you don’t add it for any additional spell dropped.
    I’m not the smartest guy and I could Easily be missing something that you added and simplified so I’m not seeing it, but that’s just what I do see..

    • i tried using your formula, i used L=1, n=4
      the result(R) was about 25%. it didn’t reach 0.
      and I’m sure it will be the same if L’s changed to 4
      but, if in the reality (in game), 4 level 1 spells can destroy walls, then something must be missing.
      I’m still TH7, so I never use the spell yet, and I wont know what is missing before I use it myself

      • Yeah that’s what everyone is confused about with the earthquake spell — 4 lvl 1 spells = ~25% but fully destroys walls? I don’t know how, but it does.
        Like I said, I agree, there’s something obviously missing we don’t know like when you get to 25% the walls destroy or something, because technically if you kept taking a % of something you would Never get 0, you would go to infinitely small. ALSO like I said, I’m not telling you Supercell’s equation, I’m merely just telling cocland that from what they have told us in the article above they’d have to add to their equation. They said wall damage compounds with normal damage. I mean before bashing mine do the math with Their equation (that goes for you too soul6942…) you get ~31%. If you thought you were confused with 25% try and figure out how 31% = 0%…

        • I’m sorry if I offended you, I didn’t mean it
          but i got an idea
          how about we try to use the spells one by one
          take a screenshot (in max zoom in) after each spell usage
          so we can estimate how many % of the health point of walls after each use of spell
          then we can figure out the formula

          • the percentage is of the pre-damaged HP. Not the current hitpoint. Its pretty simple actually.

            Every one you drop is a % of the maximum HP.

            There is no confusion.

          • i am sure that the damage is based on current HP.
            but my older comments about the calculation was wrong.
            i found it recently that the HP of the building do not need to reach to 0 to be destroyed by earthquake.
            why? because EQ will instantly destroys building with low % HP.
            you will understand instantly if you play DotA.
            it is just like Culling Blade of Axe

  3. I use quake constantly,,, I don’t understand how its not considered one of the most OP thing in the game, It blows massive holes into ANY base no matter wall or TH level. I use it to farm dark elixir and there is no stopping it,,, just find a base with high amounts of dark, enough to easily offset cost of 4 quake then just start attack by blowing a hole and sending troops unimpeded to gather the dark…Obviously doesn’t work for every base layout with well centered dark storage’s but if off set no problem,,, th8 use with a rage or heal th9 go with both rage and heal…plus a poision for pesky cc troops… When I farm dark I either barch or barch with gobs or barch with meat shield giants,,, or giwipe,, swap giants for golem… I even use in war, with gowipe easy 2 stars on any base,,, Just got to th9 6 days ago,,,, with archer queen its even better,,, witches to be tested soon,,, I tried jump but troops and queen have a tendency to circle or jump runs out of time,, basically just more finicky to use ,,, quake is permanent… and causes a bit of damage to boot…

    I maxed th8 before moving on to th9 but i wish i never upgraded to lvl 2 quake,,, just costs more to do basically the same thing… If your th8 leave at lvl 1 until king and other dark troops completed.

    Maybe i should shut up, afraid supercell will nerf it…

    Cheers guys great website

    • You can 3 star most TH8 bases without Earthquake Spells for sure. At TH8, we just can use 7 Spell Slots. After spending 4 slots for Earthquake Spells, you just have 3 left = 1 Elixir Spell + 1 Dark Spell. That’s pretty hard to get 3 stars.

      • I agree. Mostly I was mentioning my main point about jump spells. Here are a couple times where I do use EQx4 (I’m a th8).

        In clan wars I sometimes strategize with a th9 clan mate where I will 2 star an anti-3 star th9 so he can 3 star a max th8 . So I GoWiPe, but if there are a bunch of compartments I bring EQx4,1Rage,and 1 poison (also 2 golems,2 pekka, 14 wiz, 1 drag, and max pekka or 2 witches in cc). I almost always 2 star with that strategy.

        Also all my dark troops and BK are maxed so I barch with eqx4 when im farming for gold… That way I don’t have to wait for elixir spells to finish. I use elixir spells on every other barch raid then EQx4 in between those raids.

  4. I have an almost maxed TH 8 I use 4 EQ spells 1 rage 3 golem 2 pekka and 15 wizards with 2 witches 1 arch in the cc. Attacking 9’s and some 10’s getting to the TH and killing 50% of the base. Instant 2 star battle most of the time. Love the new stuff. This formula will 3 star most TH8 bases.

  5. I use the same setup but with more troops on my TH 10 as well. I find a nice connection of no less than 3 different walls break them open send golems in then the wiz to clear a path for the pekka and heroes cause they like to go rogue when they see buildings and leave the center fight lol!

  6. Just finished war and 3 starred both my attacks. I do 3EQ, 3 Heal, 2 Pekka, 11 Giants, 1 Hog, 1 Golem, 2 WB and 17 Wiz +Heros.., CC is 1EQ and 5 Giants.

    1. EQ a nice section that opens many cells.
    2. Hog pulls CC defenses. Drop a cpl archers to pull CC to edge.
    3. Drop Golem right as defense shows up and wizards right behind it.
    4. Drop everything else and sent in WB for outer wall.
    5. Drop heals as needed, enjoy 3 stars. Poison is overrated.

    I like lots of giants for the targets they create. They also live a long time if you drop heal where they are headed instead of on them.

    Edit: Pics uploaded out of order ?

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