How to Upgrade Walls Fast

Hey guys it’s Ash and today I just want to share some advice on the best way to upgrade your Walls fast. I had completed the first 250 walls to level 11 a very long time ago. But when we had received 25 more new walls, I decided to just take my time since right now I’m very close to being a maxed TH11 base, so what that means is that farming would be quite pointless for me if I have everything completed quickly. And I really enjoy farming the most in this game, so I didn’t want to quickly lose that, and so I decided to just take my sweet time with the additional 25 walls.

Clash of Clans Walls

During my prime as a hardcore farmer I did some rather insane stuff like complete all my level 10 walls in 5 weeks and complete 27 level 11 walls in just 1 day. That was a pretty long time ago during clan competitions. And I manage a lot of hardcore farming clans in the Altar family. We have 3 clans that are among the best farming clans in the game and all of us love to grind high level walls.

In this short guide, I’m going to give you guys some tips on getting those walls upgraded quickly.

You have three options:

  1. To keep all your builders working and use the excess Gold and Elixir that you have remaining, onto walls.
  2. To keep all your builders working except one idle for upgrading walls.
  3. To ignore all other upgrades and just focus on walls.

These are 3 ways you can upgrade your walls, depending on how you want to play the game. Everyone has their own way on playing the game and there’s no right way. So I’m going to give you guys the advantages and disadvantage of these three options.

For the first one, which is “to keep all your builders working and use the excess Gold and Elixir that you have remaining, onto walls.“ This is the method that I used to farm my walls 90% of the time and is in my opinion the best way to progress in this game if you want a maxed out base quickly. Simply farm and keep your builders busy and even if you have all your builders upgrading your buildings, then you should continue to farm as much as you can until you have full storages. So then once one of your buildings is complete, let’s say your Cannon completed its upgrade and costs 2 million Gold for the next upgrade. Then first use all your excess Gold and Elixir on upgrading walls, but save 2 million Gold to then upgrade your Cannon. This way you will progress the fastest by upgrading all your defenses and walls at the same time by keeping all your builders busy. The only disadvantage is that if you have full storages, you’re going to get hit hard on defense.

For the second option, which is “to keep all your builders working except one idle for upgrading walls.” This is what I did when I was really focused on upgrading my walls quickly. It’s actually what I did when I completed all my level 10 walls in 5 weeks. There’s a very big advantage to keeping one of your builders idle. That is, you are able to freely dump all the Gold and Elixir you’ve stolen during your farming session onto your walls and therefore attackers will have nothing to steal from you on defense. Another big advantage of having an idle builder is that you will be able to upgrade your walls quicker because you won’t be restricted by full storages or incur any losses through defense. I actually find this to be an exploit to the system because of that ability to freely dump your resources on walls, which makes your defenses pointless. If you have no resources, then there’s no point in having high level defenses as there’s nothing to protect. The disadvantage of having an idle builder is that it will slow your progression. For example, if you have a total of 5 builders and are keeping 1 of them idle for walls, then your overall progression will be slowed by 20%. But even at this cost, I believe this to be a very smart way of playing the game.

For the third option, which is “to ignore all other upgrades and just focus on walls.” I really don’t recommend doing this because you’re going to have really high level walls, but your defenses will suffer. So that’s the major disadvantage to this method. Not only that, I value high level Heroes to be way more valuable in this game than anything else. So you really shouldn’t ignore upgrading your Heroes as they will make the biggest difference in the game. High level walls don’t really make much of an impact.

So that’s my advice on farming walls fast. Choose the option that best fits your playstyle. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to reply as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!


    • Don’t worry about it. I’m th8. I done with defences. I’m done with buildings in general. You know the problem. I’m sitting with max elixir and troops which take years to upgrade. I got 10d on golem. About 8d I think on valks. 6d on minions and then still my dark spells. 15d total on WB gobs and healers. If check your troop upgrade. I’m sure you’ll have more than enough time to focus on walls. I raid about 10 mil a day and I’m all purple. Just started my black walls. If you a heavy raider than you all good. Just make sure to keep up in trophies. The new update brought us some nice loot bonuses for 5 stars. 200k at crystal 2. Oh I forgot to mention my king is still just going to lvl 6. If your king is still lvl 5 then you should have more than enough time upgrading walls. If you looking for a good clan and have 1500 trophies request at op zombie kiler. Active clan wars. We all attack and if not the inactive are removed until they active again. 90% of wars if won or chance of winning everyone attacks. Even if lost we still try to win. If you do join just say you from this website and I’ll accept you

  1. Question for you….whats the point of leveling walls when you have 4 earthquakes, 2 ice, maxed heroes! jump spell, rage, and a grand warden who basically has a freeze spell ability to the 26th power? Walls make no sense to level with4 earthquakes coming for you.

      • I would agree with you on that if farming wasn’t dead and walls did not disintegrate on earthquakes…there are more maxed heroes hitting the middle of bases at maxed health and most raids don’t even need ice spells bc of how weak xbows, infernos and eagle artillery is…but thats just my opinion. Thanks for responding.

        • High level walls either slow troops down significantly or force the attack to waste 2 or 4 spell slots just to bypass walls. Watch a single target Inferno shred any tank in around 10 seconds and you can tell it’s overpowered. Walls do cost more to complete, but you can still tell the difference if you watch closer. Imagine a Pekka trying to break a wall to kill the last Tesla; if the wall is weak she breaks through in an attack or two, but on a maxed wall she’ll take 2-3 times longer and the Tesla will be able to deal that much more damage before it pops.

          I agree that, compared to upgraded defenses, upgrading all of your walls doesn’t seem to yield significant bonuses for the cost and effort. But, like Heroes, if you can grind away at them and slowly smash them; the differences you’ll see becomes ridiculous.

    • Lol what you don’t get is they spending about 6 places of their army camp using wall breakers if not more. 6 is a minimum. That’s 1 giant in a normal raid which can help a lot. In a gowipe you would be sacrificing 1 wiz. Wizzies are OP for the space they take. 4 space with that dmg and hp lol. What’s more boring is they can just drop a few max eq spell and destroy all inner walls to th and storages and jump the outside with golems and pekka. They actually more pointless to eq bc you barely see a poison or haste being used in a gowipe. You better off with the eq. 85% of attacks end in 3 stars bc of that eq lol. I was so bored I actually worked it out based on my last 10 wars(did not just work it out lol. Worked out a week or 2 ago)

      BTW I’m not saying wbs don’t make it pointless. But we’ve all come across that moment we wish we had 1 more wizard or hog and sometimes even just 1 archer that would add some dmg to end the battle before that timer runs out lol

  2. I have 1 question completely not COC related. I do like your tips though. The first one will help a lot at the upcoming town halls. What song is playing in the background. Sounds good and it’s quite a chilled song 🙂

  3. Nice guidelines . I already used the 1st option and it works for me like a charm recently i finished lvl 9 walls and 69 lvl 10 walls just in 30 days along with 5 builders in which 2 builders continously upgrading king and queen. If you want to avoid attack on you then better to keep your trophy low .

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