How to recover your Rushed Town Hall

Upgrading to new Town Hall level too fast is one of the worst things in Clash of Clans. We call those Town Halls are rushed TH. Players want rush their Town Hall quickly because they want to unlock new features at the next levels such as X-Bow, Inferno Towers, new troops,… without carry about current buildings and troops. From Town Hall 8, it is strongly recommend that you should upgrade all buildings to their maximum level. The higher Town Hall level you have, the harder loot you can find. If you are worrying about your feature that you would may have a rushed TH, I think you should read the Rushing Town Hall Guide.

We all don't want to be a rushed Town Hall!

Things you need to deal with:

Firstly, you need to know that you can’t restart your village at the current Clash of Clans version. And we all don’t want to start again from Town Hall 1.

There are two ways for you to go now: One is starting with new account and the another is spending an amount of Gems to help you recover your account from this hell easier. If you are at Town Hall 9 or 10 now, It is really hard for you to find loot because of the loot penalty (you can read more about this at How Much Loot You Can Steal) and the lower Town Hall players can 3-stars your base easily. You are the fresh meat in game now. Every player want to raid your village.

Now, you need to sure that you have all 5 Builders. If you don’t have, just spend some Dollars to buy them. That is the best investment that you need to do now. Buy the fifth Builder or stay in this hell forever is your choice.

You need to bear in your mind that you can’t defend your loot from attackers for a long time. Your best defensive strategy now is spending your loot as soon as possible. By doing this, players who find you while searching just want to press the Next button because it is not worth. You should spend loot on upgrading buildings, not Walls. Wall is always the last thing you need to upgrade unless you can farm more loot than the number you can spend.

How rushed Town Halls farm

The best place for you to farm now is from 1200 to 1500 trophies (Silver III to Gold I). If you go too far from this range, you will face a lot of strong TH 9/10 bases. Focus on finding idle bases with loot from all Collectors/Mines (you can do this easily with Xmodgames), you can find a lot of bases like that here. You should use Barch or BAM for farming because they have a short time to train troops and really effective with this strategy.

Once you have a certain number of loot, you will need to choose where to spend on.I strongly recommend you spend Elixir for upgrading troops and Gold for upgrading defensive buildings: Clan Castle ~> Mortars ~> Wizard Towers ~> Teslas ~> Cannons ~> Archer Towers ~>… You can find the detailed answer for this question at: Upgrade Order Guide for Buildings guide.

Also, don’t forget to find an active Clan. Your clanmates can help you so much with those troops. Always place your Town Hall outside for free shield from rushing Town Hall players.

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