How to farm 3 MILLION Gold within 1 hour

Hey guys! This is going to be a quick guide on how I make over 3 million Gold per hour! I used this method to farm 84 million Gold in 24 hours during a record run a few months ago. Watch my video to get an idea of the attack strategy and it also shows how I was able to farm 3 million Gold in only 35 minutes!

How to farm 3 MILLION Gold within 1 hour

Make easy loot with  GiBAM and BAM

The army composition you want to train is GiBAM if you are using the Archer Queen to farm with. If you aren’t using the Archer Queen, then use BAM. Here’s how you should train both compositions:


giant Barbarian Archer minion Wall Breaker rage spell jump spell poison spell earthquake spell

  • Barrack 1 = 3 Wall Breakers, 6 Giants, rest Barbarians
  • Barrack 2 = 3 Wall Breakers, 6 Giants, rest Archers
  • Barrack 3 = all Barbarians
  • Barrack 4 = all Archers
  • Dark Barracks = all Minions
  • Spells = 2x Rage, 1x Jump, Poison Spell, Earthquake Spells


Barbarian Archer minion Wall Breaker rage spell poison spell earthquake spell

  • Barrack 1 = 3 Wall Breakers, rest Barbarians
  • Barrack 2 = 3 Wall Breakers, Archers
  • Barrack 3 = all Barbarians
  • Barrack 4 = all Archers
  • Dark Barracks = all Minions
  • Spells = Rage Spells, Poison Spell, Earthquake Spells

Trophy League: Silver League

  • You will find easy-to-raid Storage bases here as well as dead bases, so it i will take you less time to find a base to raid. It has a large population of bad players, inactive players, and poorly rushed bases, so you’re always going to find loot.
  • No need for trophies or winning! The best part about Silver League is that you don’t need to 50% a base or get a star to maintain trophies. There’s absolutely no concern for that down here. Which means once you’ve take the loot, you can head out instantly without having to wait for your troops to 50% the base. Not only that, this allows you to conserve your troops as well, so you don’t have to use them all, saving valuable time.


  • Dead Bases/Collectors Outside: At least 200,000 Gold easily available
  • Storages/Collectors Inside: At least 300,000 Gold easily available

The reason you want different targets for these two types of raids is because raiding inside a base is more difficult to do so than just attack collectors outside. There’s higher chance that you may not get all the loot. And you want to minimize that probability as much as possible.

IMPORTANT: Don’t give up on nexting. And don’t go back to your base, as your Barracks are training troops while you are nexting. If you go back to your base, then you will reset all the troops your Barracks trained, slowing your efficiency!

Conserve Troops

  • Sure troops cost Elixir to make, but what’s really important is that they cost TIME.
  • Don’t waste all your troops. Only use as much as needed to get all the Gold!

75% Camp Method

  • Don’t wait for your camp to be full. Start searching for easy-to-raid bases once you have 75% of your camp full. 75% of 220 camp space is 165 troops. And for 240 camp space, it’s 180 troops.
  • If you can’t find anything within 1 minute of search, some back to your home base and you’ll find that you have more troops ready. Then go back and search for another minute again.
  • IMPORTANT: Once your camps are 100% ‘full’ and you have started your search, then you must NEVER return to your base until you have completed an attack. Otherwise, your Barracks will be resetted and you will lose all the troops that were trained by them.

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  1. THX Great Guide, I have a few Questions though , 1.shouldnt We have Heal spells with us on GiBam? I personally Use 2Heal 1rage 1Jump? (and dont use rage most of the time 🙂 – Also from silver league u mean Trophy from around 1000 till 1400? (or maybe 1200-1600 ?)

    • Hi unKHEFTable,
      Just use all spells you want. Healing Spells are great for Giants and Rage is awesome for boosting the army damage and speed, especially BAM.

      If you want to farm in Silver, let’s visit Silver I!

      • ty for advice and farming guide – Im an avradge TH9 (lvl 103 with around 30k donate) – I used to farm on +1600, cant say farming was very bad or hard there for me, but now that im on silver I – base are easier with same or higher loot and finding also seems easier sometimes, there is still 1 question i have in mind i saw in on many forums and heard it many times , some ppl say changig laguage ,changes your matchmaking pools and certain languages on ceratin hours can help u with finding great bases, NOT that i agree with this but are there any solid proof that is doesn’t? 🙂

    • I usually recommend using Rage Spell for Barch because the Mortar can 1 hit your Archer so Healing is not really effective. You can use Hogs in the Clan Castle. Buying Hogs for farming at Town Hall 8 is not a good idea for saving DE.

  2. Yup, all of my gold is going straight into my wall right now. I have maxed all of my elixir and gold upgrades for TH 8 except walls. Gosh, this is a horribly arduous process. You can’t imagine how I screamed when the SC development team nerfed TH 8 wall upgrades by disallowing elixir wall upgrades. Here is a question for y’all. Did y’all max out your gold before upgrading from TH8 to TH9?

  3. This is an awesome guide, i’m currently working with my walls to level 9, using B.A.M is one of the best strategy to farm not only for D.E but for G/E’s. As TH9 casual player understanding the ‘conserve troop’ strategy is important. Good job!

  4. Hey Will! In the Gibam section it says that for the third barrack we should cook barbarians, but in the video Ash cooks all archers. So should I fill my third barrack with barbs or archers? Amazing strategy by the way.

  5. Thanks for the tips, but nowadays (after the big update). i found it really hard to get an inactive base. im even have spend 200k gold, and not an inactive base with collector 200k+ (there is storage with 300k+, but it is TH9 and the defence is good, i doubt i can get the storage)

    do you have any tips for me? or how you setting the xmodgames when searching? or how to attack TH9 good def with storage full?

    btw, im currently lvl 72 in silver 1 league

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